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Stockpile Charms By Hunter Elemental Farming For WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 2

Cornell Otto

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In Phase 2 of WoW Season of Discovery, every Warrior will be wanting to get their Whirlwind Axe as fast as they can. Warriors will really struggle to farm this axe, but Level 25 Hunters will have no problem killing the Elementals by kiting and farming these charms. Here’s how you can farm them to stockpile the charms for Phase 2 for the Whirlwind Axe Quest.

Stockpile Charms By Hunter Elemental Farming For WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 2

Charms Locations

Warriors need to collect 3 different types of charms, and they need 8 of each of them, giving these charms a lot of value. These charms are farmed exclusively in Arathi Highlands, and they’re at 3 different locations:

  • Burning Exiles are located on the West Side. They drop the Burning Charms.
  • Thunder Exiles, kind of an essential spot where they drop the Thundering Charms.
  • The Cresting Exiles are in the Northeast, dropping the Cresting Charms.

Each of these Elementals has about a 33% chance to drop each charm, providing a really consistent farm.

Talents & Runes

For talents, you will want to dump all of your points into Marksmanship, picking up Aim Shot, 3 points into Hawk Eye, and 2 points into Improved Hunter’s Mark. I find that Improved Aspect of the Hawk doesn’t get a lot of value in this farm, and Hawk Eye is particularly important for the Wind Elemental farm, which we’ll get to a bit later.

For runes, you should always use Heart of the Lion and Kill Command for this farm, but you’ll need to flex your hand rune depending on which Elemental you’re fighting.

Fire Elemental

Let’s start with the Fire Elemental, where you’ll want to be using Chimera Shot. For your opener, cast Aim Shot and Multi-Shot to start the kite. Send your pet in, cast Kill Command, and kite the Elemental down the road, casting Chimera Shot and Multi-Shot on cooldown. Do your best to get off as many autos as you can and utilize Concussive Shot to help slow down the Elemental to get off additional auto attacks.

While this path is definitely the most convenient, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when you’re running down the road. Raptors can wander close to the road and aggro you. There is a Horde patrol of undead that will just mess you up. If you’re on a PvP server, you need to be careful because you could absolutely run into a player of the opposing faction who may or may not mess you up as well.

WoW Classic SOD Fire Elemental Farm

If you find that you need an alternate route for the kite due to PvP being troublesome or maybe the patrol is in your way, you can opt to kite along Thoradin's Wall. Simply pull the mob to the west and head north, hugging the wall, as no mobs will spawn anywhere near the wall, and your path should have plenty of room for the kite. This is just textbook kiting, running using your cooldowns as you go and making sure you don’t let the Elemental ever hit you as you have Aspect of the Cheetah up the whole time.

Wind Elemental

For Alliance players, the Wind Elemental Farm is extremely simple, as they spawn just outside of Refuge Pointe. Make your way just out of town and head over this hill where you’ll find a cluster of Elementals at another point. For these pulls, the one major difference is your opener is the same, but when you’re kiting, you basically want to shoot Multi-Shot or Explosive Shot and then run away immediately. You’ll see the cast bar at the top of the Elemental.

Where you want to walk away, back up, shoot, immediately walk away when you start casting, back up, use your ability, rinse and repeat. You want to continue to kite the Wind Elemental down into town and slowly just whittle them down, getting your kill. If you get hit by a few of the Elemental attacks, it’s not a big deal. You can definitely survive.

Honestly, if you had better gear, you could probably face half the fight if you wanted to. The additional 6 yards of range that you get from Hawk Eye talents with 3 points in it makes this just trivial, and I can’t recommend it enough if you’re going to do this farm.

Water Elemental

Last but not least, we have the Water Elemental, and these are going to be going back to Chimera Shot, same opener with the Aim Shot, Multi-Shot, and we just want to basically kite them from this location down the hill, kind of staying close to the ledge where that rock is, and bring them down to this open area where there're no mobs that spawn, and it’s perfectly safe to just kite around, and you can do circles or do whatever you want, as it’s a big open area with really nothing to worry about.

The only thing to know with the Water Elementals is they do have a close-range Frost Nova spell, so your pets will be more or less useless as it will consistently be getting rooted to the ground. Serpents suffer from the same problem. Their ranged attack won’t quite reach these Elementals, so your pet won’t be doing too much here.

That’s pretty much it for the stockpile your charms! You can stockpile these charms in the weeks leading up to the launch of Season of Discovery Phase 2, as it should make for a really strong payout. Hope this guide helps you.