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  • GameMS - How To Get And Use Resplendent Sparks In Diablo 4 Season 4? GameMS - How To Get And Use Resplendent Sparks In Diablo 4 Season 4?
    Diablo 4 Jun 08, 2024

    How To Get And Use Resplendent Sparks In Diablo 4 Season 4?

    Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4 is a new crafting material used to craft Uber Uniques, so it is very important for players to find and use Resplendent Sparks.

    For the first time, players do not need to rely entirely on RNG luck to get Diablo 4 Uniques in Dungeon Crawler, precisely because Resplendent Sparks allow you to craft an extremely rare Uber Unique of your choice.

    However, this is not easy in Diablo 4, and unlocking the equipment you want is not a simple matter. This article will provide you with some information on how to get Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4 and what you need to do with them afterwards.

    Diablo 4 Season 4: How To Get And Use Resplendent Sparks?

    How To Get Resplendent Sparks In Diablo 4?

    It is precisely because of the great effect that can be achieved when using Resplendent Sparks that you need to work hard to complete tasks in Diablo 4. However, the way to obtain Resplendent Sparks is not as simple as you think, and here are four ways to get Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4. If you don’t want to spend too much time on these acquisition processes, Diablo 4 Gold can help you get them.

    1. Reach Tier 18 With The Iron Wolves

    If you gradually improve your status in Iron Wolves clan and raise your reputation to Tier 18 by obtaining enough Diablo 4 Wolf’s Honor, you will unlock the final reward of Iron Wolves cache’s highest honor, however, this requires you to work hard on tasks in Diablo 4 Helltide events.

    In addition to Mount Trophy and Legendary Amulet, Iron Wolves cache’s highest honor also contains a Resplendent Spark that can be added to your inventory.

    However, since there is more than one character and the characters are not limited, you can switch between multiple characters to repeat the process of acquiring a reputation to obtain additional Resplendent Sparks.

    2. Defeat Uber Lilith

    If you want to find Uber Lilith in Diablo 4, you need to reach at least World Tier 4 and complete the main story once before you can access Fracture Peaks. After all, Uber Lilith is in Echo of Hatred in Fracture Peaks.

    Before fighting Uber Lilith, you should be at least Level 90 and have a build that matches it. Defeating Uber Lilith will reward you with a Resplendent Spark.

    However, you can only get a Resplendent Spark the first time you defeat Uber Lilith this season. In other words, if you already have a Resplendent Spark, you can’t get another one in Season 4 even if you switch characters to defeat Uber Lilith.

    3. Defeat A Tormented Boss

    Diablo 4 Defeat A Tormented Boss

    You can summon it by using summoning materials on the altar of Tormented versions of endgame bosses combined with Stygian Stones obtained in Deep Within The Pit. Again, you need to reach World Tier 4.

    However, the fights with these bosses will be tough, as they are Level 200, so you will need to be well prepared. As with Uber Lilith, you will receive a Resplendent Spark upon defeating any Tormented Boss for the first time, but you can only do this once.

    4. Farm And Scrap Other Uber Uniques

    There is a chance that Uber Uniques will drop after defeating Uber Duriel in Gaping Crevasse and the newly appeared Uber Andariel in Diablo 4’s Hanged Man’s Hall.

    Before fighting them, you will need to gather the necessary summoning materials, which you will need to obtain by defeating other endgame bosses. This is the only way you can repeat with the same character, and there is still a chance that you will not receive any Uber Uniques even when you defeat Uber Duriel or Uber Andariel.

    If you have a large number of Uber Uniques from these fights, you can scrap Uber Uniques at the Blacksmith, and you will receive a Resplendent Spark among the recycled materials.

    When you scrap Uber Uniques with Blacksmith, you will receive a Resplendent Spark among the recycled materials.

    Note that you should only scrap a Resplendent Spark if you have a Duplicate of it. The whole purpose of this process is to make a new Uber Unique so that you can bring it to Eternal Realm at the end of the season.

    How To Use Resplendent Sparks In Diablo 4?

    Once you have collected enough Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4, in order to make an Uber Unique of your choice with them, you can take them to Alchemist and go to their Transmutation tab. This crafting process requires four Resplendent Sparks and 50 million gold.

    Under Transmutation tab, you will find Transmute Sparks heading, and you can then choose one of these items: Ahavarion Spear of Lycander (Staff), Andariel’s Visage (Helm), Doombringer (One-Handed Sword), The Grandfather (Two-Handed Sword), Harlequin Crest (Helm), Melted Heart of Selig (Amulet), Ring of Starless Skies (Ring), and Tyrael’s Might (Chest).

    You may not see all of the above Uber Uniques, however, because you cannot craft items that are incompatible with your current character due to class restrictions.

    Now that you know how to obtain and use Resplendent Sparks, these will help you craft Uber Uniques so that you can win in the endgame. So go find them in the game!

  • GameMS - What Is The Key To Unlock Overseer’s Mission In Fallout 76? - Running Nuclear Silos GameMS - What Is The Key To Unlock Overseer’s Mission In Fallout 76? - Running Nuclear Silos
    Fallout 76 Jun 08, 2024

    What Is The Key To Unlock Overseer’s Mission In Fallout 76? - Running Nuclear Silos

    Are you nearing the end of the main quest and starting Overseer’s Mission? The last part of this side quest requires you to fire a Nuke, firing Nukes can also trigger a boss fight that gives you unique rewards.

    Completing Nuclear Silos can be quite lengthy, so that’s where this guide comes into play. In this guide, I’ll walk you through what you need to acquire, strategies on how to survive Nuclear Silos’ defenses, how to get through the silos normally, and finally I’ll show you what glitches you can exploit to run through the silos quickly.

    What Is The Key To Unlock Overseer’s Mission In Fallout 76? - Running Nuclear Silos


    Before you even think about setting foot in a silo, you’ll need to acquire a few essential Fallout 76 items: a Nuclear Keycard and a Nuclear Launch Code. You can get Nuclear Keycard by activating the mission at Enclave Bunker.

    The second thing you’ll need is a Launch Code. Normally you should activate a quest to find Scorched Officers wandering around the map, take their codes, and then decrypt them to eventually get Launch Code.

    The last thing is Nuclear Silo State Holotape. You don’t need this, but it’s good to have one because it tells you the state of Silo. They are sold by the vendor in the command bunker, right next to the room where you start Keycard quest. You should only use it when the silo is ready to launch. Of course, you must have discovered at least one silo.

    Fallout 76 nuke codes: How to get launch codes?

    How To Get Through A Silo?

    Currently, there are two major ways to get through a silo, Brute Force or Stealth.

    Usually, Brute Force involves using Power Armor and Heavy weapons. I use Overeaters Union Power Armor and Troubleshooter’s Explosive .50 Cal Machine Gun. It’s not the best choice, but I use that machine gun in silo all the time.

    Some people choose to use Troubleshooter’s Power Armor just for the silo, but I don’t think it matters unless you want to face the entire silo at once. So basically just wearing Power Armor is enough.

    It’s a good idea to equip all Damage Buffs and Power Armor specific perks. Even if it makes you overweight, it doesn’t matter since you won’t be doing much sprinting, anyway.

    Almost every enemy uses energy weapons, so if you’re having trouble, Legendary perk to recharge your Fusion Cores is very useful. But it’s by no means critical.

    Stealth requires using hard hitting silenced weapons, and not being detected. I use Silent Gauss Rifle, and of course all the perks that increase damage and protection.

    You can use a Stealth suit, but in my experience it doesn’t prevent you from being detected, so your tactics are more important. You have to stay hidden, or at worst be cautious, and eliminate enemies one by one with Stealth state.

    If you have three Hacker perks, then you have the option of manipulating Turrets. You can disable them all, so that only the bots are left to deal with. It’s easier to deal with them. You can make them hostile to everything, which means they even shoot at each other. Then you can sit back and eliminate the remaining enemies.

    But sometimes these glitches and you can’t disable them afterwards. Therefore, disabling Turrets right away is probably the safest option. You can usually also choose to take control of one bot. They will usually die right away, but this way you have one less bot to deal with.

    Questline Step-by-Step Guide

    Now I’ll walk you through how to use a silo properly. There are a few stages to this, and I’ll cover each stage in a separate section. These Silos are pretty much the same, but you can occasionally get a silo with slightly different interiors.

    Get And Register An ID Card

    The first stage is getting an ID Card and registering it. But before you open the door, there’s a terminal on your left. It allows you to command Turrets if you want. Then go to your right and read the instructions for the terminal.

    We were lucky enough to find an old card right away, but the location is randomly set. It’s usually on tables, shelves, and other surfaces. I’ll go through the bunker and show you some locations where you can find them. Multiple cards will spawn, so you’ll almost certainly find one here. If you still can’t find one, be sure to check all the remaining side rooms.

