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How To Level Up Rogue Quickly In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2? - Rogue Leveling Guide How To Level Up Rogue Quickly In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2? - Rogue Leveling Guide
WoW Series Feb 07, 2024

How To Level Up Rogue Quickly In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2? - Rogue Leveling Guide

In today’s guide, we’ll be focusing on the upcoming Season of Discovery Phase 2 and giving you some Rogue leveling tips. Learn how to prepare for the next phase and stay ahead of the competition with this guide!


We’ll start with profession. Ideally, it would be very convenient if you want to choose Skinning for leveling. It earns you extra WOW Classic SOD Gold and gives you something to do during the downtime before the next mob arrives. You’ll regain some health and energy while making a profit.

How To Level Up Rogue Quickly In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2? - Rogue Leveling Guide

Personally, I would give up Skinning at the highest level and pursue Engineering. I have prepared all the materials for a quick upgrade for the second profession. I recommend you not to upgrade immediately after choosing Engineering because it will take some time to master these professions.

If you want to get ahead of other players and level up in a less competitive way, the profession you can take is First Aid. Since we don’t have a cure, First Aid is ideal for a quick cure while on the run. This way, you can maximize the time you spend killing mobs.

Cooking is also a suitable profession, but I would wait until the highest level to upgrade it.

The Best Profession for WOW Season of Discovery Phase 2

Best Builds

For leveling, there are two viable builds, Combat build and Hemo build. I prefer Combat build because it’s easy to get started. And I prefer faster monster kill times to being a PVP winner.

Honestly, if you level up a little slower, Hemo build will do better. Because you will have more utility to protect yourself in PVP.

Combat Rogue

Let’s start with Combat Rogue, since that’s how most players will approach it.

First, we need to talk about the current runes, and we’ll start with Shadowstrike. It’s a great rune and one of the best ways to mark creatures in the game. Therefore, you need to get this rune quickly.

When you get Saber Slash, higher-level mobs will have a huge health scaling if you can kill them quickly. So eventually Saber Slash will get better around level 20 once we get Cheap Shot.

I think Saber Slash would be better for the leg slot, but the best is still Between the Eyes. And you have an optional Chest Rune, Blade Dance. I like using Rune of Quick Draw. It has a decent AoE damage output and, despite being slow, is especially useful in PVP.

And Rune of Deadly Brew will eventually give you more raw DPS. You don’t need to worry about that, and your poison will clear some of your back space. So if you don’t have any competing factions when leveling, I would go with Between the Eyes and Saber Slash, and Deadly Brew once you complete the runes.

Let’s review talents. First, you could invest two points in Improved Sinister Strike. You can then also invest two points into Remorseless Attacks for an additional 40% critical chance. Just remember that you need to land a critical hit on the target to trigger this talent.

Since I prefer to focus only on Combat Talent Tree, usually we’ll take Improved Gouge. Since we have Bleed and Deadly Poison, I recommend you only take the 3% extra dodge. This will make you better here and take less damage.

The next talent points will depend on the weapon you use. Besides a lot of swords, there are also some Maces that are easy to get. So you can choose Dual Wield Specialization or choose a specific Weapon Specialization based on your weapon. I would choose Aggression, and finally Weapon Expertise and Adrenaline Rush.

WOW Classic SOD: Top Rogue Leveling Builds In Phase 2

Hemo Rogue

For Hemo builds, Rogue leveling requires more skill. Because you will have Weapon-swap Macro to use Ambush on the dagger and Stealth on the slow main hand weapon.

If you get two good daggers, as well as Mutilate, you can choose Saber Slash or even Mutilate, so you will need less weapon swapping. For the leg slot, Between the Eyes is still your best rune. For the chest, I would actually choose Quick Draw over Deadly Brew.

The talents here are all optional. You can choose any talent you like, but I recommend you choose some utility talents at the beginning so that your Stealth will be better.

Weapon Speed

When choosing a weapon, you’ll usually choose a slower weapon. This is because your skills, like Backstab, Sinister Strike, Saber Slash, Mutilate and more, all deal damage based on weapon damage, and your weapon damage is obtained by multiplying your DPS by your attack speed.

