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The Easiest Way To Hit Level 60 In WoW Classic Season Of Discovery Phase 4
WoW Series Jul 15, 2024

The Easiest Way To Hit Level 60 In WoW Classic Season Of Discovery Phase 4

I don’t like leveling, and I’m sure you don’t either. So we’ll skip the leveling process by farming dungeons, and here are some ways to do it.

At the beginning, we are only level 50, and there are almost no options. At this time, the only thing we can do is to run in Arena of Blackrock Depths (BRD). For me now, this is no choice. BRD will provide us with a lot of XP. When we reach level 51 or 52, we can easily beat the boss in BRD hell.

This can be done at level 50. Before you reach level 51 or level 52, you can beat any other boss, including the emperor, which is good loot. When you reach level 52, you can no longer get new SOD Gold through BRD hell.

The Easiest Way To Hit Level 60 In WoW Classic Season Of Discovery Phase 4

When you get some items, some items may have windfury on them. There are many items in the slot that have windfury on them. There is also windfury on handle of justice, which has been perfected, and the technicians have added a lot of attack power to it.

So, in fact, you only need to get handle of justice to hit four times in a row. This chance is very small. Whoever gets this thing will be very happy.

In BRD hell, there is not only melee loot but also a lot of casters loot. When you reach level 52, you can still lava runes, but at this time, the lava runes will kill Incendius and Magmus and finally the emperor.

There are many things that are ignored in lava runes, but they are not difficult to learn. Incendius and Magmus are probably the ones you want to farm the most, but the emperor’s loot is very good. You need fire resistance gear now, preferably from molten core, but you can’t get it now.

The best thing about Incendius is that it now drops fire resistance gear, which makes it safer when you molten core. After level 52, the leveling speed of BRD will slow down. There is no way to solve this problem.

What we can do is to complete all the quests as much as possible, and try to complete the easier quests first. For example, we can receive three quests at burning steps. We can receive some other quests at the hord. There are additional quests at the beginning of Dun Morogh.

There is another step that you should remember even if you don’t plan to level dungeons. The first one is Dragonkin Menace, which you can accept at the boarding steps for the alliance. You can continue to complete Onyxia’s Lair Attunement quest after Dragonkin Menace is completed.

Later, even if you complete BRD quest, you still need to go again at level 55 so that you can get your molten core attunement. But you only need to accept the quest at the entrance of BRD to complete it.

Another suggestion is that after level 53, that is, between level 54 and level 55, we don’t need to complete quests in the dungeon at all. Even if there are some PVP activities, the XP you can get is too little.

Level 60 Preview In WOW Classic Season Of Discovery

Blackrock Spire

After you complete at least the first half of Blackrock Spire, you can reach level 54. Lower Blackrock Spire is very important. You have to find a key here, but the drop rate is very low.

You have to fight five people to complete this task and get three unique items. Assuming you are in a good guild, you can ask others to help you get the fragments, which will be much easier, but if you are an ordinary person, you have to complete a lot of things.

In Blackrock Spire, the mobs are actually very weak. Even if you can’t clear them all, you can still get the fragments of the first two bosses, and you can still get a lot of XP in them. The last boss in lower Blackrock Spire is undoubtedly level 60.

But don’t be afraid at all, we have so many freaking hit gear. Here we still have two neutral quests to complete. We just need to find this NPC and complete the tasks he gives us.

If you do these tasks later, the loot you get may not be of any use to you, except for the key, so if you complete them now, at least there will be XP for you.


So far, we should have completed at least two quests. Of course, Onyxia’s Lair Attunement is not included. If you don’t want to choose because of the key, you have another choice, which is Stratholme.

All the monsters you see in Stratholme are about level 57 or level 58. It is still difficult for us to fight individually, but if you have a team, it is still quite good. Because we can get a class with a good AOE.

Here we can take some small quests, and there is also a very long quest, which is Grimms tobacco Quest. Completing these quests can get us a lot of XP.

Don’t ask me why I didn’t go to Scholomance. This quest is too long and we need to do a lot of preparation. After completing the above tasks, we should have almost reached level 60. Have you remembered this quick upgrade method after reading this?

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