    Once you have the card, you’ll need to get your biometrics. You’ll have to use one of Biopods, and this is also the only time you’ll have to leave Power Armor. Then go back to the terminal and swipe the card. This will reset it. Now you can make your own cards.

    The last step is to register it on the command console. It may take a little while to register, but you should be able to get through the laser grid.

    Repair The Reactor

    There are two paths through this section. I recommend going through the storage, as there is a raider down the other path that will usually become hostile. If you have mutations, it’s a good idea to enable Starched Genes perk at this point.

    There is a lot of radiation in the area ahead, so you should be prepared. There should be some hazmat suits in the locker to your left. This terminal allows you to power up radiation arches to clean up any radiation you’ve been exposed to. A small tip is that the robots will take damage when they pass through the arches, so you can also use this as a defensive measure.

    It’s a good idea to use a Rad-X or RadShield in this area. You’ll need to shut down the reactors before you can repair them.

    Once you’re done, you can either go back to the terminal and power up the reactor manually, or you can wait for the timer to run out. Restoring power will open a sealed door on the south side of the room. Going through the door on the left will take you back to the room in front of the radiation arches, where you can find hazmat suits. This terminal controls the turrets in the next section.

    Destroy The Mainframe

    For some reason, this robot has a section underground. If you have explosive weapons, it’s enough to deal with it. The goal here is the mainframe modules to open the exit of this section.

    One way to do this is to manually click on the cores and take them out. But you can also just shoot them. Using explosive weapons is ideal in this section. Just keep shooting until there are no more damage numbers.

    Get The Cores

    This isn’t exactly the same mainframe, but now you have to repair the damaged mainframe to open the door to the launch room. It’s a good idea to clear out the initial group of robots and turrets. There’s a sentry bot hiding to the right of the entrance. It’s a good idea to shoot it before it sees you.

    Now that it’s quieted down a bit, let’s go back to the beginning of this section. The location of the cores you need to pick up is random, but I’ll tell you where they tend to be found. Using a headlamp in a low-light area will help. These rooms are worth going to if you have the three Lock-picking perks. There’s at least one core and a security terminal here.


    Finally, after all of this is done, it’s time to launch Nuke. There will usually be a bunch of turrets, but sometimes you’ll get a silo without any turrets.

    The launch console is to the left of the entrance room and above the stairs. Starting the launch will create the first of five robots, and after a while you’ll get two more and finally the last two, for a total of five.

    Fallout 76: How to open the launch console?

    It’s a good idea to walk around the silo before starting the launch process and clearing out the first wave of robots and turrets. It’s important to note that the rooms for crafting launch controllers are located around the central room, and if they are destroyed, you’ll need to use the terminals to re-craft them.

    If you see damaged controllers, you can use Friendly Fire perk to heal them. It’s much more convenient to fire Flamers multiple times than to find a specific terminal and recreate them.

    That being said, you can still make progress with fewer controllers, so if you’re close to the end, you can wait.

    You need to be especially wary of Assaultrons, though, one of which can take out multiple controllers before you notice. The number of enemies you encounter depends on how many players are in the launch control room.

    There’s a bug that can happen here that stops the progress bar. Usually it tends to happen around 75% and if it does, there is nothing you can do. You have to leave, let the silo reset, and then try again from the beginning.

    Once the launch progress is complete, you can access the launch controls. They are located below where the first launch controller is. Before doing anything, look for the code for your specific silo. Double check where you are to make sure you have the right code.

    Then insert the card into the left slot. And enter the code on the right keypad. If you make a mistake, you will lose your Nuclear Keycard, so double check before entering the last digit.

    Now you need to set your target, you can choose anywhere outside of the forest region. Usually, people tend to launch at Fissure Site Prime to start Scorchbeast Queen event. You just need to include that place in the nuke radius to trigger the event.

    People tend to miss a few locations to the right of the fissure because that includes the spawn location for the event and people tend to fast travel to Bunker. At least you should leave one fast travel point available so that people can get to the event before it starts.

    Other locations include Abandoned Mineshaft 2, to trigger Nuka-World on Tour boss fight. Then there’s Monongah Mine, which lets you start the boss fight with Earl.

    It’s pretty complex, and for low-level players, it can be pretty hard to learn how to do things. You’re definitely not going to run it perfectly the first time you try a silo. But I still recommend trying it at least once so you can get a feel for how the designers intended it to work. After a few times, you should start using the available shortcuts.

    Anyway, that’s all the info you need to know about successfully launching Nuke Silos. So get out there and launch some more nukes so you can get some Repair Kits you’ve never seen before!

  • GameMS - How To Kill Lord Of Blood Mohg In Elden Ring? GameMS - How To Kill Lord Of Blood Mohg In Elden Ring?
    Elden Ring Jun 07, 2024

    How To Kill Lord Of Blood Mohg In Elden Ring?

    Killing Blood Lord Mohg is essential if you want to play Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, which releases on June 21st. This non-critical boss, who previously oversaw Miquellacocoon, is the main character of this expansion.

    You have a chance to complete the dominant story without touching Mohg, but once you do, his blood curse attacks and haemorrhage build up can easily destroy you.

    How To Kill Lord Of Blood Mohg In Elden Ring?

    But if you follow this guide and do some careful preparation, you can kill him in the simplest way.

    How To Touch Mohg?

    To actually touch Mohg in Elden Ring, you need to complete Elden Ring Varre questline first. After defeating Godrick Grafted and activating Grand Lift of Dectus, you can start the quest at any time. If you haven’t touched these yet, you may need to do the above first.

    After completing Varre quest, you will receive Pureblood Knight’s Medal, which will lead you to the location of Mohg. This location is also one of the most favorable places in the game to farm Elden Ring Runes, so make an effort to get Pureblood Knight’s Medal.

    When you start using Pureblood Knight’s Medal, it will lead you to an underground area called Mohgwyn Palace and a site of grace called Palace Approach Ledge-Road. North of the site of grace, you will see a road lined with Albinaurics, which are the major source of farming in this area.

    If you only want to find Mohg, then jump on Torrent and go north, passing those Albinaurics and entering an open area full of blood. At this point, continue to go north, and the road ahead will slowly begin to turn left (west), and when a Giant Skeleton Spirits appears in front of you, you are on the right path.

    Eventually you’ll come to a tall stone archway, and as you walk up the stairs Torrent will disappear, and you’ll eventually reach Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, and if you look to the side, you’ll see another site of grace.

    From here, you can continue straight ahead until you reach a cliffside entrance. Most of Blistered Putrid Corpses you encounter here won’t do anything to you, so you can safely bypass them. But beware, not all of them, and beware of their blood loss effect.

    At the entrance, things get a little tricky, as there are two Sanguine Nobles between you and the next site of grace. You can fight them, but they’ll also cause a lot of blood damage, so the best way to deal with them is to just bypass them, just like with Blistered Putrid Corpses.

    Once you’re out of that door, you’ll see Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint site of grace right in front of you, and if Sanguine Noble is still chasing you, you can activate this site of grace to get rid of the “tail”. All you have to do now is walk up the stairs and follow the path on the right to the elevator, and you’ll find Mohg.

    At this time, there will be a group of Albinaurics fighting a Sanguine Noble. Please do not participate in this battle! But you will see a box in front of Sanguine Noble. Inside the box is Sombre Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone that you need. You need to take it quickly and escape when they are not paying attention.

    Preparation For Lord Of Blood Mohg

    Now that we have covered how to find Mohg, let’s look at what you need to do before you find him. You will need to prepare the following three items:

    • Mohg’s Shackles-Use this twice to pin Mohg to the ground during the first phase.
    • Stunning Bolus Recipe-This allows you to create a stunning bolus that negates the buildup of blood loss.
    • Cleansing Crystal Tears-Can be used in Flask of Wonderful Physique to negate Mohg's Blood Curse.

    Besides these three items, you can also use Summon while fighting him and head to the stairs before the elevator to ask for help in front of Summoning Pool. Now let’s look at how to get these three items.

    Mohg’s Shackle

    You can get Mohg’s Shackle from Subterranean Shunning Grounds in Leyndell, Royal Capital, specifically at the site of grace on the Underground Roadside.

    When you leave the room where the site of grace is, you will see a ladder in the alcove on the left. Climbing it will lead you to a large room filled with pipes. You need to be careful of the gargoyles on the pipes and Giant Crayfish on the ground. When you descend from the pipes to the ground and turn left, Mohg’s Shackle will be on a wall to the southeast.

    Stanching Bolus Pecipes

    Stanching Bolus Pecipes can stop blood loss from accumulating. Although you can find some in the game, it seems easier to make them. The recipe is in Nomadic Warrior’s CookBook, which can be found north of the Stormhill Shack site of grace in Stormhill, on a corpse at the end of the bridge behind Finger Crone. You will need the following materials to craft Stanching Bolus Pecipes:

    • Herba
    • Cave Moss
    • Land Octopus Ovary

    Purifying Crystal Tear

    Purifying Crystal Tear is useful in combat as it creates a bottle of Rite of Blood that can counteract Rite of Blood that Mohg has accumulated and heal the damage you take in combat.

