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WoW Classic SoD Phase 4 Is Coming! - New Content, Class Changes, And PVP Updates

Leon Green

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Phase 4 of WoW Season of Discovery will be officially released on July 11, bringing exciting new content and new challenges to players. Are you ready to face the fiery wrath that awaits deep within Ragnaros at Molten Core? Or will you test your skills to the limit as you battle the cunning Onyxia in her rejuvenated lair?

I believe you will definitely get more and more excited! But that’s not all. You can also discover new Rune powers, learn some new class mechanics, and welcome new PVP modes. This guide will introduce you to some of the new content of Phase 4 in these aspects. Whether you are an experienced old player or a novice who has just come into contact with WoW Classic SoD, it will give you a head start.

WoW Classic SoD Phase 4 Is Coming! - New Content, Class Changes, And PVP Updates

New Content

Level Cap Increased To 60

In this update, Phase 4 directly raises the level cap to level 60. This is a tremendous change, as it provides players with many new abilities and talents, and allows players to delve deeper into their chosen profession.

You can slowly explore this new peak power after the update to unlock all the original World of Warcraft zones, face more powerful enemies in the game later, and even increase the skills you can use in future challenges.

New Runes

Although the level cap has been increased, you must understand that reaching level 60 is not based on brute force, but on mastery. In WoW Classic SoD, two new rune slots have been added to give you more autonomy in character customization in Phase 4.

Cloak Rune slot can enhance certain characters of yours and earn you more SOD Gold and more powerful rewards. Utility Rune slot can enhance some effects that are more sustainable and have damage output.

New Skill Points

With the increase in the level cap just mentioned, the skill points held by players are also being rebalanced. At present, there is no detailed explanation from the community or some instructions. But you can rest assured that these precious skill points you use will definitely change a little.

This means that you will have more new build opportunities or more exciting character optimizations.

About Class Changes

In addition to the above new content, the focus of this update is to further rebalance the classes and provide players with more diverse play styles and open up more possibilities. No class is left out this time, and each class will involve changes in abilities, talents, and core mechanics.

Balance Adjustments

Druids: In this class, Feral Combat druids have seen some improvements in damage output and energy regeneration, and Restoration druids can use Nature’s Swiftness more quickly to perform more reactive healing for themselves and allies.

Hunters: Marksmanship hunters will have enhanced Aimed Shot and Multi-Shot, and Survival hunters will also have their pet skills and traps adjusted accordingly.

Mages: Among Mages, Frost mages will benefit more from Frostbolt damage, and Fire and Arcane mages will have some adjustments to specific talents and skills.

Paladins: Holy paladins get new mana management and a host of new tools for providing sustained healing. Retribution paladins get an enormous improvement in burst damage potential.

Priests: Shadow priests have been tepid in their damage potential, but this update has greatly increased that aspect. Discipline and Holy priests will also see some adjustments to their healing abilities.

Rogues: Combat and Subtlety rogues get a buff to their damage potential, and Assassination rogues get adjustments to their poison-using skills and finishing abilities.

Shamans: Enhancement shamans get a buff to their melee abilities, and weapon enchants are changed. Elemental and Restoration shamans get a minor change in the spell cycle they use.

Warlocks: All Warlock specializations get a change to their damage potential, especially to the overall fluidity and impact of their spell cycle.

Warriors: Fury and Arms warriors have received improvements to their damage output and rage generation, and Protection warriors have had their threat generation and survivability tweaked.


These changes are primarily intended to balance out the class imbalances, underperforming talents, and overall lack of dynamism seen in previous games. These changes, along with reduced cooldowns and improved resource management, will promote healthier and more diverse play in both PVE and PVP.

Talent Optimizations

With this update, players can reevaluate their talent builds based on some new balances and changes. In addition to the above, you’ll also need to consider your play style and content, and try a variety of mixes to choose a talent build that really works for you.

Most importantly, these changes will affect your rotations, survivability, and overall effectiveness.

PVP Updates

Phase 4 of WoW Classic SoD has a reworked PVP ranking system that not only makes the rewards you earn more generous but also makes them easier to access. Here are some new things about PVP during WoW Season of Discovery Phase 4:

Rank System: You can advance to level 10 in PVP mode without a decay system, so you don’t lose your original progress when you take a break.

Honor System: Although the honor thresholds of Honor System are fixed, the honor cap you can earn per week has been doubled to 1,000,000 with this new content. For new players, know that honor can be earned through open-world PVP and battlegrounds.

World PVP Hotspots: Some very popular PvP Hotspots such as Blackrock Mountain, Burning Steppes, Searing Gorge, Winterspring, and Stranglethorn Vale have been added, where players can fight each other and earn the above-mentioned honor.

Battlegrounds: Three new battlefields have been added - Warsong Gulch (At least level 10), Arathi Basin (At least level 20), and Alterac Valley (At least level 51). Players can earn honor points by capturing flags, controlling resources, and defeating enemy bosses.

Capital City Bosses: In previous games, each capital city had a boss that could be defeated to earn achievements, reputation, and a large amount of SOD Gold. In this update, many more bosses have been added, waiting for your exploration!

Battleground Rewards: Players can earn various rewards by participating in battlegrounds, including but not limited to honor tokens, reputation tokens, and gear.

Whether it is the improved honor system or the brand new battlegrounds, WoW Classic SoD Phase 4 creates a great opportunity for players to create their own legend. Whether new or old players, you can hone your skills, make more allies, and enjoy the thrill of battle in Phase 4.

We’re looking forward to the official release of Phase 4 of WoW Season of Discovery on July 11, and wish you happy recent adventures!