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Uncovering The Secrets Of Moore Questline In Elden Ring DLC ​​- A Step-By-Step Guide Uncovering The Secrets Of Moore Questline In Elden Ring DLC ​​- A Step-By-Step Guide
Elden Ring Jul 12, 2024

Uncovering The Secrets Of Moore Questline In Elden Ring DLC ​​- A Step-By-Step Guide

There are a lot of easily missed quests and rewards in Shadow of The Erdtree DLC. Among them, Moore is an NPC in Elden Ring who has an important questline. Here, I will share a complete guide for all the quests and locations of this Moore Questline.

Before we start, I need to remind you that if you encounter these Friendly Pest NPCs during the quest, do not attack them. When you talk to them, they will give you various Forager Brood Cookbooks, which are one of the most easily overlooked items in DLC. And attacking them will also interfere with your Moore Questline.

Uncovering The Secrets Of Moore Questline In Elden Ring DLC ​​- A Step-By-Step Guide

Starting The Questline

After this introduction, we will go to Main Gate Cross Site of Grace to start Moore’s quest. There we can find Moore and talk to him.

If we consume an item from Moore’s shop, we will have the option of “Talk to Moore”. If we go and talk to another NPC, Ansbach, and complete all of his dialogue, we should be able to ask him about “Person in Verdigris Armor”.

Getting Thiollier’s Concoction

The next step we will complete in Moore Questline involves another NPC, Thiollier, and can only be done before breaking Great Rune, which happens when approaching Shadow Keep.

To reach Thiollier, we need to cross Ellac Greatbridge and then move southeast along Pillar Path. A smaller path branches off from the main path east and will take us to Pillar Path Cross. We can find Thiollier nearby.

After completing all of the dialogue with Thiollier, we will spend Elden Ring Runes to get poison-related items from him.

Next, let’s fast travel to Main Gate Cross, interact with Moore, and select “Talk to Moore” option to get Black Syrup Key Item. On the way back to Thiollier, we can choose the options “Give Black Syrup”, then “Ask about Black Syrup”, and finally “I’m weary of life”. This will give us Thiollier’s Concoction.

Of course, you can also choose to get more of this consumable from Thiollier for 30,000 Elden Ring Runes each. This item is used to obtain one of the two endings of Dragon Communion Priestess Questline, which comes with a set of exclusive rewards.

How to Use Thiollier's Concoction in Elden Ring?

How To Get All Forager Brood Cookbooks?

Next we will get all Forager Brood Cookbooks, which are recipes given by Friendly Pest NPCs and can only be obtained before completing Moore Questline.

Forager Brood Cookbook [2]

To reach the first Friendly Pest, we will move southeast of Main Gate Cross and up the cliffside to Cliffroad Terminus Site of Grace.

From there, we can move a short distance southeast to find Friendly Pest near a ledge. Interacting with it will yield Forager Brood Cookbook [2].

Forager Brood Cookbook [3]

To find the next Friendly Pest, we need to head south to Cerulean Coast. We’ll start at Castle Front Site of Grace and move southeast, sticking to the east side of the main road. After encountering a few Messmer Soldiers, there’s a series of steep but climbable descents that lead down to Ellac River.

After descending, we’ll be able to enter a cave system to the south, near an enormous pink Miranda Flower. We’ll then head southwest through the caves, free to explore along the way.

We can pick up a Revered Spirit Ash before discovering Ellac River Cave Site of Grace. From there, we’ll continue south through the cave system.

There are a few platforming sections here that need to be handled with caution to avoid dying from fall damage. There’s also a small group of Gravebirds lining up on the path, which is also a threat. Despite the danger, we should eventually make it to Ellac River Downstream Site of Grace.

From here, head a little further south to exit this cave. That being said, we still need to continue moving south, past a couple of Lightning Sheeps and a Furnace Golem. We can then turn west and walk through a forest to Cerulean Coast. If you need Southern Shore Map, you can find it just south of there. There is also a Miquella’s Cross to the southeast of the map.

