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Who Are You Most Looking Forward To In FC 24 Best Legendary Status Evolution?

Mikel Skiles

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EA Sports FC 24 Legendary Status Evolution offers player cards for three game styles, Passing, Quick Step and Three Step.

Thierry Henry, Garrincha, Zico, Kenny Dalglish, Johan Cruyff, Eusebio and Ronaldinho have all been significantly improved. Their cards have been upgraded in terms of speed, dribbling, passing and shooting, making them strong substitutes for Ultimate Team.

FC 24 Legendary Status Evolution improves players in three aspects: Passing, Quick Step and Three Step. Legendary Status Evolution is not free, you need to spend 100k FC 24 coins, and then you can get a very balanced player card face that can be added to Ultimate Team.

This evolution is not available for all player cards. We must at least choose a card that meets the minimum standards. So what are the requirements? The requirements are max 93 overall, max 94 pace, max 92 shooting, max 93 defending and seven play styles.

Who Are You Most Looking Forward To In FC 24 Best Legendary Status Evolution?

1. Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry’s base card has overall rating 92, an EVO rating of 94, and his position in the team is ST.

Thierry Henry is a very useful card that can be obtained in Legendary State Evolution. With this data, he can be said to be one of the fastest members in EA Sports FC 24. Because Henry is known for his fast speed, and his mentality is very stable, he can also keep the ball in check and score 1v1 goals.

The goal machine has obtained a card with good speed, dribbling, shooting and passing abilities, which are very useful in the court of Ultimate Team game.

2. Garrincha

FC 24  Garrincha

Garrincha’s base card has a total rating of 93, an EVO rating of 96, and he is RW in the team.

Brazilian legend Manuel Francisco dos Santos certainly gets a great card, the right winger has an overall rating of 96 in Ultimate Team. If there has been a group of great dribblers over the years, Garrincha is definitely one of them. On top of that, he has amazing speed on right flank.

His card stats are also amazing, 99 Dribbling, 93 Pace, 93 Passing, 90 Shooting. These attributes will make your team even better, and he will definitely receive honors in the competition, such as the best player. Garrincha’s card plays differently to the previous one, with passing, quick steps, and a trio.

3. Zico

FC 24 Famous Player Zico

Zico’s base card has an overall rating of 91, but his EVO rating is 94, and his position in the team is CAM.

Zico is famous as a player and coach, and his game stats on FC 24 Evolutions Level 4 card are very good. He is an attacking midfielder and one of the greatest players of the 70s and 80s.

Now, he has an enviable card with excellent shooting, dribbling, passing and speed. Not only are these data very eye-catching, but he has 13 playing styles, namely flat pass, quick step, technique, dead ball, exquisite shooting, lob, sharp pass, tiki taka, fancy, trick, quick step, triple play.

4. Kenny Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish’s basic card comprehensive rating is 91. Kenny Dalglish’s EVO Rating is 94, and his position is ST.

Kenneth Dalglish is a very famous Liverpool player, and his card comprehensive rating is as high as 94. At present, Kenny Dalglish is 73 years old this year, and many young people may not know who he is.

His original rating of 91 has been increased by three points, and now it has reached a total rating of 94. In addition, his shooting, dribbling and speed are 96, 94 and 94, respectively. Another very eye-catching advantage is that he has very exquisite technical movements and top weak foot accuracy.

5. Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff’s base card has an overall rating of 93 and an EVO rating of 96.

Hendrik Johannes Cruyff is known as one of the best center forwards in Dutch history. He has received a very good card in Ultimate Team. Johannes Cruyff won Ballon d’Or three times and played for many clubs, but finally retired with Feyenoord.

Croyff’s FC 24 Evolutions Level 4 card has been upgraded to varying degrees in four aspects: speed, dribbling, passing and shooting. Johan Cruyff is one of the most popular center forwards in football at the moment. His playing styles in this card include fast walking, powerful shooting, exquisite shooting, one-touch, genius, tricky, tiki taka, ruthless and trivela.

6. Eusebio

His base card has an overall rating of 91 and an EVO rating of 94. His position in the team is center forward. Although Eusebio is gone, people have not forgotten him because of his extremely high reputation and outstanding ability, so he has received a very high rating in Ultimate Team.

He is a legendary star of Portugal, known for his speed, agility and prolific goals, and has ratingd a total of 733 goals in his career, so he should be one of best center forwards in this legendary status evolution event.

7. Ronaldinho

FC 24 Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho’s basic card has an overall rating of 93 and an EVO rating of 96. His position in the team is left wing.

I believe that those who are familiar with his career will not be surprised that Ronaldinho has such a high rating. His career is the best proof. In Ultimate Team, he has become one of the left wingers we should sign the most.

His card has a 99 dribbling attribute, and no one can not be tempted this amazing data. In addition, his 94 pace and 93 shooting can easily surpass opponents. He has eight playstyles in Ultimate Team, namely quick step, finesse shots, dead ball, trickster, technical, flair, first touch, and trivela.

Which player do you prefer in the above list? In the Best Legendary Status Evolution, each card has different degrees of improvement. We should choose carefully to find the team that suits us best.