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Master These Strategies About The Blood Moon PVP Event In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2

Mikel Skiles

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Today, I'll guide you through every aspect of the Blood Moon event for WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2, including its mechanics, recommended team compositions, boss locations, effective combat tips, and methods to obtain special buffs. You can follow these to enhance coin earnings in enemy encounters.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this guide will help you farm efficiently and achieve your goals during the Blood Moon event. So let's get started!

Event Overview

The Blood Moon event is an exciting open-world PVP event in Stranglethorn Vale that allows you to earn top PVP and PVE gear. Additionally, it offers coveted mounts such as Reins of the Golden Sabercat and Whistle of the Mottled Blood Raptor. These treasures can be acquired with blood coins earned through event participation.

Master These Strategies About The Blood Moon PVP Event In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2

This event happens every 3 hours and lasts only 30 minutes. You can use add-ons like Nova World Buffs to alert you whenever this event is upcoming, to prepare your groups ahead of time. To participate, all you need to do is show up in Stranglethorn Vale and start fighting. During this event, everyone and everything is hostile towards you, including your own faction and NPCs within neutral zones like Booty Bay.

Team Compositions

Your teammates are the only non-hostile players, making building a strong group crucial for maximizing coin yields. While there's flexibility in composition, I suggest including at least one dedicated Healer, one ranged damage dealer, and one melee damage dealer.

The rest of the positions can be adjusted, but keep in mind that crowd control is very effective in WoW Classic as there are no diminishing returns, leaving the opponent vulnerable without a counterattack.

Currency Mechanic

Then let's discuss how currency collection and exchanges work. I know it sounds simple, but there are actually a few key details about the system that, when understood, will give you advantages and are critical to this farming strategy.

Whenever you or a group member kills an enemy player, you gain a stacking buff called Blood for the Blood Loa. A single kill from anyone on your team awards the group 5 stacks of blood. This blood buff can stack up to 255 times and can be exchanged for blood coins at any Blood Altar indicated by the red flags on your map by simply walking up and touching one.

WoW Classic SOD Blood Altar

Be careful when you have stacks, because if you die, you will lose a percentage of your total stacks, which means the higher the amount of stacks that you have, the more you will lose when you die. However, once you exchange the blood buffs for blood coins at an altar, they are yours forever.

By doing so, not only are you going to have more frequent turn-ins and lose less coins from death, but these areas on the map are typically hotspots for PVP encounters, which means this is where you will have the most opportunities to kill enemies, giving you more chances to farm more blood stacks.

Kha'damu Buffs

There’s one more thing you need to know about speeding up your collection of coins. Let’s talk about Kha'damu, the big Elite boss that spawns in a variety of areas in Stranglethorn Vale. He is unkillable. However, there is one extremely beneficial thing about this NPC. Kha'damu will grant players 1 of 2 buffs, depending on their proximity to him. He will grant you either the Kill, Maim, Bleed buff when you’re near him or the Feast of Blood buff if you’re very close to him.

These buffs are insanely great for farming coins because they significantly increase the amount of blood you attain for each kill, so it’s highly encouraged to fight around him as much as possible during the event. The best place to farm blood coins is at the Blood Altar that is near Kha'damu.

Then, you get the bonus benefit of the buff granting you more stacks per kill. You get the ability to frequently exchange your blood for WoW SOD Gold so that you do not bleed your earnings, and there will also be a ton of opportunities to slap up some enemies and kill them to collect more blood coins.

WoW Classic SOD Blood Moon PVP Event

Combat Tips

Now, let’s talk a little about winning more encounters. There’s so much power in numbers. When your team is scattered or on staggered respawns, your odds of winning encounters are going to go way down, so stay grouped up and regroup often. We typically like to mark each other at the beginning of the event to make it easy to find each other during the chaos. I also call for frequent regrouping if we notice staggered respawns, usually we like to regroup outside of all the chaos so everyone can come together before jumping back into the fight.

The last thing is to make sure you’re not diving deep into encounters that are extremely crowded. Let your reigns deal with that to chip off some free blood and be like vultures circling around and stay on the outside. It’s best to choose encounters that are smaller, making them more manageable, but always be on the lookout for encounters that are advantageous to you in terms of numbers.

When entering an encounter, always focus a Healer and the squishy players first. If you have crowd control, make sure you’re using it constantly and especially when entering the encounter. Make sure you use the crowd control to give you an early advantage and get early kills to increase your odds.