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The Best AFK Spots To Earn Massive Gold Coins In New World!

Bren Lyles

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Here, I want to review my favorite AFK spots when I’m in New World and want to rest or do other things, or in OPR/3v3 Arenas. This way I can come back every 15 to 20 minutes and collect easy gold and resources with minimal effort. Let’s get started now.

How To Improve AFK Farming Efficiency?

Whenever you have other things to do or just need a break from New World, but still want to earn some New World Coins at the same time. Then it can be very beneficial to stop your game and strategically place your character in a quiet area with a lot of resources.

The Best AFK Spots To Earn Massive Gold Coins In New World!

In the long run, this allows you to accumulate large amounts of gold, Aptitude, and resources with little effort. But instead of being AFK for 20 minutes, run an OPR/3v3 Arenas and then collect all the resources between matches to make yourself super efficient.

If you want to really maximize your efficiency, you can create a second account on the same server and raise it to a high enough level to collect resources in one of these locations where you want. 

Then it stays there all the time and you just switch from the main node to the alternate node every 20 minutes or so, collect all the nodes, and then go back to the main node and transfer all the profits over.

This will even allow your alt to eventually reach level 65 and also open up more possibilities for additional gold crafting activities.

General Spots

I’m going to categorize them all into areas that have a variety of different resources next to each other, and other areas that are more dedicated to specific types of top-tier ores.

For the first type of general area, one of my favorites is this little area in Cutlass Keys. A total of 4 Runewood Trees, 8 Wyrdwood Trees, 4 Wirefiber Plants, 10 Spinfiber and 9 Silkweed are generated in this area.

New World Cutlass Keys: All Fast Travel Locations

Also, there are some Cougars and Boars roaming the area, which you can eliminate as well. If you need some Thick Hide, there’s a lot of potential here for you to make some serious money with AFK.

If you want to shorten your AFK time and add some ores to your grind. You can even go around to Fort to the north and grab all Starmetal and Mythril from there, which can be done in about 2 to 4 minutes. There are a lot of decent chests out there, and the mobs are only level 40. So they are easy to deal with.

I also like that there is a Spirit Shrine here that is very close, so you can quickly run over and check it out.

Anyway, I sat here AFK for 30 minutes and got some loot. If I sell it and multiply that number by 2, that means I get 4,860 gold per hour for very little effort.

I didn’t even go to Fort to hunt for ores during this period to keep my AFK time as high as possible. Overall, this is a great place.

For the second general location, we will stay at Unbound Island. This small island is close to the fast travel point and has many Runewood Trees and Mythril. All of this is in a small circle where you can do a quick lap on your mount, grab all the resources, then AFK on some rocks for 20 minutes, then come back later to repeat the process.

Mythril Ore Spots

Next, we’ll take a look at some AFK locations for those looking for specific ores.

We’ll start with Mythril Ore. Unbound Island, mentioned earlier in the general section, is a great place to farm Mythril Ore. Alternatively, you can camp outside the cave mentioned in the first general location and obtain the ore resource.

However, when you want to get a lot of Mythril, another excellent area to camp in is Brimstone Sands. It’s close to a fast travel point and has five Mythril Veins, so a lot of Mythril Ores will spawn. There are also some Sandstone Blocks around here, which will only increase your profits if you head here. Be sure to grab two Elite Chests along the way, though, for a chance to easily earn some Scarabs.

Another really cool place to farm Mythril Ore is Mourningdale. Since the fast travel point is far away, it takes a while to reach it. But because of this, there’s usually no one here, and it’s a great place to get Mythril Ore, and there’s some Orichalcum in there, too. So in the long run, sitting here will give you a ton of benefits when you run here from fast travel.

New World Mythril Ore Mining Guide - Best Locations

Orichalcum Ore Spots

If you want to focus on farming Orichalcum, there are plenty of great AFK locations here too.

First, there is an area in Brimstone Sands that you can combine with monster grinding to get Ancient Glob of Ectoplasm, which can make you a lot of money.

There’s also a bunch of Orichalcum and Starmetal Veins in there, but if you combine that with monster grinding, it’s not too AFK. One thing to note is that there are often many people farming here, so be prepared to grab ores.

I dare say that the best AFK place to farm Orichalcum has ended at Edengrove. There are large numbers of Orichalcum and Starmetal on the cliffs of Edengrove. But be warned, this is a very popular place, so you have to be lucky to get it.

But if you’re on a less popular server or go during off-peak hours, you can manage to get the spot yourself. You can run up and down the edge of the cliff and then come back and repeat the process when they spawn again.

New World Orichalcum Farm - Mining Route & Farm Tips

Starmetal Spots

Finally, if you prefer farming Starmetal Ore, there’s a nice AFK location here as well. But in most cases, it’s usually cheaper than Orichalcum or Mythril. So if you really need it, it’s better to sell the other two and buy Starmetal on Trade Post.

But the location I chose was Cutlass Keys in Rothoard Hollow cave on the outskirts of the capital. It’s a quick trip from the city and contains many Starmetal Ores, as well as some Gold and Silver Ores.

Note that there are some pirates in there, but they are very low level so they are easy to deal with.

When you’re done mining, you can jump onto the rock and wait for the vein to regenerate. Since this is a low-rise area, no one usually camps in the area.

Where to find Starmetal in New World? - Starmetal Locations and Best Farming Route


All in all, this guide covers the best places to farm resources in AFK so that you can get a lot of gold with very little effort. Not only will you get tons of loot if you do this, you’ll also get tons of Aptitude Crates and skill line upgrade materials from them, which will only increase your profits.

Also, if you’re not on a low-popular server and you find some locations occupied when you go there to try it, try grinding during off-peak hours, it will help a lot. Good luck!