    You will need to go to Second Church of Marika in Altus Plateau and defeat NPCs that invade there - Eleonora and Violet Bloody Finger.Besides Purifying Crystal Tear, you will also get Eleonora’s Poleblade, which causes blood loss and becomes stronger with Dexterity and Arcane. It will be a great helper in defeating Mohg.

    How To Defeat Mohg?

    To make your battle go more smoothly, you will need to make sure you have the three items mentioned above. (Make sure!) Since Mohg will not rush you when you enter, you have plenty of time to go to the arena to pick up the flask and summon any ashes. Note that you need to make sure there are players willing to help you.

    This guide will cover the safest and most effective way to defeat Mohg, which is to use Comet Azur's magic build and attack Mohg from a distance while he is distracted by his summons.

    However, this is not the only option. Since Mohg is weakest to blood damage, any build that stacks blood damage with weapons or abilities will quickly reduce his health. In addition, when you get Purifying Crystal Tear, you will also win Eleonora’s Poleblade, which will cause Mohg to lose more blood.

    Mohg is also helpless against physical damage and other damage, so you can choose a build that you are familiar with to defeat him first. But it should be noted that you must not use a fire and scarlet rot-based build, which is almost useless to him.

    If you want to fight him head-on. The first stage is to avoid Mohg’s slow and telegraphed trident sweeps. If you are agile, you can attack while dodging it. You also need to be careful of bloodflame attacks. Both slashing talon attacks and flaming pools will cause you to lose blood.

    At the beginning, Mohg will also cast blood curses on you, but your Purifying Crystal Tear will negate these curses, and you can use Mohg’s Shackle here to immobilize him and attack more.

    When its health drops to half, the second phase comes. This is when Mogh adds blood splashes to most of his attacks and grows wings to add some aerial attacks to his repertoire. This is where Stanching Bolus Pecipe comes in handy. You need to be alert at all times because its attacks have a wide range. Also, try not to dodge them all the time, but to dodge through them.

    Isn’t it easier to defeat Mogh with this introduction? There is a saying that goes, don’t fight a battle you are not prepared for. So follow this guide and get started!

  • GameMS - How Does Digital Theater Work And Rehearse In FFXIV? GameMS - How Does Digital Theater Work And Rehearse In FFXIV?
    FFXIV Jun 04, 2024

    How Does Digital Theater Work And Rehearse In FFXIV?

    Digital Theater is a growing field in online games, especially in FFXIV. From Curtain Call Theater to A Stage Reborn, the culture of Digital Theater is growing stronger and stronger. Of course, it is not just FFXIV that is doing it. Fallout 76 is also inviting Wasteland Theater Company and others to participate.

    At this stage, FFXIV players have established a relatively complete community, which includes sports events, community festivals, museums, etc., and the most important thing is that there is a theater club covering many performing companies. This is what we call a Digital Theater.

    How Does Digital Theater Work And Rehearse In FFXIV?

    Today, let’s talk to several experts in the FFXIV theater community: Stanzek Rosyasch and Soso, to learn how these virtual companies prepare and rehearse, and how to adapt real stories into the settings of Etheirys.

    How To Rehearse In Digital Theater?

    Recently, a Sherlock Holmes classic, A Scandal in Bohemia (localized in Etheirys as A Scandal in Aldenard), was performed at Firebird Theater in FFXIV. Stanzek Rosyasch plays an assistant named Watson in it. Coincidentally, we’re going to be discussing how they’re going to prepare for the role in a digital theater roundtable.

    Interestingly, we entered the chat room in advance. Rosyash entered the chat room, and his first words were: “Sorry, I’m late!” The quiet chat room suddenly erupted in laughter and the atmosphere became lively. He explained that out of respect for everyone’s attention, the chat room is usually very quiet, but this does not mean that it is always so serious. So Rosyasch often acts as the one who makes jokes, and small mistakes will become inside jokes, which will be easier to accept.

    When rehearsing, you may have a wire on your head at any time, which will be very stressful. Rosyasch also said that this kind of fun helps to relieve the pressure of rehearsal. For Rosyasch, rehearsals are done on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday afternoons and evenings. However, he also explained that the most important step in balancing the focus of the production and his own work is to group the scenes to be performed. In order to give the actors a place to rest for the night, they may not be performed in the order they will be performed on stage.

    Rosyasch also gave an example of sometimes asking what rehearsals involve. Someone would jokingly tell him to wear a skirt, and then on the day of the performance, all the actors would show up wearing the same skirt. This is a bit ridiculous! Besides this vignette, performers can obtain more equipment by trading FFXIV Gil, making their outfit closer to the character.

    As for the content of rehearsals, their nature is obviously different from that of real theater rehearsals. Although it is less nervous to face a large audience, it is still much more difficult in other aspects. One of the biggest challenges in FFXIV is cues and timing. In the real world, this kind of drama performance is usually logically understood by the actors and involves a certain element of natural movement in the timing. Performances in Etheirys require super densely choreographed time precision, and there is no logical or natural instruction that can be easily remembered. So let’s throw the next question: what is it based on?

    What Are Macros?

    Macros in games allow players to coordinate actions, lines, expressions, and other personalized performances. If performers in Etheirys were to work together like in the real world, the timing would become very tight. Without precise timing, the desynchronization of macros would become more and more serious until the next macro appeared. This is what Soso explained to us. From this, we can see that macros are one of the most important tools for performers in the game.

    Ordinary players may use macros when they want to do two actions together, such as Swiftcast and Resurrection. But performers who use macros to achieve three synchronizations of lines, expressions, and actions, Digital Theater also takes the use of macros to a new level.

    Each macro can only have 15 lines, and at least half of these 15 lines are used to control expressions. In addition, actors may use some macro instructions to start a countdown so that their actions can be performed correctly. Some echoes are also used to help actors remember their next step or remind them to perform an action outside of the macro.

    This means that FFXIV often needs dozens of macros for a full performance. This is also a problem if people leave macros for HUD features or other conveniences for players. A player can use up to 200 macro slots, so this is very limited for performers in FFXIV. Soso emphasized that this is not just a problem for actors, but also for writers to adapt to the limitations of the macrosystem.

    Ultimately, rehearsals are about preparing performers to be watched by an audience. Although there is no similarity between this and real-world performances, the rehearsals of FFXIV performers are also a full reflection of their own technical knowledge or skills.

  • GameMS - Which First Baseman Will Be The Dark Horse In MLB The Show 24? GameMS - Which First Baseman Will Be The Dark Horse In MLB The Show 24?
    MLB: The Show May 25, 2024

    Which First Baseman Will Be The Dark Horse In MLB The Show 24?

    We’re almost halfway through 2024, and if you’re wondering about the most athletic position on the baseball field, the first baseman doesn’t quite fit the bill. But it allows you to gain more defensive dignity compared to other defensive positions!

    In MLB The Show 24, there are a lot of great first basemen. Although they may not be that outstanding in the actual game, we have to admit that they will always be excellent players in Major League Baseball. The ten first basemen to be introduced next will be the cream of the crop, and are also expected to perform well in MLB The Show 24.

    Which First Baseman Will Be The Dark Horse In MLB The Show 24?

    Before we begin, allow me to introduce you to MLB The Show 24 Stubs. Through it, players can obtain new player cards in the game, such as top/legendary players, and even participate in special events and challenges. Come and try it!

    Top 10 Josh Naylor Overall: 82

    In the past two years, Cleveland Guardians have focused on developing elite pitchers and have been slightly inferior in hitting ability. But that doesn’t mean Cleveland Guardians don’t have an excellent baseball player.

    Josh Naylor is a player with high on-court ability and popularity. He currently has a total score of 82 on MLB The Show 24. He may not be the most commanding first baseman on the field, but he’s a solid player who excels in all three categories: contact, power, and plate vision.

    Top 9 Ryan Mountcastle Overall: 82

    If the Orioles are the biggest surprise in the 2023 season, no one should refute it. Although they did not win all the championships in October, their record of 101 wins and 61 losses throughout the year was also very good. The most surprising thing is that this team is mainly composed of young players. I admire them very much for achieving such excellent results at such a young age.

    However, among this group of young people, there is another O’s veteran, Ryan Mountcastle, who is glaring. Ryan Mountcastle’s overall score is 82, which is much higher than the scores of players of the same age. And he was doing it against left-handed pitching. He performed better. If you’re going up against some left-handed pitchers, he’s the right pick!

    Top 8 Yandy Diaz Overall: 88

    Although the Tampa Bay Rays have the lowest salary package in the league, it still does not prevent them from often producing some extremely talented players. Their first baseman is proof of that.

    In the 2023 season, Yandy Diaz relied on her excellent contact skills and keen plate discipline to score 88 points. He also made him well-known in the proper game and MLB The Show 24.