Assuming this is not the case, we can find a second Friendly Pest NPC northeast of Cerulean Coast Site of Grace. Interacting with it will yield Forager Brood Cookbook [3].

Where To Find All Cookbooks In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree?

Forager Brood Cookbook [4]

To get the remaining Forager Brood Cookbooks, we need to head to Scadu Altus. We can then take Spiritspring to Site of Grace, which is located behind Fort of Reprimand in Scadu Altus.

From there, we can move north along Moorth Highway, discovering a couple of Sites of Grace and obtaining a map of the area, before heading south to Highroad Cross. Be careful not to go north past the map location, as doing so will destroy Miquella’s Great Rune.

Here, we need a Warming Stone to get the next Forager Brood Cookbook. These can be found throughout the base game.

Once we have it, we will head northwest from Highroad Cross to Church of the Crusade. If you get too close to the church, you will be invaded by Fire Knight Queelign. This in itself is not a problem, but if you are invaded, be sure to defeat Queelign before moving north to Friendly Pest NPC. This is because Queelign will follow you and may eventually kill Pest.

Beyond that, we should find Friendly Pest just north of the church. This Pest will need to be warmed up using the nearby Warming Stone. We can then rest at Site of Grace or otherwise reload the game. Afterwards, we can interact with Pest to get Forager Brood Cookbook [4].

Forager Brood Cookbook [7]

Next, we can return to Main Gate Cross. At this point, we should be able to interact and talk to Moore to get Forager Brood Cookbook [7].

Forager Brood Cookbook [1] & [5]

Before we break Great Rune, let’s collect the remaining Forager Brood Cookbooks.

The first of these is located southwest of Moorth Ruins, near Ruined Forge of Starfall Past. Interacting with Friendly Pest there will give us Forager Brood Cookbook [1].

Next, head northeast of Moorth Ruins and through the caves near the water’s edge. We’ll reach a pool of venom. Interacting with Friendly Pest near the northeast edge of that pool will give us Forager Brood Cookbook [5].

Forager Brood Cookbook [6]

To get the final Forager Brood Cookbook, we’ll first need to make our way to Church District Highroad, northeast of Scadu Altus.

The final Friendly Pest will be northwest of Church District Highroad Site of Grace, on a plateau. When interacted with, it will give us Forager Brood Cookbook [6].

At this point, we should have all 7 Forager Brood Cookbooks. If this is the case, we no longer need to keep Moore alive to get any content we might have missed.

Moore’s Choices

So, we can return to Main Gate Cross and talk to Moore. Technically, Moore has two choices, and either choice will give the same rewards. The only actual difference we can make is to have Moore die now, without a fight, or die near the end of DLC after we fight him.

To make these choices, we will interact and talk with Moore. Saying “I don’t know” has no effect on Moore.

The slower path to completing Moore Questline is to say “Put it behind you”. Doing so will allow us to fight Moore near the end of DLC to get his item set.

The quicker and easier option is to say “Remain sad forever”. Doing so will allow Moore to die now, without a fight. If we choose either of these two options, and then fast-forward to this location, Moore should be gone.

Elden Ring Moore Quest and Location


If you tell Moore “Remain sad forever”, you can go to Friendly Pest location northeast of Church of the Crusade. There, you’ll find Moore’s Bell-Bearing, Verdigris Shield, and Verdigris Armor Set.

If you say “Put it behind you” to Moore, you’ll next encounter him after Cleansing Chamber Anteroom in Enir-Ilim. There, you must fight him as one of Leda’s allies and defeat him. After the fight, you can pick up Moore’s items from his body.

That’s it for the complete guide to Moore Questline. Follow this guide and you won’t miss any of the key content and rewards worth noting. Give it a try! See you next time!


6 New Best Items In Elden Ring That Will Enhance Your Build!
Elden Ring Jul 15, 2024

6 New Best Items In Elden Ring That Will Enhance Your Build!

There are a lot of crazy things in Shadow of the Erdtree that can improve your general gameplay experience. There are these hanging cans in a lot of places around DLC that are hard to notice, and if you hit them with a ranged attack, they pop open and drop a Bell Bearing, and that’s just one example of a useful item. This guide will cover some of the exact same things.

