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10 Recommended Spirit Ashes To Summon In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

Cornell Otto

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As we anticipate the release of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC on June 21 and the arrival of formidable new bosses, it's safe to assume that summoning Spirit Ashes will be a popular strategy for some players. There are some Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring are worth your attention, so I put together a list of the top 10. Let's get started!

10 Recommended Spirit Ashes To Summon In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

1. Spirit Jellyfish Ashes

I want to start with a marine summon that most people like to use - Spirit Jellyfish Ashes. Now this ash is almost no FP cost and will continually shoot poison at your enemy from range as long as it's available on the Battlefield. It does have some melee capabilities, and they aren't incredibly strong.

Its main advantage, especially at the early stage of the game, is that it is very durable, especially in the first battle against Margit, the Fell Omen. If you're finding him to be a big challenge, you can actually use Spirit Jellyfish Ashes and tank that boss. However, in some case, I like to use this Spirit Ash to poison enemies from afar so I can move away from him while he's still doing damage.

This ash is useful against bosses, and in the open world, it also does well and you can minimally tank with him if you need to. The reason I highly recommend using this ash is that you can get him so early in the game as well as the skill cap for using him being fairly low, making it accessible to most players.

2. Perfumer Tricia Ahses

Perfumer Trisha is next up on this list. She's an absolutely phenomenal support summon, and she uses her Aromatics to give you buffs as well as spreading flames around the entire Battlefield with a decent FP cost of 78.

You're definitely getting your bang for your buck, because she's not only going to help you with her Shield and Dagger. But as I said before, she's going to be able to buff you over and over again anytime you take damage on the Battlefield.

The buff that she does apply is Uplifting Aromatic, which is going to boost all ally attack power and reduces incoming damage. I think Perfumer Trisha is a must have, anytime you're just running through Lands Between and you're in the open spaces. She can definitely greatly improve your survivability.

3. Mausoleum Soldier Ashes

Then, we have Mausoleum Soldier Ashes. Typically, Soldier Ashes like this, that have multiple parties within this ash, aren't very good. However, Mausoleum Soldier Ashes are amazing. They are an absolute unit of chaos and destruction and they also teleport around like Lhutel the Headless does. They're definitely something I'd like to try out, especially in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

Elden Ring Lhutel the Headless

If you take them to an open space where you are allowed to summon them, they will destroy the entire Battlefield, and the actual core units are made up of several soldiers giving them a lot of variety, with a fairly low FP cost of 75, and a wide variety of Shields, Greatswords, and Straight Swords. You are definitely going to find that this ash will steamroll everything.

Now because this is an underrated list of ashes, they won't be able to fight 1v1 with a boss, but they are a great summon to have if you want to play with them against bosses and speaking of playing with your summons instead of relying fully on them.

4. Latenna The Albinauric Ashes

Next one is Latenna The Albinauric Ashes. Although it can't move, this is still an excellent support ash for you. You can go out on the Battlefield and start killing, and then you will see arrows just flying over your head, knocking enemies to the ground and doing a ton of damage. And with some Elden Ring Runes this would be even more powerful.

Place her in a good location. Her health pool is incredibly low and will very quickly be 1 or 2 shot by most bosses, especially if you're a New Game Plus. It is also very important with this particular summon that you keep aggro the entire time. This is definitely not a tank summon for you.

5. Giant Rat Ashes

Next up, we have the Giant Rat Ashes, and this one is awesome because they don't take any FP or any health to cast. The coolest part about this type of ash is that there are 5 of them summoned, and they can swarm and stun lock small and medium-sized enemies. It can bring more chaos to the Battlefield while doing some damage of your own and keep the enemy from attacking for a long time.

And like I said before, there's no cost to summon them in the first place. They should be used more, especially with their stun lock capabilities. But the one weakness that many of these ashes have that are multi-as summons is the fact that if they go up against something that has an area of effect damage, they are going to get absolutely wrecked.

6. Redmane Knight Ogha Ashes

Next up, we have Redmane Knight Ogha. This Spirit Ashes is underrated because I think a lot of people see the combination of Bow and Sword and just wish that it was one or the other. This summon can be incredibly good at range, just like Latenna, and it also has a few different options when it comes to buffs.

Elden Ring Redmane Knight Ogha Ashes

It has a roar attack, giving it more extra attack power. It also has a bow attack that's going to be a charge attack, almost like Radahn does, to take out multiple enemies at once. You will also see Redmane Knight Ogha Ashes using Ash of War: Lion's Claw to absolutely obliterate the enemy.

Now, this ash is kind of a jack of all trades when it comes down to it and is not as good as some of the other Knight ashes in Elden Ring. However, I definitely think it's worth leveling up because if you just want something to support you and deal with damage, this ash is definitely for you.

7. Oracle Envoy Ashes

Oracle Envoy Ashes is really fun to use. I think their request for FP cost is acceptable. They have a mixture of melee attacks as well as the bubble-blowing attack that the Envoy's Long Horn has. And the exciting thing is that you get 5 at once.

This ash will allow you to maintain all the aggro while they just shoot bubbles onto the Battlefield, staggering enemies, doing damage, and overall causing a lot of confusion. If you have Envoy's Long Horn, then you can have your own army. These are by no means the best summon in the entire game, but I found them incredibly fun to use.

8. Rotten Stray Ashes

Next up is Rotten Stray Ashes, with a low FP cost of 35 and the ability to proc Scarlet Rot on any enemy, he is absolutely incredible. I think the only thing that makes it bit rough is the fact that his health pool isn't a ton, but it has an agile fight style. After about 2 to 4 hits, you are definitely going to want to use this in your repertoire of summons.

I think the way you definitely want to use this summon is you want to tank the boss, and you want him to come and dart in and out and do his attacks, allowing him to proc Scarlet Rot so your boss will slowly whittle down while you maintain all the aggro. This is going to make overall your boss fights easier.

9. Kaiden Sellsword Ashes

Kaiden Sellsword Ashes is very interesting. If it does start doing his combo attacks on enemies and he is landing them, he absolutely knock out all of them. He has a roar attack as well that's going to buff his damage, and the survivability is decent with the low FP cost.

You still need to do the majority of the damage, take the majority of the aggro from this ash. But if he is attacking the boss while you have the aggro, he's going to do some great damage, he's going to stick around for a while. All in all, it provides really fun time to play when you're in a situation with a ton of enemies around you.

10. Fanged Imp Ashes

The last one we have Fanged Imp Ashes. Imps are horrific to fight in general if they're in number in one of the random dungeons you go through, but when you have them on your team, they are amazing. Their health pool is not massive, but their FP cost is low, and because you get multiple of them, I think this is really worth using.

The other thing I want to mention real quick about Fanged Imp Ashes is typically if they're at range, they will throw Magic Pots. They will also take turns throwing Magic Pots, meaning one will stand behind the other one, throw the Magic Pot, and the one in the front will attack and proc bleed, and it's a good combination.

These are all the Spirit Ashes that are incredibly fun to use in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. I hope you will find this guide helpful!