    Top 7 Christian Walker Overall: 88

    If you regularly look at the strongest power bats in the MLB, there are definitely a few names that come to mind. But when you click on the player list, you wonder who the batsmen are in these rankings.

    Among them, the one that may surprise you the most is Christian Walker. He is the slugger for Arizona Diamondbacks. His excellent strength prompted him to score an excellent score of 88 points. He might not be as elite against other teams, but his power pitching might strengthen your team.

    Top 6 Vladmir Guerrero Jr. Overall: 90

    The history of MLB The Show has some controversy with including athletes. But when Vladmir Guerrero Jr. became the cover star of MLB The Show 24, it attracted a lot of attention. Although he is not currently at the MVP level, he has to admit that he is still a skilled hitter.

    Vladmir Guerrero Jr., a slugger for Toronto Blue Jays, scored 90 runs in his year as the mascot for San Diego Studio’s annual baseball series. Vladmir Guerrero Jr.’s outstanding contact skills and strength make up for his lack of speed and defense.

    Top 5 Pete Alonso Overall: 90

    Because of his previous strange pre-home run derby ritual, his indifferent attitude in interviews, and his strange post-game comments, Pete Alonso does not have an excellent reputation among MLB fans. But regardless of all that, his home run ability is undeniable.

    Pete Alonso’s high score of 90 made him one of the iconic power hitters in MLB The Show 24. With a power rating of 99 on both his left and right hands, you can imagine New York Mets’ first baseman launching the ball into the outfield bleachers frequently.

    Top 4 Paul Goldschmidt Overall: 91

    Few first basemen are as focused and outstanding as Paul Goldschmidt. Although Paul Goldschmidt’s current statistics are a bit lower than last season’s statistics, he is still one of the most mature veterans in MLB.

    His overall rating in MLB The Show 24 was 91, which is a high mark for an inexperienced player. It is possible that his ratings will continue to decline as he ages. Goldschmidt deserves a respect as his team has such a high-achieving player.

    Top 3 Bryce Harper Overall: 91

    A few years ago, few people would have believed Bryce Harper would become a first baseman. As Philadelphia Phillies added new players, Bryce Harper transitioned from the outfield to the infield, making the team even better.

    Before he switched positions, Bryce Harper had become one of the best hitters in MLB. According to some conventional requirements, his score of 91 may be a bit low. Considering Bryce Harper’s subsequent performance, his future rating on MLB The Show 25 is just around the corner.

    Top 2 Freddie Freeman Overall: 94

    With the additions of Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto, it’s either a championship run or rock bottom for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The more important thing for Los Angeles Dodgers now is to prove that their 2022 World Series championship is not a fluke.

    Obviously, winning games is easy when Freddie Freeman is at first base. The long-time Atlanta Braves player continues to prove that his contact skills are second to none. Arguably, his 94 rating from MLB The Show 24 is well-deserved.

    It’s obvious that winning games is easy when Freddie Freeman is the first baseman. A long-time player at Atlanta Brave, he continues to prove that his contact skills are top-notch. It can be said that the 94 points obtained on MLB The Show 24 are well deserved.

    Top 1 Matt Olson Overall: 95

    Atlanta Brave is a well-rounded team with top ten hitters at every position. Especially the first baseman.

    Matt Olson will later play for Atlanta Brave, which will scare this team’s rival teams. This score of 95 points is the result of all his hard training. If on MLB The Show 24, Matt Olson is called No. 2, there is no No. 1.

    We will look forward to the various outstanding performances of these ten players in MLB The Show 24 and wish you a merry game.

  • GameMS - Various Methods For Gathering Boss Summoning Materials In Diablo 4 Season 4 GameMS - Various Methods For Gathering Boss Summoning Materials In Diablo 4 Season 4
    Diablo 4 May 25, 2024

    Various Methods For Gathering Boss Summoning Materials In Diablo 4 Season 4

    As many players enter the endgame in Diablo 4 Season 4, there's one major focus - acquiring Resplendent Sparks, the essential crafting material needed to create your chosen Uber Unique. To obtain these, you must defeat endgame bosses, which first requires gathering the necessary materials to summon them.

    So in this guide, I'll cover how to acquire these boss summon materials in Season 4, the most efficient farming methods, and share useful tips and tricks to speed up the process.

    Various Methods For Gathering Boss Summoning Materials In Diablo 4 Season 4

    Boss Materials In Season 4

    Previously, boss materials in Diablo 4 were exclusively obtained through specific activities - Living Steel from Helltide, Varshan materials from Whispers, and Grotesque Debtors scattered across the world. However, in Season 4, that changes.

    Now, every endgame activity offers the chance to obtain all types of boss materials, as they have random drop rates from all boss-type enemies, including regular Elites in rare instances. This abundance makes them more readily available than ever before.

    Call Of The Wolves

    In Season 4, the seasonal activity is known as Call of the Wolves, centered on the Iron Wolves seasonal quest line and reputation system. It offers substantial rewards in the form of boss materials, particularly in the later stages. If you haven't obtained these rewards yet and seek boss summoning materials, it's highly advisable to prioritize them.

    It is important to emphasize that you can complete the Call of the Wolves for reputation multiple times with different characters. This allows you to accumulate a considerable amount of materials and even more guaranteed Resplendent Sparks. However, repeating reputation grinding for each character is very time-consuming.

    Diablo 4 Season 4 Call of the Wolves

    Helltide Event

    Regarding the Iron Wolves reputation, let's delve into Helltide event. In Helltide, all chests yield at least 1 Living Steel for summoning Grigoire, with the Living Steel chest specifically providing 5. Throughout the Helltide event, numerous Elites spawn, each with their own drop chances for summoning materials.

    Hellborn creatures emerge from events or when your threat meter fluctuates, offering a reasonably high chance of dropping boss materials. Interestingly, these Hellborn creatures tend to drop Lord Zir's materials more frequently than others.

    Participating in Helltide as a group enhances efficiency since each member triggers their own threat meter, resulting in the simultaneous spawning of multiple Hellborn creatures and consequently greater material acquisition.

    And the Blood Maiden enemy in Helltide, the big boss at the end of the altar summon activity, also has a pretty decent drop rate on various boss summoning materials. Helltide is essentially the prime location for specifically Living Steel but also just has a good drop rate on many different materials.

    Whispers Of The Dead

    Moving on, we have the Whispers of the Dead. It seamlessly integrates with any other activity you wish to engage in. While it's widely recognized as the most lucrative source of Diablo 4 Gold at present, it also yields a significant amount of Varshan summoning materials from each whisper cache. Additionally, there's a chance to obtain materials for other bosses, making it a well-rounded option for material acquisition.

    Diablo 4 Season 4 Whispers of the Dead

    World Bosses

    Next up, we have world bosses, which arguably serve as the premier source of these materials, albeit in small quantities since they cannot be farmed. These bosses operate on a three and a half-hour timer, but every kill on a world boss in World Tier 4 has yielded at least 1 boss summoning material. Remarkably, most of these drops have been Pincushioned Dolls, specifically for the Andariel fight.

    In addition, a significant portion of upgraded boss materials have come from world bosses this season. For example, out of the 4 Stygian Stones I've naturally acquired, 3 were random drops from world bosses, with only one obtained from the Pit, where they are typically found.

    Therefore, for those who are interested in tackling ladder bosses, it's imperative not to overlook world bosses, as they not only have a decent chance of dropping Stygian Stones but also upgraded ladder materials, considerably simplifying the process.

    Tormented Bosses

    To say that these bosses are more challenging than their normal version. They boast significantly higher health pools, immense damage output, and a stacking debuff that exponentially increases damage taken upon being hit by their more telegraphed attacks. Stygian Stones, which are essential for challenging the torment versions of ladder bosses.

    However, the rewards from torment versions of ladder bosses are 5 times greater than those of normal ladder bosses, albeit at 3 times the material cost. It's worth noting that I've had 2 Andariel's Visage drop naturally in Season 4, both from torment versions of Uber bosses, leading to speculation about the potentially higher drop rates of Tormented bosses.

    Nightmare Dungeons

    Moving on to the endgame systems, Nightmare Dungeons offer another avenue for acquiring boss summoning materials. Once you've reached World Tier 4, and potentially even World Tier 3, Treasure Goblins become a consistent source, dropping a minimum of 2 boss summoning materials each time.

    Diablo 4 Season 4 Treasure Goblins

    This presents a lucrative opportunity, although it's important to note that Treasure Goblins cannot be forced to spawn. You can only react when you spot them on your mini-map. Therefore, it's crucial to eliminate every Treasure Goblin encountered, not only in Nightmare Dungeons but also in other areas like Helltide.

    The reason for highlighting Nightmare Dungeons specifically is because certain rooms within these dungeons have a low chance of spawning a significant number of Treasure Goblins simultaneously. When this occurs, swiftly dispatching the entire horde results in a windfall of free boss materials, among other rewards.