Golden Vow Buff

There is a consumable version of Golden Vow Buff in Shadow of the Erdtree, this is more powerful than the version that takes up Ash of War slaughter, it’s slightly weaker than Incantation version, and while it doesn’t require 25 Faith to use at first, this item works better for a lot of builds than Golden Vow.

6 New Best Items in Elden Ring Will Enhance Your Build!

The other way around is that it requires a lot of level investment, and the only downside is, it’s not infinite. It’s a consumable item, and you need to dig a little for its materials if you want to make more.

It’s particularly useful for Colosseum PVP game mode. It returns your used items when you exit, since they use your items instead of consuming them, which is also a unique bonus.

As for how to get this, you can find a few, but you mainly want a cookbook, which allows you to get the crafting recipe for this, which can be found in the tent at Messmer Soldier Camp south of Shadow Keep.

Elden Ring Golden Vow Buff

Festive Grease

Then we have a fun minor item, Festive Grease, which can be attached to a weapon and increase the effect. Its effect is that every time you hit an enemy with this, it gives you 25 Elden Ring Runes. Its main purpose is to increase the damage of the keep, and while it’s less than the new Golden Grease, it’s still a nice little bonus. It can also stack with things like Celebrant Weapons from the base game.

As for how to get it, this is again a cookbook type deal. This is in Fort of Reprimand in Shadow Realm from the grace. In the middle, turn this corner to find this little room. First appearing here, behind it, is a staircase. Here you will find a ladder, climb up the ladder and at the top you will find a chest with the recipe you are looking for.

Elden Ring Festive Grease

Greasemonger’s Bell Bearings

Our next item is Greasemonger’s Bell Bearings. This is one of only a few Bell Bearings in DLC that allows you to exchange for unlimited roots instead of resin. This is one of the crafting materials required for every Weapon Grease in the game and can make farming grease a lot simpler.

To get this for yourself, you need to head to Church District Highroad Site Of Grace. Behind the turtle, you will see a hanging can. You can shoot it to drop it and then get this Bell Bearings for yourself.

Elden Ring Greasemonger’s Bell Bearings


Flesh is a consumable item that is a low power version of the extremely limited Dragonscale Flesh, but can be crafted repeatedly with the right recipe, which makes it a little easier to recommend using it, it increases your Vigor, your endurance, strength and dexterity.

You get quite a bit of value out of a single item, but at the cost of a relatively moderate amount of health per second, which makes it particularly well suited to quality type builds that can take advantage of both strength and dexterity.

But importantly, this only allows you to put about 24 upgrade points into different stats. It’s right at Jagged Peak Mountainside Site of Grace, in this corner of the cliff, then at the end on the path behind some Slimes, you’ll see this corpse, and the recipe is there.

Herbalist’s Bell Bearing

Then there’s Herbalist’s Bell Bearing. This allows you to exchange for one item and only one item of fruit. The new basic fruit crafting material in DLC, this has a number of uses, the main one being Dragon Communion Flesh.

This is from another hanging pot, this one right here on your map which is on Pillar Path Waypoint site of Grace, between this and Dragon’s Pit Site of Grace, once you find that spot, shoot the pot down to get your reward, take it home, and then you can exchange for some fruit.

Elden Ring Herbalist’s Bell Bearing

Hefty Freezing Pot

Finally, the last one is a particularly useful item, Hefty Freezing Pot, which is a massive explosion of Frostbite Buildup that you throw at enemies, it also does some damage when it lands, and is hard for enemies to dodge because of the size of the explosion.

If you want to craft them, you’ll need to get Greater Potentate’s Cookbook 11, this is in Bellat Jail, as you make your way through the dungeon you’ll eventually drop into a maze of jar-like rooms, then when you get to the last corner of this room guarded by the last enemy, the item will be on the floor underneath a corpse leaning against a jar.

These are all significant items that you may not be using yet, but I hope you’ll consider using after seeing this guide.