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MLB: The Show

Which First Baseman Will Be The Dark Horse In MLB The Show 24?

Leon Green

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We’re almost halfway through 2024, and if you’re wondering about the most athletic position on the baseball field, the first baseman doesn’t quite fit the bill. But it allows you to gain more defensive dignity compared to other defensive positions!

In MLB The Show 24, there are a lot of great first basemen. Although they may not be that outstanding in the actual game, we have to admit that they will always be excellent players in Major League Baseball. The ten first basemen to be introduced next will be the cream of the crop, and are also expected to perform well in MLB The Show 24.

Which First Baseman Will Be The Dark Horse In MLB The Show 24?

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Top 10 Josh Naylor Overall: 82

In the past two years, Cleveland Guardians have focused on developing elite pitchers and have been slightly inferior in hitting ability. But that doesn’t mean Cleveland Guardians don’t have an excellent baseball player.

Josh Naylor is a player with high on-court ability and popularity. He currently has a total score of 82 on MLB The Show 24. He may not be the most commanding first baseman on the field, but he’s a solid player who excels in all three categories: contact, power, and plate vision.

Top 9 Ryan Mountcastle Overall: 82

If the Orioles are the biggest surprise in the 2023 season, no one should refute it. Although they did not win all the championships in October, their record of 101 wins and 61 losses throughout the year was also very good. The most surprising thing is that this team is mainly composed of young players. I admire them very much for achieving such excellent results at such a young age.

However, among this group of young people, there is another O’s veteran, Ryan Mountcastle, who is glaring. Ryan Mountcastle’s overall score is 82, which is much higher than the scores of players of the same age. And he was doing it against left-handed pitching. He performed better. If you’re going up against some left-handed pitchers, he’s the right pick!

Top 8 Yandy Diaz Overall: 88

Although the Tampa Bay Rays have the lowest salary package in the league, it still does not prevent them from often producing some extremely talented players. Their first baseman is proof of that.

In the 2023 season, Yandy Diaz relied on her excellent contact skills and keen plate discipline to score 88 points. He also made him well-known in the proper game and MLB The Show 24.

Top 7 Christian Walker Overall: 88

If you regularly look at the strongest power bats in the MLB, there are definitely a few names that come to mind. But when you click on the player list, you wonder who the batsmen are in these rankings.

Among them, the one that may surprise you the most is Christian Walker. He is the slugger for Arizona Diamondbacks. His excellent strength prompted him to score an excellent score of 88 points. He might not be as elite against other teams, but his power pitching might strengthen your team.

Top 6 Vladmir Guerrero Jr. Overall: 90

The history of MLB The Show has some controversy with including athletes. But when Vladmir Guerrero Jr. became the cover star of MLB The Show 24, it attracted a lot of attention. Although he is not currently at the MVP level, he has to admit that he is still a skilled hitter.

Vladmir Guerrero Jr., a slugger for Toronto Blue Jays, scored 90 runs in his year as the mascot for San Diego Studio’s annual baseball series. Vladmir Guerrero Jr.’s outstanding contact skills and strength make up for his lack of speed and defense.

Top 5 Pete Alonso Overall: 90

Because of his previous strange pre-home run derby ritual, his indifferent attitude in interviews, and his strange post-game comments, Pete Alonso does not have an excellent reputation among MLB fans. But regardless of all that, his home run ability is undeniable.

Pete Alonso’s high score of 90 made him one of the iconic power hitters in MLB The Show 24. With a power rating of 99 on both his left and right hands, you can imagine New York Mets’ first baseman launching the ball into the outfield bleachers frequently.

Top 4 Paul Goldschmidt Overall: 91

Few first basemen are as focused and outstanding as Paul Goldschmidt. Although Paul Goldschmidt’s current statistics are a bit lower than last season’s statistics, he is still one of the most mature veterans in MLB.

His overall rating in MLB The Show 24 was 91, which is a high mark for an inexperienced player. It is possible that his ratings will continue to decline as he ages. Goldschmidt deserves a respect as his team has such a high-achieving player.

Top 3 Bryce Harper Overall: 91

A few years ago, few people would have believed Bryce Harper would become a first baseman. As Philadelphia Phillies added new players, Bryce Harper transitioned from the outfield to the infield, making the team even better.

Before he switched positions, Bryce Harper had become one of the best hitters in MLB. According to some conventional requirements, his score of 91 may be a bit low. Considering Bryce Harper’s subsequent performance, his future rating on MLB The Show 25 is just around the corner.

Top 2 Freddie Freeman Overall: 94

With the additions of Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto, it’s either a championship run or rock bottom for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The more important thing for Los Angeles Dodgers now is to prove that their 2022 World Series championship is not a fluke.

Obviously, winning games is easy when Freddie Freeman is at first base. The long-time Atlanta Braves player continues to prove that his contact skills are second to none. Arguably, his 94 rating from MLB The Show 24 is well-deserved.

It’s obvious that winning games is easy when Freddie Freeman is the first baseman. A long-time player at Atlanta Brave, he continues to prove that his contact skills are top-notch. It can be said that the 94 points obtained on MLB The Show 24 are well deserved.

Top 1 Matt Olson Overall: 95

Atlanta Brave is a well-rounded team with top ten hitters at every position. Especially the first baseman.

Matt Olson will later play for Atlanta Brave, which will scare this team’s rival teams. This score of 95 points is the result of all his hard training. If on MLB The Show 24, Matt Olson is called No. 2, there is no No. 1.

We will look forward to the various outstanding performances of these ten players in MLB The Show 24 and wish you a merry game.