    In addition to Treasure Goblins, boss summoning materials can also be obtained from the boss of each Nightmare Dungeon. Moreover, every completion of a Nightmare Dungeon guarantees some Distilled Fear, which is essential for the Beast in the Ice summoning.

    More About Stygian Stones

    Last, let's talk about how to acquire Stygian Stones, while world bosses initially seem to be the best source. These stones are primarily supposed to drop from the Pit of Artificers. While some players indicate that Stygian Stones become slightly more common after reaching at least Tier 70 or 80, their drop rates remain inconsistent.

    Even at higher tiers, they remain relatively rare. Despite my extensive engagement with the activity up to Tier 70, I've only encountered 1 Stygian Stone. Therefore, I recommend against excessive farming of this activity solely for Stygian Stones due to their notably low drop rate.

    Final Thought

    It's worth mentioning a commonly known practice for solo players: seeking out boss rotations in the Trade Chat. These rotations involve groups where each player takes turns using their own materials to summon the boss, allowing you to benefit from four summons for the cost of one lot of your own materials if executed correctly.

    This concludes today's guide, which covers various ways to obtain boss ladder summoning materials in Diablo 4 Season 4, as well as the most effective strategies that I know of. Hope you have a good gaming experience!

  • GameMS - A Comprehensive Guide To Fallout 76 Meat Week Event 2024 GameMS - A Comprehensive Guide To Fallout 76 Meat Week Event 2024
    Fallout 76 May 30, 2024

    A Comprehensive Guide To Fallout 76 Meat Week Event 2024

    Hello everyone! Meat Week Event is here again! Since this event is only open for a limited period of time, the most important thing to make the most of it is to get as many unique rewards as possible. It is also a good option to grind XP and earn extra Scrip. This guide will go through everything you need to know about Meat Week Event.

    Participate In Primal Cuts Event

    Every 15 to 20 minutes, you will get a Primal Cuts event. You can start the event by hitting a drum in the center. This will attract a group of animals to you. They appear in four waves, and you must kill the marked prime animals.

    A Comprehensive Guide To Fallout 76 Meat Week Event 2024

    Note that Butcher’s Bounty Perk Card does not seem to give you more prime meat, but it does help increase other types of meat.

    The waves will gradually become stronger over time, and the event ends when you defeat all enemies, or when the timer runs out. Successfully completing the event will give you prime meat that you can use later.

    Since meat will rot, having a Refrigerated Backpack Mod or Good with Salt Perk will help you preserve them for longer. If you rank high enough on the scorebaord, Cryofridge will also be helpful to you.

    The events that take place in areas where the enemies are stronger seem to give you more prime meat, while Mire seems to be the place that gives you the most meat. So pick the one you want and start collecting meat. If you’re fast enough, you can participate in both events at the same time.

    Grahm’s Meat-Cook Event

    The other half of Meat Week is Grahm’s Meat-Cook Event, which is all about advancing the progress bar in the upper right corner. There are three stages marked with icons here, and if you don’t reach the first stage, you fail. But if you want to get more valuable Fallout 76 items, it is very necessary to reach the later stages as soon as possible. Here, I will list the things you can do to advance the event.

    Using Drums & Spits

    You can find drums and the spits on the high platforms on both sides of the centre roast pit. They are passive activities, just like playing an instrument during One Violent Night. The unique thing is that they allow you to advance the progress bar before it appears.

    They still give you progress during the event, and if all spits or drums are in use, you will get a reward. But it’s important that you get progress before the event officially starts. So if you happen to get there early enough, make sure to use them.

    Fallout 76: Grahm's Meat-Cook Event

    Donate Prime Meat

    The roast pit in the center has spits and pots where you can place prime meat and donate it in stacks of five. For example, if you have 12, you’ll need two batches of five, but you won’t need the last two.

    Each Meat-Cook Event has a maximum of 15. Each stack you deposit gives you a bonus of about 15 minutes. Stacking one stack makes you no longer hungry, and if you get hit, you have a chance to damage enemies with farts. Stacking two stacks does the same thing, and you get a 15-point bonus to your maximum health. Stacking a third stack increases it to a 30-point health bonus and a 5% XP bonus.

    You also get 5 Legendary Scrips per stack, so you can get an extra 15 Scrips for each event. This is an extra little bonus for attending a Primal Cuts event.

    Feeding Chally The Moo-Moo

    Another thing you can do is feed Chally the Moo-Moo. You may have to attend at least one Meat-Cook Event to get the recipe, but you can make the recipe with vegetables before the event and give it to Chally when the event starts. Make sure to do these as soon as the progress bar appears, so you don’t forget.

    Collecting Animal Chunks And Greens

    You can also collect animal chunks and greens. You’ll find small animals like Opossums, Squirrels, and Chickens behind the shed. Regional loot doesn’t work here, so you’ll have to collect chunks individually. Put them in the shopping cart in the shed to advance progress.

    Next to it you can see the container for greens. Bring them back to get more progress. If you want, you can also put submit wood in the pile next to the cooking pot.


    You can also get progress for the event by cleaning up rotting meat, manure piles, and putting out fires around. Such as the scorchbeast poop you saw in Line in the Sand event. Be sure to prioritize this because they can actually slow down your progress if you leave them behind.

    Event Rewards

    After the event, you will receive rewards based on your performance. You can get XP, Caps, Legendary weapons or armor, Meat Week apparel, Treasury Notes, and Unique plans.

    Besides that, there are quite a few plans for unique items and unique camp items, such as Meat Cleaver. This is a throwing weapon that does a ton of damage. If you haven’t tried throwing weapons yet, you might be surprised at how effective they are.

    And of course, there’s Pepper Shaker, which is one of the major prizes of Meat Week Event. The only way to get this plan is through this event or by buying it from a player vendor. The chance of any single item dropping is about 1.6% per event.

    So if you want everything, you should do as much Meat-Cook as you can. The event will last for about two weeks and will end on June 4, 2024, so you should have plenty of time to participate.

    That’s it. Hopefully, this walkthrough made it a little easier for you. Good luck, and may RNG gods be with you.

  • GameMS - Master These Key Tips To Collect Hundreds Of Legendary Scrips In Fallout 76! GameMS - Master These Key Tips To Collect Hundreds Of Legendary Scrips In Fallout 76!
    Fallout 76 May 30, 2024

    Master These Key Tips To Collect Hundreds Of Legendary Scrips In Fallout 76!

    Today I want to talk to you about Legendary Scrips, and more specifically how to start getting them. Legendary Scrip is an in-game currency that can be used to purchase legendary items from the vendor, Purveyor Murmrgh.

    Many players will find when they start the game that as you level up, the enemies you encounter become stronger and harder to kill. This is because at this point the game starts assuming you have some scrip from the event. But many players don’t do this, so they experience a steep rise in the difficulty curve.

    Once you have a suitable set of legendary weapons and armor, your character will be powerful. You’ll easily reach Legendary Exchange’s daily limit of 500 Scrips, and you’ll frequently discard a Fallout 76 Item or two because they’re not worth keeping.

    So, how do you go from zero Legendary Scrips at the start of the game to having some scrips that can be used to obtain legendary weapons? In this guide, I’ll reveal to you a great way to farm these scrips.

    Master These Key Tips To Collect Hundreds Of Legendary Scrips In Fallout 76!

    Get Quality Weapons

    The first step is to get a good legendary weapon. This has a tremendous impact on your ability to deal with tougher enemies. Lately, developers seem to be leaning toward adding guaranteed weapons to events. And many of them have almost ideal legendary effects by default. You can definitely take advantage of this and play these activities until you get some guaranteed quality weapons.

    Ideally, you’ll want to be level 50 to get the best version, but there’s nothing wrong with getting lower-level versions to help you explore and complete quests. You can redo the event later to get the highest level version.

    So which activities are the best? I highly recommend Most Wanted from Nuka Tour. It gives you Western Spirit Lever Action Rifle as one of two guaranteed weapons, which you can get starting at level 25. It’s great for everyday activities, so you can use it for exploration and quests.

    It’s also economical enough that you’ll usually end up with 45 more round ammo after each battle than you used. You can use these extra bullets as a supplement to Elder’s Mark.

    Elder’s Mark is a submachine gun with extremely high DPS that can be used in event or boss type battles and is available starting at level 15. Beasts of Burden event has a 20% chance of dropping it as one of the guaranteed weapon rewards.

    Fallout 76 Holy Fire

    Holy Fire is another guaranteed weapon you can get from the event. This is a Vampires Flamer that you get starting at level 30. Generally speaking, Flamer is a powerful weapon with a very high rate of fire. With Vampire’s Effect, you’ll be constantly healed.

    Holy Fire is a weapon you should only use when you’re in trouble. This is not a weapon you should use all the time unless you know how to get ammo. These are not the only guaranteed weapons, nor are they suitable for everyone. For example, if you use melee, then they’re not very useful. But they should provide a good starting point for most players.

