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Various Methods For Gathering Boss Summoning Materials In Diablo 4 Season 4

Leon Green

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As many players enter the endgame in Diablo 4 Season 4, there's one major focus - acquiring Resplendent Sparks, the essential crafting material needed to create your chosen Uber Unique. To obtain these, you must defeat endgame bosses, which first requires gathering the necessary materials to summon them.

So in this guide, I'll cover how to acquire these boss summon materials in Season 4, the most efficient farming methods, and share useful tips and tricks to speed up the process.

Various Methods For Gathering Boss Summoning Materials In Diablo 4 Season 4

Boss Materials In Season 4

Previously, boss materials in Diablo 4 were exclusively obtained through specific activities - Living Steel from Helltide, Varshan materials from Whispers, and Grotesque Debtors scattered across the world. However, in Season 4, that changes.

Now, every endgame activity offers the chance to obtain all types of boss materials, as they have random drop rates from all boss-type enemies, including regular Elites in rare instances. This abundance makes them more readily available than ever before.

Call Of The Wolves

In Season 4, the seasonal activity is known as Call of the Wolves, centered on the Iron Wolves seasonal quest line and reputation system. It offers substantial rewards in the form of boss materials, particularly in the later stages. If you haven't obtained these rewards yet and seek boss summoning materials, it's highly advisable to prioritize them.

It is important to emphasize that you can complete the Call of the Wolves for reputation multiple times with different characters. This allows you to accumulate a considerable amount of materials and even more guaranteed Resplendent Sparks. However, repeating reputation grinding for each character is very time-consuming.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Call of the Wolves

Helltide Event

Regarding the Iron Wolves reputation, let's delve into Helltide event. In Helltide, all chests yield at least 1 Living Steel for summoning Grigoire, with the Living Steel chest specifically providing 5. Throughout the Helltide event, numerous Elites spawn, each with their own drop chances for summoning materials.

Hellborn creatures emerge from events or when your threat meter fluctuates, offering a reasonably high chance of dropping boss materials. Interestingly, these Hellborn creatures tend to drop Lord Zir's materials more frequently than others.

Participating in Helltide as a group enhances efficiency since each member triggers their own threat meter, resulting in the simultaneous spawning of multiple Hellborn creatures and consequently greater material acquisition.

And the Blood Maiden enemy in Helltide, the big boss at the end of the altar summon activity, also has a pretty decent drop rate on various boss summoning materials. Helltide is essentially the prime location for specifically Living Steel but also just has a good drop rate on many different materials.

Whispers Of The Dead

Moving on, we have the Whispers of the Dead. It seamlessly integrates with any other activity you wish to engage in. While it's widely recognized as the most lucrative source of Diablo 4 Gold at present, it also yields a significant amount of Varshan summoning materials from each whisper cache. Additionally, there's a chance to obtain materials for other bosses, making it a well-rounded option for material acquisition.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Whispers of the Dead

World Bosses

Next up, we have world bosses, which arguably serve as the premier source of these materials, albeit in small quantities since they cannot be farmed. These bosses operate on a three and a half-hour timer, but every kill on a world boss in World Tier 4 has yielded at least 1 boss summoning material. Remarkably, most of these drops have been Pincushioned Dolls, specifically for the Andariel fight.

In addition, a significant portion of upgraded boss materials have come from world bosses this season. For example, out of the 4 Stygian Stones I've naturally acquired, 3 were random drops from world bosses, with only one obtained from the Pit, where they are typically found.

Therefore, for those who are interested in tackling ladder bosses, it's imperative not to overlook world bosses, as they not only have a decent chance of dropping Stygian Stones but also upgraded ladder materials, considerably simplifying the process.

Tormented Bosses

To say that these bosses are more challenging than their normal version. They boast significantly higher health pools, immense damage output, and a stacking debuff that exponentially increases damage taken upon being hit by their more telegraphed attacks. Stygian Stones, which are essential for challenging the torment versions of ladder bosses.

However, the rewards from torment versions of ladder bosses are 5 times greater than those of normal ladder bosses, albeit at 3 times the material cost. It's worth noting that I've had 2 Andariel's Visage drop naturally in Season 4, both from torment versions of Uber bosses, leading to speculation about the potentially higher drop rates of Tormented bosses.

Nightmare Dungeons

Moving on to the endgame systems, Nightmare Dungeons offer another avenue for acquiring boss summoning materials. Once you've reached World Tier 4, and potentially even World Tier 3, Treasure Goblins become a consistent source, dropping a minimum of 2 boss summoning materials each time.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Treasure Goblins

This presents a lucrative opportunity, although it's important to note that Treasure Goblins cannot be forced to spawn. You can only react when you spot them on your mini-map. Therefore, it's crucial to eliminate every Treasure Goblin encountered, not only in Nightmare Dungeons but also in other areas like Helltide.

The reason for highlighting Nightmare Dungeons specifically is because certain rooms within these dungeons have a low chance of spawning a significant number of Treasure Goblins simultaneously. When this occurs, swiftly dispatching the entire horde results in a windfall of free boss materials, among other rewards.

In addition to Treasure Goblins, boss summoning materials can also be obtained from the boss of each Nightmare Dungeon. Moreover, every completion of a Nightmare Dungeon guarantees some Distilled Fear, which is essential for the Beast in the Ice summoning.

More About Stygian Stones

Last, let's talk about how to acquire Stygian Stones, while world bosses initially seem to be the best source. These stones are primarily supposed to drop from the Pit of Artificers. While some players indicate that Stygian Stones become slightly more common after reaching at least Tier 70 or 80, their drop rates remain inconsistent.

Even at higher tiers, they remain relatively rare. Despite my extensive engagement with the activity up to Tier 70, I've only encountered 1 Stygian Stone. Therefore, I recommend against excessive farming of this activity solely for Stygian Stones due to their notably low drop rate.

Final Thought

It's worth mentioning a commonly known practice for solo players: seeking out boss rotations in the Trade Chat. These rotations involve groups where each player takes turns using their own materials to summon the boss, allowing you to benefit from four summons for the cost of one lot of your own materials if executed correctly.

This concludes today's guide, which covers various ways to obtain boss ladder summoning materials in Diablo 4 Season 4, as well as the most effective strategies that I know of. Hope you have a good gaming experience!