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A List Of The Bosses In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree That Can Prevent Players From Winning

Bren Lyles

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The arrival of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC brings a ton of new content, including new areas, new consumables, and new enemies. And it’s clear that the basic content that players encounter in Land of Shadow is now several times more difficult than before.

Among them, the bosses in Elden Ring DLC ​​are more difficult than we have encountered before, and even the enemies we encounter in the early stages will make us fall into the quagmire. Many experienced veterans may be helpless when facing these bosses.

Therefore, here we will provide you with a guide to help you understand some of the tough bosses you need to watch out for in this new expansion so that you can be confident when facing them. Now let’s get started!

A List Of The Bosses In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree That Can Prevent Players From Winning

1. Promised Consort Radahn

Like the last boss of most games, Promised Consort Radahn you encounter in Shadow of the Erdtree is also the most difficult to deal with. You might think that players who reach Land of Shadow have already defeated Starscourge Radahn, so Promised Consort Radahn is irrelevant. But that’s not the case.

Because Radahn in Caelid area has become even crazier than before. And Promised Consort Radahn has many deadly skills. It can use its Twin blades for close combat, and it can also use its powers of Gravity to throw Meteorite at Tarnished.

If the player can still barely resist at this time, then in the next stage, Miquella will join the boss battle and send deadly rays from the sky to the player, making the battle much more difficult. When fighting against such a highly aggressive boss with a small attack window, players are usually not allowed to make any mistakes. Players will feel very accomplished or occasionally frustrated when challenging.

2. Messmer, The Impaler

Messmer The Impaler may look ordinary, but with its fast movement, ranged weapon attacks, temporary serpent form, and devastating elemental attacks, Messmer The Impaler is one of the most threatening bosses in Shadow of the Erdtree.

It is not a selectable boss. If the player repeatedly fails when attacking it, it is recommended that the player consume as many Scadutree Fragments as possible before fighting it. In return, defeating Messmer The Impaler will reward 400,000 Elden Ring Runes, as well as Remembrance of the Impaler, so it is worth a try.

Elden Ring Messmer The Impaler

3. Putrescent Knight

Putrescent Knight is a combination of a knight and a horse in Fissure Depths within Land of Shadow. It is recommended that the player collect as many Scadutree fragments as possible when facing this boss. It can deal tremendous damage and has a blue flame AoE that can cover an extensive area. Meanwhile, when fighting Putrescent Knight, its semicircular sword is difficult to predict and dodge.

But fortunately, it is an optional boss and you can choose not to fight it. But it should be noted that defeating it will drop 220,000 Elden Ring Runes and Remembrance of Putrescence, which can be exchanged for Putrescence Cleaver.

4. Rellana, Twin Moon Knight

Rellana arguably has the hardest early game skill check in any Soulsborne game. Even those players who have reached Elden Ring level 150. They will still face considerable difficulties because the fight with Rellana is very tricky.

Rellana’s swords can launch both magical attacks and physical attacks. In Rellana’s first phase, she will not use many attacks that cause Elemental Damage, and most of her skills rely on sweeping strikes with swords. Once her health bar is depleted to a certain extent, she will enter the second phase.

Rellana will infuse fire into her swords and begin to use a combination of magic and fire attacks. She will also become more aggressive, which means even the combos you are familiar with will be harder to dodge. Most players will find Rellana very challenging.

5. Divine Beast Dancing Lion

The body of Divine Beast Dancing Lion looks like a combination of a lion’s head and humanoid limbs. It is an extremely aggressive boss with some tricky moves and some interesting mechanics.

Since they usually fly in the air and move smoothly, it is difficult to really understand their body shape, and it is difficult to initially judge their attack methods. At the same time, they are very aggressive and have a variety of moves that you will never feel comfortable with, and will also launch a series of attacks without any chance of fighting back. When you enter the battle, he will start using Frost and Lightning attacks, which will make it more difficult for you to get close to them.

This boss is optional, like Putrescent Knight, but unlike Putrescent Knight, it does not drop as many Runes after defeating it. So players can choose whether to challenge this boss based on their own experience of satisfaction with the game.

Elden Ring Divine Beast Dancing Lion

6. Romina, Saint Of The Bud

Romina, Saint Of The Bud looks creepy. Romina’s design combines humanoid features with insect body parts, which she can use to hurt Tarnished.

With its enormous size, hard-to-dodge combat moves, and extremely long blade reach, it also has a rolling attack that is difficult to predict and dodge, and she can jump all over the arena in a few seconds. Romina, Saint Of The Bud is not optional, and once she is defeated, she will drop a considerable number of runes.

7. Golden Hippopotamus

Golden Hippopotamus will be the first boss you encounter in Shadow Keep, so it is difficult to miss him.

Golden Hippopotamus is very powerful from the beginning. As soon as it is out of the door, Golden Hippopotamus will quickly attack the Tarnished, and its open mouth is reminiscent of Sulyvahn’s Beast from Dark Souls 3.

In the first stage, it mainly relies on bite attacks and slam attacks, and it continues to be quite aggressive. When it loses at least 35% of its health, it will enter the second stage. It grows golden quills on its back that can be shot out and deal significant damage. This boss will always try to attack actively, which also makes melee attacks more difficult.

Hopefully, this guide will make you adventurers more confident and well-prepared when exploring the unknown territory of Shadow Of The Erdtree. I wish you victory in the next battle!