    Most Wanted and Beasts of Burden typically attract large numbers of high-level players to kill, and the only thing you have to do is successfully complete the campaign. Even at lower levels, you should be able to obtain these weapons. Remember, don’t turn down other guaranteed weapons. Even Gunther’s Big Iron and Love Tap is very useful when you have no better options.

    What Events Are Worth Attending?

    Once you have at least one good legendary weapon, you can actually participate in the event. You want to focus on the events that bring you the most Legendary Scrips.

    Radiation Rumble

    I recommend Radiation Rumble as a significant activity to start with. It always attracts many high-level players, and since enemies tend to only come from two directions, it’s easy to get plenty of loot to distribute among you.

    I completed my first mission at level 20 and had no idea what I was doing, but I still walked away with a fair amount of scrips.

    As a low level player, you should focus on covering one tunnel and marking as many enemies as possible. Please avoid entering the corridor, as doing so will spawn an enemy in the center.

    Fallout 76 Radiation Rumble

    This is where a simple shotgun can help. Just aim and shoot. All you have to do is deal 1 point of damage to an enemy and let the game give you the full experience. This is called “tagging” in the community.

    You still get loot from nearby, but you also get full XP from each enemy killed. Many players will also drop excess loot after the event, so you can pick that up if you want.

    Eviction Notice

    Eviction Notice is another major event in farming Legendary Scrips, although it’s more dangerous. When high-level players go for the kill, try to avoid getting killed.

    You need to keep whatever is useful to you during the event. Anti Armor is always good and gets better later in the game. Aristocrats or Junkies will provide some of the highest damage boosts, and you can maintain them without too much trouble, although you may struggle to get the highest bonuses at lower levels. Bloody is powerful, but it’s only useful if you plan on playing with low health at some point.

    Please note that the daily scrip limit is 500, so you may not redeem all the scrips you receive. You can put the rest into a stash or a public container so others can benefit.

    One trick is that you can secure Power Armor into the frame. No matter how many pieces you have, the weight of the frame is 10, so if you keep some frames, you can keep a lot of Power Armor pieces for later use.

    Fallout 76 Eviction Notice

    Priority Of Rolling Scripts

    Next, you can exchange scrips for legendary modules at Rusty Pick. It is located north of Nuka Tour and south of Flatwoods. Then go to Workbenches and modify a piece of gear to add or re-roll its legendaries.

    This is when things get tricky. Getting a right roll can be very expensive. Statistically, the chance of getting all three legendary stars you want is 0.04%. While this number isn’t entirely correct, the point is that it’s unlikely.

    The best advice I can give is to think about what you want first. Weapons should be your first priority. If you use VATS, Railway Rifle is a good choice. A good flamer is also powerful. The benefit of choosing Elder’s Mark and Holy Fire is that you can re-roll their legendary properties without losing their inherent bonuses, such as a faster rate of fire.

    It’s also important to have an everyday weapon that hits hard and generates extra ammo. You can pair it with a high DPS weapon that consumes the same ammo. If you do it right, you’ll never even need to craft ammo.


    Now, you should know how to start climbing the legendary ladder. Getting your first good legendary item is the hardest step, but once you have excellent weapons, you should be able to participate in all events and earn more Legendary Scrips by playing.

    Remember, getting God Roll is just a matter of luck, so keep participating in the event and keep rolling. But remember to be patient and don’t expect to get one overnight. Instead, you should enjoy the good stuff you encounter along the way. You might be surprised at how well some of them perform. Good luck!

  • GameMS - A Complete Walkthrough For The Rage Vortex CoC Hierophant In POE 3.24 Necropolis GameMS - A Complete Walkthrough For The Rage Vortex CoC Hierophant In POE 3.24 Necropolis
    Path of Exile May 15, 2024

    A Complete Walkthrough For The Rage Vortex CoC Hierophant In POE 3.24 Necropolis

    Welcome, Exiles! Join me as we explore the Rage Vortex CoC Hierophant in the Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League today. The Rage Vortex of Berserking is one of the best skills to use with the Cast on Critical Strike Support, but it requires a very specific setup to work.

    In this build, it attaches the Rage Vortex to your character, continuously hitting nearby enemies until you run out of Rage, allowing you to perform other actions in the meantime, such as the Shield Charge or casting curses.

    A Complete Walkthrough For The Rage Vortex CoC Hierophant In POE 3.24 Necropolis

    Exerting this attack with Ambush will apply its massive Critical Strike Chance bonus for the entire duration of your Rage Vortex. Although you will still need some investments for your Spell Critical Strike Chance, the most crucial part of such a setup is sustaining the Rage cost itself.

    Gear Setup

    This Rage Vortex CoC Hierophant build is cost-effective, demanding only a modest investment of POE Currency to commence. However, its operation depends on a unique helmet. It also relies on rare items, the quality of which significantly impacts performance.

    Unique Items

    The Ravenous Passion and the Cospri's Malice are necessary for the build's functionality. Thanks to the Ravenous Passion helmet, you will generate insane amounts of Rage with a higher trigger rate on your CoC setup. You will generate Rage faster, allowing you to sustain Rage Vortex for a longer time. 

    The Cospri's Malice sword triggers your Frostbolts on hit and improves your damage slightly. You can get a corrupted implicit that generates frenzy charges when you spend mana, which will help with your attack speed and boost the damage of your Vortex.

    Path of Exile 3.24 Cospri's Malice

    The Prism Guardian and Atziri's Foible are also important for scaling your damage properly. The Prism Guardian causes socketed auras to Reserve Life instead of mana but without the usual massive penalty of the Arrogance Support.

    The Atziri's Foible amulet greatly improves your maximum mana and your mana recovery. Moreover, it decreases the necessity for demanding attribute prerequisites, making it quite useful. Anointing the Essence Sap notable can help with mana recovery issues. If not, the Arcane Capacitor is available for use.

    The Glorious Vanity can grant you the Corrupted Soul keystone and convert nearby notables into different ones. Try to get at least one that provides energy shield leech. It can also grant you other bonuses to energy shield or lightning spell damage.

    You can use the Healthy Mind jewel to greatly improve your mana at the cost of lowering your life. You can also alter your aura setup to include different bonuses, such as energy shield on hit from the Discipline aura or life leech from Vitality aura.

    Rare Items

    On your rare gear, you should aim mostly for bonuses to your maximum life, mana, and energy shield.

    • Weapon: Ensure sufficient dexterity to wield your sword and prioritize acquiring at least 14% cooldown recovery, accuracy, and adequate attack speed to boost damage. If opting for a different spell, consider a rare weapon enhancing spell damage with guaranteed hits.
    • Body Armor: Boost energy shield and mana, optionally avoiding life modifiers in favor of the Life Mastery, preferably shaper-influenced to enhance Spell Critical Strike Chance.
    • Boots: Enhance life, mana, movement speed, and resistance. Aim for a total of 14% cooldown recovery rate.
    • Gloves: Offer beneficial bonuses to attack speed, accuracy rating, or damage. Utilize Eldritch Implicit modifiers to incorporate life leech and unnerving of enemies.
    • Belt: Prioritize high maximum life, mana, and resistance bonuses, with flask modifiers enhancing utility. Utilize a Stygian Vise base for an additional Abyss Jewel socket, and craft cooldown recovery rate through the Crafting Bench.
    • Ring: Provide life, mana, regeneration, and substantial resistances. Compensate for lacking attributes with increased accuracy rating to improve hit chance or Critical Strike Multiplier.
    • Jewels: Target bonuses to maximum life and mana on jewels, along with enhancements to attack speed, accuracy rating, or Critical Strike Multiplier.
    • Abyss Jewel: Consider socketing it in your belt to access similar modifier, along with potential cooldown recovery rate or a phasing buff upon enemy elimination.


    As for the flasks, with the Sorrow of the Divine, you can recover your energy shield more efficiently. Combine it with a Life Flask that grants more healing when you are on low life, as it is your default state at all times because of the Petrified Blood.

    Path of Exile 3.24 Sorrow of the Divine

    The Bottled Faith is the obvious choice for this build as it will greatly improve your damage and Critical Strike Chance against enemies standing on the consecrated ground. You can enchant it to trigger when you hit a rare enemy.

    For the remaining Magic Flasks, I recommend using a flask with bleeding removal, the Quicksilver Flask with Critical Strike Chance bonus, and a Diamond Flask with attack speed.

    Gem Links

    The Rage Vortex of Berserking attaches the Rage Vortex to your character until you run out of Rage. The Rage cost accelerates over time, but you can refresh it during its duration to restart the Rage drain. The Vortex of Projection deals cold damage in bigger areas and can be used with Frostbolts to create more explosions with a bonus for its damage and area.

    Most of your damage comes from the Archmage Support, so Lightning Penetration is more useful than Cold or Elemental Penetration. The awakened version also grants you lightning exposure. The Frostbolt creates a cold projectile that, although not dealing much damage on its own, can be consumed by the Vortex to create even more explosions with the Greater Volley Support.

