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How To Survive The First Night In Palworld? - 7 Primary Steps

Leon Green

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Palworld encompasses everything: combat, farming, crafting, collecting, and exploration. These constitute crucial elements within this open-world survival game, where you coexist with both adorable and dangerous creatures known as Pals.

Given the multitude of activities available in the game, numerous options exist for commencing your adventure. Here are 7 primary steps in Palworld to lay the groundwork for a successful initial night survival.

How To Survive The First Night In Palworld? - 7 Primary Steps

1. Gather Wood & Stone

While you have the freedom to explore the world for hidden treasures and collectibles, the initial tasks in Palworld serve as an excellent starting point. 

To begin, gather materials essential for crafting survival items. Locate at least 2 pieces of Wood on the ground or opt to punch trees for collection. Heading north from your starting point in the Plateau of Beginnings leads to an Expedition Survivor, providing 10 Wood. While there, ensure to unlock fast travel at the Great Eagle Statue, earning you 1 Technology Point.

With these preparations complete, it's time to construct a Primitive Workbench, allowing you to craft a diverse range of items. Initially, you can place the workbench anywhere, knowing that you'll have the flexibility to disassemble it and retrieve materials at your convenience.

Palworld Primitive Workbench

2. Unlock Technology

Advancing in the game grants you Technology Points, which serve to unlock crafting and building recipes. These points are earned through leveling up and unlocking fast travel points at the Great Eagle Statues.

Allocate your initial 6 Technology Points strategically by investing in the Palbox for establishing your base, the Pal Sphere for capturing Pals, the Campfire for warmth and cooking, the Wooden Chest for material storage, and the Wooden Structure Set for constructing a house.

3. Catch Pals (Cattiva)

Now that you've unlocked Pal Spheres, it's time to catch Pals to help you survive. 

If you're lucky, you might find Pal Spheres on the ground or in treasure chests scattered throughout the world. But you'll likely need to craft these items, which require 3 Wood, 3 Stone, and 1 Paldium Fragments. 

Palworld Cattiva

Find these materials on the ground or continue punching rocks. Paldium Fragments can be gathered from the small sparkling blue rocks. Once you gather the required materials, head to your Primitive Workbench and craft Pal Spheres.

There are few options for Pals in this initial area, but Cattiva is a very useful Pal to have around because of their cat helper partner skills that help carry supplies to increase your Max Carrying Capacity

Additionally, Cattiva has multiple uses for your base, assisting with building & crafting, transporting goods, collecting crops for farming, and mining stone and ore. 

Note that Cattiva will run away from you when you get close. One way to catch Cattiva is to corner it in an area, then attack to weaken it and throw your Pal Sphere to attempt to catch it. 

Be careful if you're in an area with multiple Cattiva because the others will turn aggressive and attack you. 

4. Set Your Base Location

With your first Pal caught, it's time to build your base. You want to build your first base in a flat, open area near resources. 

There are multiple spots north of the starting area to choose from. You might consider finding a spot a little bit away from a fast travel statue because you'll also be able to fast travel to your base. You'll be able to unlock the ability to create multiple bases later on, so don't stress too much about it as long as you have nearby resources to gather.

Once you have a good spot for base building, access your build menu to find the Palbox. You'll need 1 Paldium Fragment, 8 Wood, and 3 Stone to build it. If you have Cattiva or any other Pal that has the Handiwork suitability out of their Pal Sphere, they will assist you while building structures in your base. 

You can also assign a Pal to work on your base by accessing the Palbox management menu. Cattiva will often get straight to mining nearby rocks. 

Palworld Set Your Base Location

5. Craft Tools For Gathering More Resources 

Now that you have a base location, you can start building a house, storage chest, and campfire

These structures require lots of Wood, so it's best to craft tools to help you gather Wood and Stone more efficiently than punching trees and rocks.

Make sure you have a workbench in the area to craft items if you set up your base away from your initial workbench spot. Start with crafting a Stone Axe, which requires 5 Wood and 5 Stone. The axe will let you chop trees together Wood and Fiber more quickly. Gather more Wood with the axe if needed. Also, build a Stone Pickaxe for mining.

Holding on to all these resources will weigh you down, so you'll want to build a Wooden Chest for storing materials to avoid encumbrance. Place the chest in a location near your resources. This is helpful for Pals to carry items to the chest without needing to walk far.

6. Gather Food To Stave Off Hunger

As you too expend energy during the day, your hunger meter will deplete. You can restore this bar by consuming food

Find food by gathering berries from nearby bushes, or by drops from Pals you attack. You'll have an option to eat these items from your inventory. Note that food rots over time and will vanish when they spoil. Eventually, you'll be able to store items in a cooler to prevent rotting.

Your Pals also have their own hunger meter that needs to be replenished as they provide labor on the base. At level 4, you'll be able to unlock a Feed Box with Technology Points where you can place food for your Pals to automatically eat at the base when they're hungry.

7. Survive The First Night

Finally, you need to make sure you have a way to survive your first night. 

You'll either need a source of warmth or a bed to sleep through the night. Craft a Hand-held Torch if you want to use the least amount of resources. It only requires 2 Wood and 2 Stone. 

The torch is also useful if you want to explore on foot at night. You can also build a campfire to provide warmth and a way to cook food to replenish your hunger faster.

Alternatively, you can unlock and craft Cloth to make a Cloth Outfit, which requires Wool. Wool drops from Lamball when you attack them. The Cloth Outfit protects against cold at night so you can explore and hunt down those nocturnal Pals. 

If you want to craft a bed and skip nighttime entirely, you also need to build a structure with a roof. Unlock the shotty bed at level 3 in your Technology menu and build it using 20 Wood, 5 Fiber, and 1 Wool. 

While you're spending Technology Points, also be sure to unlock the Straw Pal Bed so your Pals at the base can recover at night. 

And that's 7 things to do first in Palworld to survive your first night.