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Fallout 76

How To Expand Your Backpack Capacity And Get Best Backpack Mods In Fallout 76?

Bren Lyles

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I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend lately of getting big backpacks and the mods that improve them in a cumbersome and time-consuming way.

So in this guide, I want to show you how to get the plans for the backpack and the mods in the easiest way possible. And by that, I mean getting it by completing as few challenges as possible. I’m going to start with a new character so you can see that anyone can do it.

How To Expand Your Backpack Capacity And Get Best Backpack Mods In Fallout 76?

Completing Order Of The Tadpole

For this run, I’m going to use Commando Build, as it gives you some weapons you’ll need.

Our first step is to complete Order of the Tadpole. This quest naturally starts when you come across the poster at the train station, but you can bypass it by heading to Pioneer Scout Camp in Toxic Valley region.

The easiest route is to follow the road, around the north of Morgantown, past the dam, and then to the camp. Once there, talk to the robot. Now you’re on your way to becoming a true scout, but you need to complete four more quests.

Kindness: Revive An Ally

The first mission we need to complete is Revive an Ally. The revive challenge is fairly easy if you know someone who can play with you, but for most people, the best way to do it is to participate in public events.

Luckily, Invaders from Beyond were going on at the time, as a lot of people died to Biometric Scanner.

Invasion is a little tough for new characters, but if you try to avoid the big hordes of aliens, you should be fine. But don’t try to kill the enemies, just tag them and move on to the next one. Let the person with Cremator take them out.

The same trick applies to big events like Eviction Notice, a lot of people tend to die in big events like this, and it seems that I was no exception. This was by far the hardest requirement, and I was lucky to complete it so easily.

Other events that are good for reviving players are Moonshine Jamboree and Eviction Notice, but you should participate in each event just in case. The key is that the more players are around, the greater the chance that you need to revive someone. Daily Ops are also good, especially those with Double Mutations.

Fallout 76: Order of the Tadpole Quest Guide

Bravery: Control Pests At Dolly Sods

Another lucky event happens near Pioneer Camp in Mire area. It usually takes some time to find the camp, so join a group. If you see players or their camps or tents in the area, fast travel there and discover at least one location in Mire. You can use events to fast travel to Mire in the same way.

Once you know at least one location in Mire, you can save time by fast travelling, though you have to pay for Bottle Caps.

Next, talking to the bot will start Stings and Things daily quest. By default, it will send you to a location that is guaranteed to have every insect, but it doesn’t matter where you get them from, the goal is to get insect parts.

I recommend attending Campfire Tales and Tea Time events every time they appear. They give you a lot of insects, so they are by far the easiest way to get insect parts.

You will definitely end up with a lot of Bloatflies and Bloodbugs, and most likely a few other insects you need as well. Keep these Fallout 76 Items in your stash until you need them to complete the daily quest. Remember not to put them in the scrap bin or you’ll damage them.

There will definitely be a Radroach in the storage room at Pioneer Camp in Mire. But it’s behind a hard lock, so you might not get it early. Another place you can get Radroaches is at Mama Dolce’s Food Processing, where Feed the People event takes place. If you get there early enough, you can pick up some Radroaches. But Radroaches are pretty common, so you can get enough Radroaches just by playing.

The best place to get Ticks is right behind the camp office. Stingwings can be found south of Whitespring. Also, Ranger Cabin behind Pioneer Scout Camp in Mire tends to have some insects, so it’s not a bad idea to check there every time you come here, too.

Another tip is that you can set up a camp or a tent at this location. You’ll come back at least once a day, so this will save you a lot of caps.

Helpfulness: Clean Up Kiddie Corner Cabins

This objective involves cleaning up Nuclear Waste. This is another daily quest that sends you to a nearby location. You should clean up 5 blocks of Nuclear Waste. This time we were sent to Corporate, but you could also be sent to the ruins of the town in the south. This is fairly easy. The biggest problem is dealing with the enemies.

If you have a Hazmat Suit or Power Armor, you can reduce the radiation damage you take by doing this. Once you are done, return to Scout Camp and deposit the waste in the blue barrel.

Growth: Earn Scout World Challenge Badges

Unfortunately, you also need to complete three Tadpole challenges. You can find them under Challenges Section and World Subsection. Any three will do, but I highly recommend taking on Archer, Athletics, and Hunter challenges. They are the easiest. If you want to get a bigger backpack as quickly as possible, the challenges I mentioned are what you want to do.

Another way to get Tadpole Badges is to do Operation Tidy and clean up Nuclear Waste. You can do this every day for a 25% chance of getting Tadpole Badges, but only if you haven’t completed the mission and become Opossum.

So if you really want something from Tadpole vendor, hold off on buying Opossum until you’ve got enough Tadpole Badges.

Possum Scout

Overall, the quest is fairly straightforward. If you followed this guide, you should have met all the quest requirements. Now it’s time to become a Possum Scout.

You’ll get a backpack painted with the possum paint. This backpack has twice the capacity of the small backpack you’ve had so far. In addition, the quest will get you the plan and the paint.

You can recraft the backpack every 10 levels, up to level 50, to increase its capacity. The maximum carrying capacity is 60. Of course, this only applies outside of Power Armor.

How to Get Possum Badges in Fallout 76?

When you wear Power Armor, the game removes all of your normal armor, so keep that in mind if you rely on the backpack to keep your load. But if you want Tadpole items, you can still complete other Tadpole challenges to get badges.

Becoming a Possum also gives you the ability to earn Possum Badges, and use them to get backpack mods and more.

Best Backpack Mods

In my opinion, the best mod is Backpack high capacity mod, which doubles your carry bonus. This will give you a total of 120 extra carry capacity. But Backpack refrigerated mod cuts the chance of food spoiling in half. I personally prefer Good with Salt perk, as it reduces spoilage by 90%, but backpack mods don’t stack with perks.

Of course, you can also get Grocer and Chemist mods for the backpack. They work exactly like the perk, reducing the weight of food and aid items by 90%.

You usually need to have at least a friendly reputation with raiders or the settlers, but the easiest way is to wait for Minerva to get it.

If you still want to gain a reputation with the faction, then do daily quests at their camps and Moonshine Jamboree and Eviction Notice events.

But the reason I don’t use these two mods is that they stop working in Power Armor, while the perk always works. They’re still good options for people who need to free up perks or never use Power Armor.


In summary, if you do these four things every day, you’ll get quite a few bags without having to do any heavy challenges. You’ll probably still get badges from playing the game, but it’s much easier to get badges from activities, especially if you want to get mods as quickly as possible.

It’s impossible to say how many days it will take to get enough badges to get the mods you want, but in terms of time actually spent on challenges, this way is much more efficient.

Eventually, you’ll get the upgrades you want, and you’ll also get more Legendary Cores, Treasury Notes, and Legendary items than if you just did challenges everywhere. So, this is by far the easiest way to get a big backpack and backpack mods to increase its capacity.