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SWTOR Legacy of the Sith Update brings new gameplay
Other Games Mar 01, 2022

SWTOR Legacy of the Sith Update brings new gameplay

Star Wars: Legacy of the Sith of the Old Republic 7.0 update promises an overhaul to the class system, allowing for more flexible combat characters and immersive gameplay. Set for release this month, players are eager to explore the new character system, which separates the story campaign from weapon proficiency to open up the game's previously limited combat system. Separating these options would make the system more flexible, previously limiting players to one proficiency per character.

So far, when crafting a new character, you can choose from four stories from the light or dark side of the Force. Each story further limits players to two fighting styles per class. However, not every role is available for every position. For example, players can't choose an Imperial Agent story and play as a tank or choose a Sith warrior class and specialize in a healer. Thankfully, the new Legacy of the Sith update promises to change that. Additionally, with the introduction of loadouts, players should also find reassigning their existing characters less frustrating.

With the new system, players are no longer limited to two combat options per story. Instead, there are two ways to fight. First, there's the "Tech" battle tree consisting of Vanguards, Commandos, Power Techs, Mercenaries, Villains, Gunslingers, Agents, and Snipers. For a Force-based origin story, character alignment will come into play. Before the update, a character's alignment, dark or light, had little effect on their abilities in the game, but that's changing.

Now, when choosing a force-based origin story, players will have four combat options that can be changed from their story. For Glossy Force users, possibilities include Guardian, Sentinel, Sage, or Shadow. Meanwhile, Dark Side players can choose from Juggernaut, Marauder, Wizard, or Assassin. The new career system is great news for cosplayers looking to make immersive characters.

GAMEMS believes that it is frustrating for PvP and PvE players to not be able to change the proficiency of their favorite characters on the fly. Some classes, such as Sith Raider and Imperial Sniper, even force players to create and upgrade or buy a second character to cover all their bases. However, the new combat style and the class system should address these issues and allow players to choose their preferred story and class. For gamers who dream of becoming a bounty hunter with a gun or a fallen Jedi, this update couldn't come soon enough. Also, going a step further, there will be an opportunity to gain a second combat proficiency, giving players full control and freedom to choose their combat roles. Of course, in the process of continuous upgrading, you can also buy more SWTOR Credits to help you get more bonuses and finally achieve the game goals.

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