    Slowing the speed is also important to prevent explosions from happening too far. The Petrified Blood delays the damage you take directly to your life, making your leech more effective and enabling the Pain Attunement keystone. The Arctic Armour grants you immunity to freeze and extra physical damage mitigation if you are stationary.

    Precision is a simple yet powerful aura that improves your accuracy rating and Critical Strike Chance. Socket those auras in the Prism Guardian shield, and thanks to the Petrified Blood, you can reserve half of your life without negative consequences. The Assassin's Mark greatly improves your damage by increasing your Critical Strike Chance and multiplier against marked enemies.

    The Zealotry is an offensive aura that greatly improves your damage and Critical Strike Chance with spells. Divine Blessing Support changes this aura into a temporary buff and adds a massive mana cost to it, which you can use to quickly generate Rage.

    The Shield Charge is your main movement skill, and you can use it without interrupting the Rage Vortex, giving you a big advantage over other CoC setups. The Ambush launches your next attack, adding a massive amount of flat Critical Strike Chance, and will be applied to the whole duration of the Rage Vortex. 

    Path of Exile 3.24 Shield Charge

    The Arcane Cloak is a Guard skill that absorbs a large amount of damage and improves your DPS during its duration. Frost Blink is an instant teleport that leaves chilling ground in both locations, supplementing Shield Charge for even better mobility.

    Bandits & Pantheon

    The optimal choice is to eliminate all bandits for an extra 2 passive points. Helping Alira is also acceptable at first. The best major Pantheon power is the Soul of Arakaali, as damage over time effects are the biggest weakness of Petrified Blood. For your minor Pantheon power, I recommend either Soul of Ralakesh to trivialize bleeds or Soul of Shakari to help with chaos damage.

    Passive Tree

    The passive tree of this POE 3.24 build is very straightforward. The biggest focus is picking up as much mana as possible. You will also get bonuses to maximum life, accuracy rating, and a bit of damage and crits thanks to the Elemental Mastery.

    You will sometimes treat enemy resistances as inverted, which grants you a lot of damage without needing to invest in a second curse, especially against enemies with bolstered Lightning Resistance. Such hits will also inflict much more powerful shocks than usual.

    This build uses 5 keystones, but most of them are self-explanatory. You will have a lot of energy shield without big investments. The most important sources of it are the Corrupted Soul keystone from the Glorious Vanity jewel and the Hierophant Ascendancy.

  • GameMS - Steer Clear Of These 5 Common Mistakes To Succeed In WOW Cataclysm Classic GameMS - Steer Clear Of These 5 Common Mistakes To Succeed In WOW Cataclysm Classic
    WoW Series May 10, 2024

    Steer Clear Of These 5 Common Mistakes To Succeed In WOW Cataclysm Classic

    With the WoW Classic Cataclysm coming soon, players are eagerly looking forward to new challenges and adventures. It offers us the chance from the revamped Azeroth to the class changes and the introduction of new systems. However, like many other WoW expansion, there are also many traps that players will need to avoid in Cataclysm.

    Steer Clear Of These 5 Common Mistakes To Succeed In WOW Cataclysm Classic

    1. Reforge Items Before Vendoring

    While playing the Cataclysm, whether during leveling or at max level in dungeons, you'll often encounter loot that doesn't match your class or spec. This scenario typically leads to vendor the item or disenchanting it for WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold. However, there's an additional consideration before parting with the gear - Reforging.

    The Reforging system, introduced in the WoW Cataclysm, allows you to convert any secondary stat on an item into another secondary stat of your choice. This process retains only 40% of the chosen stat. While particularly useful early on after reaching max level, Reforging also becomes crucial for unlocking random Cataclysm Heroics.

    These require a minimum average item level of 329, challenging to achieve early in your character's progression. Even after accessing Heroic dungeons, it's wise to remember the Reforging System. Though less utilized in raiding, it can still be handy for enhancing specific pieces of gear or building sets for off-spec roles like tanks or healers.

    2. Avoid Leveling Through Dungeons

    Leveling mostly through dungeons is a mistake that many players have made in past expansions and is one that can significantly hinder progress in the WoW Cataclysm Classic. While dungeon leveling has been a popular method in the past because of its speed, efficiency, and gear rewards, it's not the optimal approach.

    The reason for this lies in the importance of reputations. Reputations not only unlock valuable shoulder and helmet enchants but also offer numerous pre-BiS items locked behind the Revered and Exalted status with certain factions. However, dungeons do not reward any reputation, including both trash and boss kills.

    WoW Cataclysm Classic

    Leveling exclusively through dungeons inevitably leads to revisiting zone quest lines to reach the Friendly status and unlock tabards, a time-consuming process. Instead, I recommend leveling through quests to simultaneously progress your character and reputation.

    Normal questing in the WoW Cataclysm Classic is highly efficient that requires minimal effort to complete, especially with the ability to fly in the Azeroth from Level 60. This method eliminates the need for tedious mob grinding typical of vanilla leveling.

    3. Wear The Reputation Tabards

    In the WoW Cataclysm Classic, the reputation tabards play a crucial role when grinding reputations, yet it's easy to overlook their significance. Each endgame reputation offers a tabard, typically accessible at the Friendly reputation level. It's essential to reach the Friendly status as soon as possible to purchase these tabards before venturing into dungeons.

    Equipping these tabards allows you to earn reputation while completing dungeon runs, thus progressing towards unlocking valuable items such as shoulder or helmet enchants, as well as the BiS gear pieces. Forgetting to obtain or equip these tabards can result in a significant loss of reputation.

    4. Tol Barad Reputation Grinding

    Tol Barad, a world PvP zone similar to the Wintergrasp, holds significant importance in the WoW Cataclysm Classic because of its reputation and raid content, Baradin Hold. Unlike Wintergrasp, which was mainly optional except for raid access, Tol Barad offers pre-BiS items tied to reputation, making it essential for all players.

    The reputation associated with Tol Barad can be increased by completing daily quests, accessible to all players and relatively easy to complete. It's crucial for everyone to prioritize this reputation grind as the trinkets rewarded are exceptionally powerful and likely to remain valuable for a long time, potentially replacing raid drops.

    WoW Cataclysm Classic Tol Barad

    Additionally, Baradin Hold, the raid within Tol Barad, unlocks based on faction control. Similar to Wrath of the Lich King, this raid progressively introduces more bosses throughout the expansion, each dropping tier piece for players. However, the raid's entrance location isn't obvious, unlike the Vault of Archavon.

    A key distinction in Tol Barad's raid is the loot distribution between the 10-man and 25-man versions. While 25-man mode drops 6 pieces, the 10-man mode drops only 2. Importantly, players cannot complete both versions within the same reset.

    Therefore, engaging in the 10-man Tol Barad raid is not worthwhile, especially for DPS, healers, or tanks, as it can be considered a trap because of the disparity in loot drops compared to the 25-man version.

    5. Archaeology Leveling

    Archaeology is often regarded as a tedious profession, but it holds significant importance in the WoW Classic Cataclysm. Introduced alongside the pre-patch, Archaeology offers valuable pre-raid BiS gear and mounts, making it essential for players of all classes. What sets these items apart is their account-bound nature, allowing players to transfer them between characters.

    Moreover, the Archaeology epics are incredibly potent. They often outclass gear obtained from Heroic raiding, which may not be feasible for everyone because of varying guild commitments and time constraints. In such cases, focusing on solo the Archaeology can be a lucrative alternative.

    A common mistake players make while leveling Archaeology is crafting items without utilizing the keystone slot. This oversight wastes fragments and prolongs the crafting process unnecessarily. Always remember to use the keystone slot to expedite your progress. Fortunately, keystones are readily available through leveling Archaeology or can be purchased from the auction house if needed.

  • GameMS - How To Earn Tons Of Gold Coins By Farming Dark Hide In New World Season 5? - Farming Tips & Locations GameMS - How To Earn Tons Of Gold Coins By Farming Dark Hide In New World Season 5? - Farming Tips & Locations
    New World Apr 27, 2024

    How To Earn Tons Of Gold Coins By Farming Dark Hide In New World Season 5? - Farming Tips & Locations

    With the arrival of New World Season of the Guardian, players will need a lot of gold to upgrade their gear to reach a 700 gear score. Therefore, farming enough gold coins has become our primary goal of entering the new season as always.

    In this gold farming guide, we show you how to make 4-5k gold per hour by farming Dark Hide, and share the best tips and places to farm Dark Hide in Season 5. These top farm locations will earn your tons of New World Coins. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    How To Earn Tons Of Gold Coins By Farming Dark Hide In New World Season 5? - Farming Tips & Locations

    Dark Hide

    Dark Hide is a rare material in New World that can be obtained by skinning high-level beasts and is used to craft powerful armor and weapons that require a high level of Skinning skill. For example, you can use it in the step of making Prismatic Leather.

