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What You Need To Know About Evade Mechanic In Last Epoch Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin? - How It Works & Difference

Bren Lyles

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Here you go, Eterra players! Last Epoch, the time travel ARPG from Eleventh Hour Games, is getting a very exciting new Evade mechanic. It’s one of the most significant and far-reaching features added in Harbingers of Ruin Patch 1.1, a major update that’s coming to the game after its official release.

The developers behind this feature have been vocal on social media and in interviews about how they heard a lot of requests from the Last Epoch community, which means this feature is going to be a big hit with many players.

This guide will explain how Evade Mechanic works, and will compare it to Dodge Roll skills in the previous game, so you can learn more about it and get a head start in Last Epoch Harbingers of Ruin when it officially launches on July 10.

What You Need To Know About Evade Mechanic In Last Epoch Harbingers Of Ruin? - How It Works & Difference

How Does Evade Work?

After you start Last Epoch Harbingers of Ruin, all classes and their variants will use Evade. Evade allows the character you control to move quickly over short distances to avoid powerful attacks from bosses or any enemies.

Evade is not only available to all classes but also to different levels, even from level 1. This is very friendly to some new players! And there are two opportunities to recharge, the cooldown time is only 4 seconds, and most importantly, it does not consume any of your mana.

As the character level increases, the cooldown of Evade will gradually decrease at a rate of 0.5% per level. The developers of Last Epoch once talked about how to adapt Evade to the current version during the development process in an interview, and directly pointed out that the most important thing about Evade mechanic is that it now allows players to assume the mobility baseline of all characters.

But this does not mean that using Evade is essential for all builds. In some builds with better mobility, Evade may not be needed. But many players prefer stronger displacement capabilities, and some high-level players are not even satisfied with the mobility in high-mobility builds, so the developers created Evade.

But players don’t expect too much from Evade. Adding Evade just means you can make changes in the mobility you expect, rather than doing something beyond the norm, like teleporting. But whether you use Evade or other mobility abilities, you can reduce the basic difficulty you face in some battles.

In addition to adding Evade mechanic, Last Epoch also adds some build opportunities. Most of the builds currently available to players are forced to include a simple traversal skill that is only used to dodge incoming attacks, which also limits the diversity of builds.

Among the improvements in Last Epoch Harbingers of Ruin, all characters will be given a default method to avoid enemies quickly, reducing the pressure to use the traversal skill in every build and allowing for less investment in health points.

But it should be noted that Evade does not provide you with any immunity or damage reduction effects, so you still need to invest in your own defense. Some of the unique items in the Harbingers of Ruin update that are obtained through Last Epoch Gold will also increase Evade skills, and some can even turn Evade into a Summon Crab.

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The Difference Between Evade And Dodge Roll

When the patch notes first came out, many players always thought that Evade was an explanation or variation of Dodge Roll. Of course, this is not true. In fact, Evade and Dodge Roll are completely different. First of all, in the game animation, not all classes and characters have a rolling animation when using Evade.

It is also worth noting that Evade does not provide any immunity frames for players. Although Evade can make it easier for you to avoid certain attacks from enemies, you will still be vulnerable to damage. If you use Evade, but are still within the enemy’s attack range, you will still take the corresponding damage. This is also the biggest difference from the existing Dodge - it does not provide you with damage reduction effects.

This may be unexpected for some players. Most players still expect the added mechanism to increase the tankiness of their own builds or characters. But on the other hand, this also helps to retain the power and characteristics of other movement skills, so that they will not dominate. Finally, this just provides players with a more professional and safer movement option.

In addition to the additions and changes to skills, Last Epoch also fixes a lot of dungeon issues that have been bothering players for a long time. For example, lighting issues in Lightless Arbor have been fixed to ensure that local players always get the expected good lighting. The developers also fixed a bug in other dungeons where the dungeon door was not reset correctly, as well as a bug in online mode where the dungeon objective pulse would not display based on the number of kills.

After learning about the newly added Evade Mechanic in Last Epoch Harbingers of Ruin, are you looking forward to its official release on July 10? Let’s look forward to it together!