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How To Earn Tons Of Gold Coins By Farming Dark Hide In New World Season 5? - Farming Tips & Locations
New World Apr 27, 2024

How To Earn Tons Of Gold Coins By Farming Dark Hide In New World Season 5? - Farming Tips & Locations

With the arrival of New World Season of the Guardian, players will need a lot of gold to upgrade their gear to reach a 700 gear score. Therefore, farming enough gold coins has become our primary goal of entering the new season as always.

In this gold farming guide, we show you how to make 4-5k gold per hour by farming Dark Hide, and share the best tips and places to farm Dark Hide in Season 5. These top farm locations will earn your tons of New World Coins. Without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Earn Tons Of Gold Coins By Farming Dark Hide In New World Season 5? - Farming Tips & Locations

Dark Hide

Dark Hide is a rare material in New World that can be obtained by skinning high-level beasts and is used to craft powerful armor and weapons that require a high level of Skinning skill. For example, you can use it in the step of making Prismatic Leather.

As you can see, the current price of Dark Hide in America Northeast region is not very high at 0.65 to 0.75 gold per coin, but you can earn some pretty good coins from it as well.

New World Dark Hide

Farming Tips

Let’s start by talking about some tips you need to pay attention to when farming. First, don’t forget to wear farming gear. In my case, these items bring me Skinning Luck.

Farm Luck

By the way, Regular Luck and Trade Skill Luck are completely different things. The first increases the drop rate of enemy items, and the second gives you additional resources during gathering. Here we need the second one.

The best item to increase farm luck is Earring. An Earring can give you almost +10% extra luck. And don’t forget to respec your attributes. We need maximum Dexterity, which will increase our yield and luck.

New World Skinning Luck Guide

Gathering Yield Buffs

Killing mobs in some areas will drop up to 100 Dark Hide. If available, you can use Savory Fish Cake so you can increase your chances of getting rare items when skinning them, as well as get a little extra gold.

In addition, playing music can also increase your gathering yield. If you wish, you can also use Powerful Proficiency Boost, which increases the amount of resources collected using tools by 15% for 30 minutes.

Farming Locations

Next, let’s talk about a few of the best locations for farming Dark Hide in Season 5.

Dredged Landing

Our first farming site is located in Dredged Landing in the lower right corner of the map. You can see two Shrines here, and you can see the path from one Shrine to the other. There are many lions and scarabs on your path. Farm them to get Dark Hide, Scarhide and Smolderhide. But the drop rate of the latter two is smaller, which is why we need farm luck.

Also at the bottom of the map, where Crocodiles appear, brings us the same resources. You can run and farm the location in a loop.

Isle Of Zurvan

Another really cool place is Isle of Zurvan. Shrine of the Lion is in this area, and you can also go here to attack Mammoths, but your main farming target here is Chameleon. They are fast and disappear at any time, but are easily killed. The best way is to get close to them so they don’t disappear.

After you kill these Chameleons, you can go over and fight those Mammoths like I said. You can earn thousands of gold coins per hour using this method.

Of course, you can use things like your horse and fast travel to speed up farming efficiency. But in reality, these locations are very close, so it doesn’t make much sense.

In addition, there are a lot of lions here, and killing them will drop a lot of Dark Hide. What’s more, there’s a high monster density here, with 25 to 30 appearing at once not uncommon, making this a quick farming location. Especially if you use a powerful weapon like an Axe or a Spear, you’ll most likely be able to kill them super fast here.

New World Dark Hide Farming Locations

Elysian Wilds

Another location worth paying attention to is Elysian Wilds, where most enemies that drop Dark Hide can be found around the entire area. Most of the enemies here are level 63 and above, so make sure you’re above that and head in any direction that has a variety of beasts in an area to increase your farming efficiency.

I will list three locations with more animal habitats: Hornhold Labyrinth, Shirzad’s Pride, and an elite area in the southern Elysian Wilds.

At the entrance to Elite Zone, you have by far the best spot to farm Dark Hide, where you’ll hunt Mammoths. This area is full of them. They are very high level and are powerful opponents, but their rewards are also very large. Try taking them one by one to make your farming easier. Don’t forget that when you have good gear, you will fight multiple enemies.

Abandoned Temple

The last location is at the end of the elite area in Abandoned Temple. This area is full of lions, and they may offer fewer rewards than Mammoths. However, they are top level, and the higher the level of a creature, the rarer the loot it receives. It should be noted that you can skin Vanash here, so that you can also get some designated item drops.

Anyway, that’s the end of this guide. Hopefully, these tips have been helpful so you can find some places to farm your Dark Hide efficiently and earn a little gold. Good luck!

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