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How To Make Monopoly Go Easier To Play? - What Should You Do & What Can’t You Do?
Other Games Jul 04, 2024

How To Make Monopoly Go Easier To Play? - What Should You Do & What Can’t You Do?

Monopoly GO is a fun mobile board game that based on the classic Monopoly board games. It also adds a lot of fun features. You roll dice to build landmarks and collect rent from rival players until they go broke.

In this game, you rely not only on luck but also on strategy. In this guide, we will take a detailed look at how to play Monopoly GO and what you should and should not do in this game.

How To Make Monopoly Go Easier To Play? - What Should You Do & What Can’t You Do?

How To Play Monopoly GO?

Although Monopoly GO follows most of the rules of previous board games, there are still some changes. In the old game, you need to collect rent by purchasing properties and building landmarks to win. But in Monopoly GO, you can win by more than just these.

In Monopoly GO, your ultimate goal is not necessary to make the most money, but to build your own landmarks. Each landmark can be upgraded six times, and after all the landmarks on your board have been upgraded to the highest level, you can move on to the next board.

While money is still very important in this game, as you need it to upgrade and build your landmarks, earning money seems to be less important in Monopoly GO than other aspects, as other activities will make you feel more fun.

What Should You Do?

Develop Your Property Acquisition Strategy

In Monopoly GO, the most important thing is to get property sets, and the sooner the better. After you complete property sets of the same color, you can help you make more money. As mentioned above, you can double the money you earn with various landmarks!

Upgrade Your Landmarks Wisely

In Monopoly GO’s landmarks, it is very important to use your resources appropriately. You need to first calculate in your mind how much extra money each upgrade will generate, so that you can maximize your resource utilization. Of course, you should first choose the landmarks that make the most money, to keep you ahead.

Use Chance Cards And Community Chests Effectively

In Monopoly GO, Chance cards and Community Chests can help you get more money, or even turn the tide. So you need to read the descriptions of these two items carefully and use them appropriately in some situations, especially Chance cards.

Manage Your Finances Properly

In this business game, it is very important to manage your money properly. Not only control your spending, but also pay off your debts on time to ensure overall financial stability. So you need to always pay attention to your balance of income and expenditure so that you can make wise choices in some emergency decisions.

Build A Strong Shield

In Monopoly Go, in addition to finding ways to make more money, it is also important to protect the money you have already earned. There is a shield mechanism in this game that can partially defend against attacks on your board. They are equipped passively and are only activated when your landmarks are attacked by other players.

Monopoly Go Shield

Whenever someone tries to attack one of your landmarks, the shield is automatically used. However, if you don’t have a shield, your landmark will be damaged and lose a level.

Actively Participate In Events And Tournaments

Events and tournaments in Monopoly GO can give you a great way to get a lot of rewards, including Monopoly Go Stickers and free dice. You should actively participate in these events and tournaments, which can help you level up faster, and there are mileage rewards after completing each task, which will also give you a lot of money as a reward.

Build Alliances And Partnerships With Your Friends

Don’t think that this kind of business game can only be played alone. In Monopoly Go, if you cooperate with your friends, you can bring immense advantages to both parties. The more friends you have, the greater the advantage, and the more rewards you will get from the community chest! This is a situation where everyone wins, and I’m confident your friends will be eager to join.

Try To Ensure That You Are Online Every Day

In addition to the large rewards in events and tournaments, daily rewards or bonuses for logging in everyday are also very important. Although these rewards are not that much, they can accumulate! Keeping yourself active can also help you stay competitive in the game.

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What Can’t You Do?

Neglecting Property Upgrades

Don’t underestimate the importance of upgrading your landmarks. Enhanced properties bring bigger rewards. Strategically allocate your resources to maximize your earning potential and stay competitive.

Ignoring Shield Protection

Protecting your landmarks with shields is essential to staying competitive in Monopoly GO. Don’t neglect shield protection. Leaving your assets vulnerable to attacks can jeopardize your game progress.

Overspending Without Purpose

Avoid wasteful spending in Monopoly GO and prioritize investments that will bring you long-term benefits. Manage your finances carefully to avoid bankruptcy and maximize profitability.

Ignoring Chance Cards

Chance cards can have a tremendous impact on your gameplay in Monopoly GO. Don’t underestimate their importance. Ignoring the instructions of your chance cards can lead to missed opportunities or setbacks.

Monopoly Go Chance Cards

Isolating Yourself

Building alliances and partnerships with other players is essential to succeeding in Monopoly GO. Don’t isolate yourself from the game community. Working together with other players can give you valuable strategic advantages.

Don’t Miss Out On Events

Time-limited events and tournaments offer valuable rewards and chances to advance in Monopoly GO. Don’t miss out on these events. Active participation is essential to stay competitive and maximize your progress.

Improper Management Of Dices

Dice is a valuable resource in Monopoly GO. So don’t waste them unnecessarily. Save your dice for strategic maneuvers and key moments to optimize your gameplay efficiency.

Excessive Cash Accumulation

Don’t aimlessly accumulate excess cash in Monopoly GO. Invest strategically to expand your empire and maximize your profitability. Wise financial management is the key to success in the game.

After learning these strategies, are you more confident in playing this unique board game? I hope you have fun playing Monopoly GO and achieve “wealth freedom”!

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