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V63-BERTHA In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley Is Well Worth A Try! - How To Get & Why To Choose It?

Donato Greenholt

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Several new weapons were introduced to players in Skyline Valley update for Fallout 76. Some guns were very popular with players, and one of them was V63-BERTHA. This is an energy weapon and a special variant of Tesla Rifle.

In addition to its cool appearance, it is also very powerful and has a very fast rate of fire. If you are a player who likes energy weapons, then you will definitely like V63-BERTHA. Whether you are a novice player or an advanced player, this Fallout 76 Item can adapt well to all player levels and different builds, making you love it.

V63-BERTHA In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley Is Well Worth A Try! - How To Get & Why To Choose It?

How To Get It?

A public event will randomly appear in Skyline Valley area called Dangerous Pastimes. This event requires you to repair the lightning harvester and knock down waves of enemies, and finally kill Thunder Crab to mark your victory.

This is a very simple event that only takes about 10 minutes to complete. It is important to note that this event is the only place where players can obtain V63-BERTHA. Although it is not guaranteed that you will get this weapon the first time you complete the event, it is worth mentioning that you can only find V63-BERTHA here.

Great Legendary Effects

Although V63-BERTHA cannot be re-rolled to obtain some new legendary effects. But the legendary effects of V63-BERTHA itself are already outstanding, and they can also work well together.

  • Two Shot: Projectile +1, Damage +25%
  • Rapid: Weapon Speed ​​​​+25%
  • Swift: Reload Speed ​​​​+15%

While the shooting effect of Two Shot is already very good, it works exceptionally well on V63-BERTHA. The extra rate of fire can help you knock down enemies faster, and the increase in the speed of reloading is a qualitative leap for this weapon.

Very Fast Fire Rate

Thanks to its 2nd star effect, V63-BERTHA has a very high fire rate. This means that it can help you maximize your damage output on enemies. Even though it consumes a lot of ammo, the damage it deals is well worth it.

In addition, the recoil you experience when aiming at the hip is very minimal. Because of the way this weapon works, you don’t have to hit the enemy directly to deal damage. When you get close to the enemy, the energy pulses will bounce back and hit the target you are aiming at.

Effective Against Most Enemy Types

Although V63-BERTHA is weak against bosses like Scorchbeast Queen and Earle Williams, it is most effective against some of the common enemies wandering around Appalachia. but V63-BERTHA can knock down some melee attackers before they can get close to you. For example, Ghouls, Mirelurks, and human enemies are no match for this Fallout 76 Item.

So you can use it as a backup weapon. Its fast-firing and heavy-hitting capabilities are perfect for when you’re facing off against groups of enemies. If you’re using a more powerful primary weapon, like Quad Railway Rifle, you can switch between the two weapons at will to maximize damage.

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Very Large Ammo Capacity

The standard non-legendary Tesla Rifle only holds up to 15 rounds, but V63-BERTHA holds 30 rounds. Some players may think that’s not a lot, just a double relationship. But in certain combat situations, twice as many bullets may save your life.

Tesla Rifles are not heavy weapons, but their reload speed is almost the same, which is also very slow. Even if you use Speed ​​Demon mutation to increase the speed, it is still very slow compared to some lighter weapons. So, if you need the same reload time, why not choose a gun with a larger ammo capacity?

Great For Fast Leveling

In the game, if you want to gain XP through killing, you need to know that you don’t need to kill the enemy completely. As long as you deal damage to this enemy, you will get XP you want when it is killed.

V63-BERTHA is perfect for this job because the energy beams it releases will rebound and hit the target and other nearby enemies. This way you can deal many times more damage to groups of enemies, and you will get XP regardless of whether they die under your gun.

Events like Radiation Rumble are perfect for using V63-BERTHA because you can get a lot of XP between most of the kills. Also, because of the unique way this weapon works, you only need to park somewhere and fire in the general direction of the enemy attack!

Ammo Is Easy To Get

V63-BERTHA’s ammo - Fusion Cells are also a very popular type of ammo. Many weapons use this ammo, so many players are using it. Players who don’t need Fusion Cells will sell them at CAMP vendors for 1 Fallout 76 Bottle Cap per round.

In addition, although this ammo is expensive to make, you can get three times more ammo than usual by using the perks of Ammo Smith and Super Duper. In addition, you can also drop a portion of Fusion Cells after defeating enemies in Expeditions and Daily Ops. So you don’t have to worry about the number of Fusion Cells.

Have you found V63-BERTHA in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley? If not, go get it! If you already have it, go use it to fight. Have fun exploring Skyline Valley!