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Which Designated Hitters To Choose To Win The Game In MLB The Show 24? - Rating
MLB: The Show Jun 08, 2024

Which Designated Hitters To Choose To Win The Game In MLB The Show 24? - Rating

Before playing the game, players need to choose the right players to win the game. The selection of Designated Hitters is particularly important for MLB The Show 24. The role of Designated Hitters in baseball games is to replace the pitcher in the batting order with another player in the lineup.

Designated Hitters must focus mainly on offensive statistics, as their main area of ​​expertise should be swinging the bat and hearing the crack of the ball when it makes contact. Designated Hitters come on the field late in the game and play one of the defensive positions, including the pitching role, but must be designated before the game starts.

This article will show you the best players in this role who will play a key role in the bottom of the ninth inning and hit a wonderful walk-off home run to win the game.

Which Designated Hitters To Choose To Win The Game In MLB The Show 24? - Rating

10. Charlie Blackmon

  • MLB The Show Rating: 73
  • Team: Colorado Rockies
  • Batting Handiness: Left-Handed
  • Main Strengths: Batting Clutch, Durability, and Arm Accuracy

Charlie Blackmon has a 96 contact rate against left-handed pitchers, and he has enough power to hit the ball deep enough to reach first base and put himself in a position to score, as his Arm Strength is 84. This makes the lack of defensive awareness not affect it too much.

9. Eloy Jimenez

MLB The Show Eloy Jimenez

  • MLB The Show Rating: 73
  • Team: Chicago White Sox
  • Batting Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Main Strengths: Batting Clutch, Contact L, and Contact R

Eloy Jimenez is able to withstand high pitch counts and make contact with pitches just outside the strike zone, as he scores 84 in batting clutch points.

He can swing hard against both left-handed and right-handed pitchers, and his contact is one of his best weapons, especially against right-handed pitchers. You can get it through MLB The Show 24 Stubs.

8. Harold Ramirez

  • MLB The Show Rating: 74
  • Team: Tampa Bay Rays
  • Batting Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Main Strengths: Contact L, Durability, and Batting Clutch

Harold Ramirez can play long games and get multiple at-bats in a game, and with his strong Batting Clutch and Durability ratings, Ramirez is also good at reading pitches and determining when to swing for the best hit.

Against left-handed pitchers, Harold Ramirez’s swing-to-strike rating is 99, but against right-handed pitchers, it’s only 80.

7. Joey Meneses

  • MLB The Show Rating: 75
  • Team: Washington Nationals
  • Batting Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Main Strengths: Batting Clutch, Durability, and Contact L

Joey Meneses’ Contact Swing is powerful against both Left and Right-Handed pitchers, and Joey Meneses’ 87-level Power Swing is also a big threat to those Left-Handed pitchers.

Joey Meneses can play multiple positions, including second base, left field, and right field, but his defensive stats lack the depth to be a full-time player.

6. Giancarlo Stanton

  • MLB The Show Rating: 77
  • Team: New York Yankees
  • Batting Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Main Strengths: Power L, Power R, and Contact L

Giancarlo Stanton has pure power, with a power rating of 96 against right-handed pitchers and 87 against lefties. Stanton doesn’t strike out often because of his 80 Batting Clutch. However, his Fielding and Reaction numbers are poor.

5. Andrew McCutchen

  • MLB The Show Rating: 78
  • Team: Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Batting Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Main Strengths: Discipline, Durability, and Speed

McCutchen’s contact swing has a solid 71 rating, while his power swing is a whopping 93. Durability rating is 82, and Plate Discipline is 98. On defense, McCutchen is still capable of outfield.

4. Marcell Ozuna

  • MLB The Show Rating: 80
  • Team: Atlanta Braves
  • Batting Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Main Strengths: Power L, Power R, and Durability

Marcell Ozuna is all about power, 85 against Right-Handed Pitchers and 98 against Left-Handed Pitchers. His batting key stats are 72. His only weakness is a lack of vision, which may affect the chances of more difficult pitches. And his lack of durability and defensive performance are also below par.

3. Byron Buxton

  • MLB The Show Rating: 86
  • Team: Minnesota Twins
  • Batting Handiness: Right-Handed
  • Main Strengths: Power R, Speed, and Fielding

Byron Buxton can instinctively catch balls hit into the outfield faster and has the power to put the ball back in play and minimize the damage. This is related to his 89 Fielding data that perfectly matches his 80 Arm Strength.

2. Bryce Harper

  • MLB The Show Rating: 91
  • Team: Philadelphia Phillies
  • Batting Handiness: Left-Handed
  • Main Strengths: Discipline, Contact R, and Batting Clutch

Bryce Harper is famous for his contact swing. The reason why Bryce Harper can keep hitting home runs despite high pitch counts is because of Plate Discipline 99 and Batting Clutch 90.

Bryce Harper performs well in the outfield defense and is a player that many people like to use during the season.

1. Shohei Ohtani

  • MLB The Show Rating: 99
  • Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Batting Handiness: Left-Handed
  • Main Strengths: Power R, Arm Strength, and Contact R

Shohei Ohtani’s strengths are Velocity, Break, Pitching Clutch and Arm Strength. Shohei Ohtani has excellent power for both right-handed and left-handed pitchers, and his Plate Discipline is 93 and Batting Clutch is 88, which gives him plenty of chances to hit the ball out of the park.

Shohei Ohtani has received a perfect score of 99 in MLB The Show series for two consecutive years. He is not only the best designated hitter but also the best pitcher in MLB The Show 24.

By understanding the characteristics and abilities of these players, I believe you have made a better choice to win the game. So choose your Designated Hitters and start the game!

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