    As you can see, the current price of Dark Hide in America Northeast region is not very high at 0.65 to 0.75 gold per coin, but you can earn some pretty good coins from it as well.

    New World Dark Hide

    Farming Tips

    Let’s start by talking about some tips you need to pay attention to when farming. First, don’t forget to wear farming gear. In my case, these items bring me Skinning Luck.

    Farm Luck

    By the way, Regular Luck and Trade Skill Luck are completely different things. The first increases the drop rate of enemy items, and the second gives you additional resources during gathering. Here we need the second one.

    The best item to increase farm luck is Earring. An Earring can give you almost +10% extra luck. And don’t forget to respec your attributes. We need maximum Dexterity, which will increase our yield and luck.

    New World Skinning Luck Guide

    Gathering Yield Buffs

    Killing mobs in some areas will drop up to 100 Dark Hide. If available, you can use Savory Fish Cake so you can increase your chances of getting rare items when skinning them, as well as get a little extra gold.

    In addition, playing music can also increase your gathering yield. If you wish, you can also use Powerful Proficiency Boost, which increases the amount of resources collected using tools by 15% for 30 minutes.

    Farming Locations

    Next, let’s talk about a few of the best locations for farming Dark Hide in Season 5.

    Dredged Landing

    Our first farming site is located in Dredged Landing in the lower right corner of the map. You can see two Shrines here, and you can see the path from one Shrine to the other. There are many lions and scarabs on your path. Farm them to get Dark Hide, Scarhide and Smolderhide. But the drop rate of the latter two is smaller, which is why we need farm luck.

    Also at the bottom of the map, where Crocodiles appear, brings us the same resources. You can run and farm the location in a loop.

    Isle Of Zurvan

    Another really cool place is Isle of Zurvan. Shrine of the Lion is in this area, and you can also go here to attack Mammoths, but your main farming target here is Chameleon. They are fast and disappear at any time, but are easily killed. The best way is to get close to them so they don’t disappear.

    After you kill these Chameleons, you can go over and fight those Mammoths like I said. You can earn thousands of gold coins per hour using this method.

    Of course, you can use things like your horse and fast travel to speed up farming efficiency. But in reality, these locations are very close, so it doesn’t make much sense.

    In addition, there are a lot of lions here, and killing them will drop a lot of Dark Hide. What’s more, there’s a high monster density here, with 25 to 30 appearing at once not uncommon, making this a quick farming location. Especially if you use a powerful weapon like an Axe or a Spear, you’ll most likely be able to kill them super fast here.

    New World Dark Hide Farming Locations

    Elysian Wilds

    Another location worth paying attention to is Elysian Wilds, where most enemies that drop Dark Hide can be found around the entire area. Most of the enemies here are level 63 and above, so make sure you’re above that and head in any direction that has a variety of beasts in an area to increase your farming efficiency.

    I will list three locations with more animal habitats: Hornhold Labyrinth, Shirzad’s Pride, and an elite area in the southern Elysian Wilds.

    At the entrance to Elite Zone, you have by far the best spot to farm Dark Hide, where you’ll hunt Mammoths. This area is full of them. They are very high level and are powerful opponents, but their rewards are also very large. Try taking them one by one to make your farming easier. Don’t forget that when you have good gear, you will fight multiple enemies.

    Abandoned Temple

    The last location is at the end of the elite area in Abandoned Temple. This area is full of lions, and they may offer fewer rewards than Mammoths. However, they are top level, and the higher the level of a creature, the rarer the loot it receives. It should be noted that you can skin Vanash here, so that you can also get some designated item drops.

    Anyway, that’s the end of this guide. Hopefully, these tips have been helpful so you can find some places to farm your Dark Hide efficiently and earn a little gold. Good luck!

  • GameMS - Rapid Fire Rogue Enhanced By The Scoundrel's Kiss Is Unstoppable In Diablo 4 Season 4 GameMS - Rapid Fire Rogue Enhanced By The Scoundrel's Kiss Is Unstoppable In Diablo 4 Season 4
    Diablo 4 May 21, 2024

    Rapid Fire Rogue Enhanced By The Scoundrel's Kiss Is Unstoppable In Diablo 4 Season 4

    Hi, players! Prepare for an exciting new Rogue in the upcoming Season 4 of Diablo 4. Despite it still with the Rapid Fire, it incorporates a unique ring that completely alters its effects, thanks to the addition known as the Scoundrel's Kiss. This brings about significant gameplay differences.

    Rapid Fire Rogue Enhanced By The Scoundrel's Kiss Is Unstoppable In Diablo 4 Season 4

    However, when facing bosses, we need the Scoundrel's Kiss unique ring. With a sufficient amount of Diablo 4 Gold, you can seamlessly utilize this build and enjoy a fantastic gaming experience.

    Scoundrel's Kiss Explained

    The Scoundrel's Kiss offers several benefits: increased critical strike chance, additional ranks to Rapid Fire, and cooldown reduction for imbuement. However, running this unique ring may slow down the game, as it is most beneficial during boss fights. The Rapid Fire shoots exploding arrows that deal with exponentially increased damage, enhancing its effectiveness, especially in terms of AOE damage.

    However, when facing bosses, a critical adjustment is needed: achieving a point-blank range. This necessity gave rise to the exploding shotgun build. The altered mechanics mean that the arrows tend to arc towards targets. Consequently, failing to position within the designated area leads to complete misses, resulting in diminished DPS. This is why it's dubbed the Scoundrel's Kiss.

    Diablo 4 Season 4 Scoundrel's Kiss

    Skills Setup

    So as far as the skills, we choose the Puncture, so that's just going to deal with the ability to apply vulnerability to the target if our Exploit Glyph wears off. Most of the time, you can kill everything in Diablo 4 within a few seconds. Then we are running the Dark Shroud. This is going to give you extra survivability and give you extra crit or movement speed.

    And then we are running Dash. This is going to proc our Cutthroat because we are going to be going back to Close Quarters like in Season 2 because it's just as much better. The Shadow Step also activates our Cutthroat skill for our Close Quarters. In terms of basic skills, if you really want to run Cutthroat, that's totally fine too.

    The Caltrops skill is kind of optional. It just allows us to get a quick little damage multiplier onto the enemies, and then it will also apply the Chill effect because we're going to be in melee range. It can be used most of the time if you want to maximize DPS.

    Diablo 4 Season 4 Caltrops

    If you prefer to run the Precision, that's perfectly acceptable. Your next skill activation occurs after either critting twice or reaching the required stacks, which means it's not always active. So, if your critical hit chance is around 20%, then opting for crit damage would be more beneficial in this scenario.

    Gear & Aspects

    When it comes to gear, both the Disobedience and Juggernauts are important aspects. However, for lower tier content, running just one of them will suffice. However, in order to reach the new monster level cap, you need to run both, or have high armor.

    For the Tempering, you can get a chance for Rapid Fire to double or you get damage to Crowd Control, which is easy to just throw on all of your pieces of gear, and it's going to give you way more value than getting your Precision. As far as the crit goes, you can actually get 100% crit in this Rogue build. So you may want to get crit in your gloves, your amulet, as well as in your rings.

    In terms of gloves, we're only using the Aspect of Arrow Storms. Not only are these great for open world content, but they can also do a significant amount of damage in other scenarios. And then we're running the Umbrous Aspect. This will give us free dark shrouds when we crit with our Marksman skills.

    Diablo 4 Season 4 Aspect of Arrow Storms

    Then we're also running the Mangler's Aspect. This will apply a daze to the enemies, and while the enemy is actually dazed, they can get knocked down, and then that's going to give us additional crit. That's something that actually got buffed in Season 3. And then we are also running the Repeating Aspect, so more of these Rapid Fire explosions for our shotgun.

    And then as far as the other aspects, we're running the Edgemaster's Aspect in our amulet, just gives us some more damage. We also have the Inner Sight, which got buffed. And then we are running the Accelerating Aspect for some more attack speed.

    Paragon Board

    Finally, as for the paragon board of this build, it's actually very similar to the Flurry Rapid Fire, except we don't scale the Stun Grenades. So, on the starter board, we are going to be getting Ranger, and then we are going to be going up to get Exploit Weakness and Control, and then we're going to be getting the Turf glyph.

    And then Tricks of the Trade with Combat, that will give us extra resource. Then, we will have the Cheap Shot, which is physical damage, increases the damage an enemy takes from you. It doesn't change the element, so if you got bonus damage to non-fist, then you could still throw in imbuement if you want to.

    In fact, you could throw on poison and get the additional poison imbuement. The reason is that these new Pit bosses, when you start going higher in the tier. So you need to one-shot him before the boss one-shots you.

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A lifelong video gaming enthusiast and editor with a strong passion for all things sci-fi. I enjoy everything from sports games to MOBA and MMORPGs.