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Complete These Hidden Quests In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC To Get Tons Of Loot!

Cornell Otto

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The arrival of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC brings a ton of new content, including a brand new land called Lands Between. This not only takes this soul-like game to a new level but also allows for more new design elements to be better utilized.

In addition, this new area has dozens of new NPCs, each of whom carries a lot of new quests. Completing these quests will help you advance the story faster and accumulate a lot of Elden Ring Runes. However, some quests are very obscure and it would be a pity to miss them.

Here, we will introduce in detail some quests you are most likely to miss in Elden Ring DLC. These quests are worth your time and help you start a new journey in the new land!

Complete These Hidden Quests In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC To Get Tons Of Loot!

1. Return Of Patches

I believe that old players must be familiar with the character Patches (NPC), who is a character that often appears in Dark Souls games and Bloodborne, acting as a troll in these games. He also appears in Elden Ring this time, and completing his quest can get a lot of rewards.

It is not difficult to find this quest. You can find him in Murkwater Cave. You will talk to him and randomly trigger a battle. Once his health drops to 50%, he will stop fighting. After that, he will become a fixed NPC at this location before you enter the next Site of Grace. He will talk to you and sell you some interesting goods.

2. Yura, Bloody Finger Hunter

Yura is very inconspicuous in Elden Ring. His existence is mainly to hunt Bloody Finger members. You will see a river called Murkwater Cave on the way to the center of Limgrave. In this river, you will fight with Bloody Finger Nerijus. At this time, Yura will appear to help you defeat this Bloody Finger member.

Like most FromSoftware game stories, Yura’s story is not particularly attractive, but he can help people who pass through Lands Between get a lot of rewards. But the current information about him is really lacking, and we cannot speculate about his relationship with Dragon Cult based on the existing information.

Elden Ring Bloody Finger Hunter Yura Questline

3. Irina & Edgar

Irina  and Edgar actually appears in Weeping Peninsula, which we can enter at the beginning. After crossing Bridge of Sacrifice in southeast Limgrave, you can find a woman named Irina in the peninsula, and then trigger the quest.

Irina will give you a letter asking you to find her father, Edgar. After the defeat, the enemy occupied their castle. This letter is to persuade her father to abandon the castle and leave. But Edgar is difficult to find. The entrance is near the second Site of Grace seen when exploring Castle Morne.

4. Nepheli, The Tarnished Warrior

Nepheli Loux’s may be the quest you want to complete most in Elden Ring, because he is your companion in the game and the character most similar to you in Lands Between. Our first encounter with Nepheli Loux’s should be in Godrick the Grafted boss fight. Summoning her summon sign can help you defeat Godrick.

But Nepheli Loux’s quest is very complicated and difficult for novices. It includes quests from Kenneth Haight and Fort Haight, Seluvis, Gatekeeper Gostoc and other NPCs. We last saw him on Godrick’s dead body.

5. Alexander, The Warrior Jar

This quest is still quite time-consuming. For Tarnished players, when exploring Lands Between area, they will encounter a large jar stuck on the ground of Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. We must meet Alexander here to continue the quest. Warm reminder, don’t skip this step.

After defeating Radahn, we can find him near Fire Giant. After that, the remaining quests are completed in Crumbling Farum Azula, and then you can get the best Talismans in Elden Ring. The biggest use of these Talismans is to increase damage by 15%, which is a very good item.

6. Ranni’s Summoning Bell

Ranni’s quest is very long and covers many parts of Elden Ring. But many people miss the first meeting with her. Because we can get Spirit Bell in this meeting, this item can help us upgrade Spirit Ashes in battle. All we have to do is go to Church of Elleh Site of Grace at night, and she will be waiting for us there.

After performing the operation at Gatefront Ruins Site of Grace, we will get a mount Torrent from Melina. In fact, Ranni’s words are hard to ignore, but her quest is really too many steps to trigger.

7. Give Fia A Hug

In Roundtable Hold you will meet Fia, who will ask you to give her a hug, which has both benefits and disadvantages after completing the task. Like other NPCs in the Elden Ring game, she has her own storyline, but her storyline is also closely related to other NPCs, such as Lionel, Ranni, Rogier, and D, Hunter of the Dead.

The general task of Fia is to talk to her after completing key tasks, and then change the way Roundtable Hold runs, and there will be some rooms for you to enter.

Elden Ring Give Fia A Hug

8. Rya Or Zoryas, The Scout

This quest is so easy to overlook. When we first meet Liurnia, Rya looks like a mercenary with bad posture and doesn’t realize that this quest exists. But after you help her find the necklace, she will invite you to Volcano Manor and you will be teleported there.

During your conversation with her, she will tell you her true identity and real name, Zoryas. But for Zoryas, it is not particularly clear who she is. At this time, you must be prepared to help her find more information about her mother and herself.

9. Roderika’s Purpose

We can meet Roderika near Stormhill Shack, and she will tell you why she has been hiding. We will eventually find her in Roundtable Hold and then communicate with her and Hewg, who lives in Roundtable Hold. In the end, she will upgrade your Spirit Ashes, making you more powerful in battle.

These rewards are provided to you by Hewg and Roderika as a reward for your journey. Roderika may disappear for a short time, but will reappear as the plot develops.

10. Millicent’s Bloodline

If we are not careful, we may mistake Millicent’s cry for the fact of Lands Between when we pass by. But if you are lucky enough to meet a sorcerer named Gowry near Church of The Plague, then congratulations, this quest is almost completed.

We need to go back and forth between the two of them to help Millicent recover. She will appear in some Sites of Grace. Find her a prosthesis. She will take the initiative to help you, and she will give you some Elden Ring Runes as a reward.

11. Blaidd, The Half-Wolf

We first met Blaidd in Mistwood Ruins located east of the beginning Limgrave area. Although this quest is easy to forget, it is very popular. Because he has one of the most popular Elden Ring designs.

After hearing Blaidd’s cry in Mistwood Ruins, we have to talk to Kale, the merchant at Church of Elleh, and get a snapping gesture. If we use it near Blaidd, Blaidd will talk to you. In this quest, we can understand the nature of Blaidd.

12. D, Beholder Of Death

D, Beholder of Death is not only more hidden for players but also has a more complicated background. Perhaps most Elden Ring players have missed this quest. And the story line of this quest is also very complicated. In addition to being related to Fia, it is also related to D, Hunter of the Dead. The most important thing is that the wrong steps may also lead to the inability to complete the ending.

First, we have to go to Nokron, Eternal City, first give D, Hunter of the Dead a knife, and then give him Twinned Set. Only in this way can we get his armor and weapons as a reward. If we kill D, Beholder of Death first, we must complete Fia’s quest again, then visit Fia’s body again, re-talk, and load the area. This is very troublesome for us.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree: Thiollier and St. Trina questline guide

13. St Trina And Thiollier

Both St. Trina and Thiollier can only be encountered in Realm of Shadow in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. They have the same quest, but they are very hidden and easy to miss. For example, you may have met Thiollier as a merchant during exploration, but his identity is not fixed.

Trina And Thiollier are considered one of the most mysterious NPCs in the base game. It is possible to learn more about them in DLC. When we try our best to find him, we may fall into a deep sleep or even die, but it doesn’t matter as long as we interact with him a few more times.

The above content is a compilation of quests that can get a lot of in-game rewards and are easy to miss. I hope it can help you.