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The 6 Top Teams For C0 Chevreuse In Genshin Impact 4.3! - Build & Showcase

Donato Greenholt

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Chevreuse is the newest 4-Star Pyro Polearm user in Genshin Impact 4.3. Here we will discuss the 6 best team compositions for Chevreuse. Let’s start with what is probably her most popular team.

Team 1

Raiden Shogun recently returned, so it makes sense that people would try them together. Chevreuse will act as a replacement for Viridescent Venerer by reducing the opponent’s Pyro and Electro Resistance. She will also use her passive attack to add damage to the team. Her healing also makes the team more comfortable.

The 6 Top Teams For C0 Chevreuse In Genshin Impact 4.3! - Build & Showcase

I recommend going for Chevreuse to deal damage, because even at C0 she actually does a lot of damage in small bursts. I find this to be more beneficial to the team than the extra attack gained by building up her full health.

I gave her Staff of Homa. But if you don’t have it in your Genshin Impact Account, you can give her any item with critical hit or attack power. You can also craft a Rightful Reward in Fontaine for more healing or a Favonius Lance for energy.

For her Artifacts, I recommend the 2 piece set. Such as Crimson Witch and Golden Troupe, for damage or life and healing combinations to enhance her healing effects.

Kujou Sara is also on the banner, so you can use her instead of Xiangling to form a Raiden Hypercarry Team. But I don’t have Sara’s C6, so I’m not showing the team here. If you have her C6, I think this will be one of the strongest Raiden Hypercarry Teams in the game.

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Team 2

Yoimiya also has banners. Let’s take a look at Yoimiya team. Beidou’s Electric Shield will provide Yoimiya with some immunity to full attacks and add an extra layer of survivability on top of Chevreuse’s healing.

Since we do not have a complete therapist, these two will be combined to form a composite therapist. Beidou’s damage and Fischl’s C6 are both triggered by normal attacks, so this is a team with a lot of synergy.

Since both Fischl and Yoimiya are single target, Beidou also gives us some AOE coverage. So, you can replace her with Bennett. But I feel like it would make the team more versatile and I’d rather use Beidou since she’s one of my favorite characters in the game.

I think Chevreuse brings more to this team than Kazuha’s buff and damage. And once you get her constellations, things only get better.

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Team 3

The next team is similar to the first, but without Bennett, Chevreuse is the only healer. Without Bennett’s attack buff, everyone on the team will deal less damage, but Fischl makes up for this by providing an additional source of damage. You can also use Yae Miko if you prefer.

Since we don’t have Bennett, you’ll probably be fighting for particles for Xiangling even with Raiden. So don’t be afraid to let one of them catch Favonius Lance.

The team may be a bit soft, but some Constellations from Chevreuse help that. If you’re good at dodging, she’ll be fine at C0.

One thing I love about Chevreuse is that, aside from her impressive performance in C0, most of the characters she works with are older characters that we have a lot of constellations with. It’s refreshing to see this instead of a character like Faruzan who wants a C6 newer unit.

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Team 4

Even though I said the first team is my favorite on the roster, this Razor team could challenge my favorite Chevreuse team.

Razor was my first DPS for a few days until I got Diluc, then Childe, whose design I always liked with a ghost wolf. I stopped using him because others felt more powerful. Then I didn’t use him again until Dendro was released.

Chevreuse gives us another way to use him. I think Razor’s Dendro team is better and still fun to use. Chevreuse has great synergy with this group.

Razor is going to play a lot of minutes, so you need someone like Chevreuse who only plays a lot of minutes. Since she deals damage in a small area and then her abilities are on cooldown for a while, she’s perfect for this.

It’s also worth noting that with C6 Bennett converting Razor’s Normal to Pyro, Chevreuse will allow him to deal more damage in both elements. It might even be worth trying a Pyro Goblet on him. If you have a good 4-Piece Lavawalker, this will also allow him to do a lot of damage here.

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Team 5

Another character who didn’t get much play was Yanfei. I’m glad to have a support that allows us to have another team that can use her.

There are a lot of nice Hydro characters here to pair with Yanfei. While this isn’t the strongest team, it clears everything in the game. However, you may still have difficulties with Spiral Abyss Floor 12.

It also has decent survivability. Yanfei gives himself a shield, then Chevreuse heals. Like the second team, it doesn’t serve as a dedicated defensive unit, but the defensive potential of a team made up of a few characters that themselves offer a bit of survivability.

This means you can have damage dealers and buffers on your team. Hopefully, Clorinde or Arlecchino can do that, but do a little more damage than Yanfei.

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Team 6

To be honest, this last team isn’t the best on the roster, but for those eager to play Cyno more, this is a way to bench Cyno.

Remember, he’s better with Dendro, and Raiden will be better with this team as well.

For a C0 score, I would give Chevreuse a 6.5. Her score may be higher, but her team will ultimately be deficient because of the two elements she handles.

Pyro only has one off-field damage dealer, which is actually quite good. And on-field DPS might be energy-hungry like Yanfei, weak like Yoimiya, and perform better in Mono Pyro Team like Klee.

Teams often end up with just Chevreuse, Xiangling, Bennett and Electro DPS on the field, with Raiden being the best choice. You could trade Bennett’s comfort level for Electros off-court role, but you’d lose a lot of the offense he brings to the team.

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Once you get some Chevreuse Constellations, she gets better and her team becomes more interesting. These are the 6 teams that I think are the best for Chevreuse in Genshin Impact 4.3. What do you think of this roster? If you are interested, give it a try!