So more DPS on a weapon does not mean more weapon damage, which is the most important stat in these types. A good main hand dagger will have an attack speed of 1.8 and a good non main hand dagger will have an attack speed of 2.6.

Fighting Elites

When it comes to dealing with elites, there are going to be some problems if you can’t deal with them face to face. If Elite is dealing with too much damage, you can swap your runes for Just a Flesh Wound and Blade Dance.

All you have to do is kite the elite. You’ll reengage as it slows and bleeds, then your stun cools down and your energy regenerates. You will slowly eliminate dangerous monsters.

Dungeon Leveling

But if you plan to level mainly through dungeons, then I recommend you to use Backstab build. Because the normal build dies too quickly here, and you can’t increase the damage with Saber Slash and Poisons. If you want to focus on dungeon farming while leveling. I recommend balancing these abilities.

WOW Classic SOD: Is Dungeon leveling really the fastest?

Slice And Dice

If I have good gear, I rarely use Slice and Dice because I usually kill the monster in three Sinister Strikes. But if my gear is a little low or the mob’s health is too high, I will definitely use my Slice and Dice at the beginning. It all depends on the mobs and how fast I kill them.

Overall, Melee Haste will significantly increase your damage whenever the fight lasts longer than a few seconds.


Another tip is that if you’re fighting mobs in Stealth and don’t use Shadowstrike, always use Pickpocketing. You’ll get some extra coins and an Iron Lockbox. These Lockboxes are cool because they contain the potions and powders required for Blind and Vanish, and disappear at level 26.

WOW Classic SOD: Insane Gold Farm for Rogues starting at Level 10 Pick Pocket


In the end, your rotation should look like this. The first step is to approach the mob. Step two, distract it if necessary. Make sure you are at 100 energy and have your dagger equipped, then approach the next tick. The third step is to pickpocket the poor NPC. You can use your Sinister Strikes to deal a little extra damage, and the monster will die at any time.


An Easy-To-Build Double Swing Twisters Barbarian You Can't Miss In Diablo 4 Season 3
Diablo 4 Feb 21, 2024

An Easy-To-Build Double Swing Twisters Barbarian You Can't Miss In Diablo 4 Season 3

I'm excited to present to you a Double Swing Twister Barbarian build. This iteration brings a fresh perspective for this Diablo 4 Season 3 - super fast and incredibly powerful. While there's a reduction in cooldown upon killing enemies, it doesn't significantly impact the build's effectiveness since we primarily rely on Double Swing with minimal skill casting.

An Easy-To-Build Double Swing Twisters Barbarian You Can't Miss In Diablo 4 Season 3

How It Works

In this build, there are absolutely no Uber Uniques included. If consider adding one, my choice would probably be a Shako. While a Ring of Starless Skies may seem appealing, Shako is the only option I would consider for this setup. Besides, we need the Tibault's Will. The reason being, it’s a lot harder this season to sustain unstoppable. So before we had Metamorphosis power, which would allow you to just continuously proc Tibault's Will.

One nice thing about this build is that it’s movement speed capped while Berserking, which is absolutely insane. Another little cool thing that you can do with this build as well is just swing at thin air to keep your Berserk buff up. So every time I swing, I get 2 extra seconds, so I can just maintain it. I can keep my damage boost from wrath, and I can also maintain my movement speed as well. 


So let’s quickly go over our Diablo 4 Items. First, I really recommend the Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty, this is not necessary but definitely nice to have. I just kind of wanted to illustrate like Fortifiy damage reduction doesn’t actually do anything while you’re using a barrier. For the ring, I choose the Bold Chieftain's Circle, Ring of Unrelenting Fury and Windlasher Chain. They’re all really low item power, and the roles on some of these are excellent.

There’s a lot that can be improved, but the key component is urity. Your main DPS boost is Ramaladni's Magnum Opus, so this is really important.  But check carefully as to the stat requirements because you know these are not the best representation for that, you want crit chance where you can get it, and damage while Berserking, and resource regen, and Maximum Fury.

Skill Tree

Then as for skills again, you want to go for Furious Double Swing . This is what gives us our basically infinite Fury. We are using Strategic Rallying Cry. Now I know I said like fortified damage reduction doesn’t really apply from behind barrier and it doesn’t.  However, we want the damage boost from counteroffensive. So just having this alone, one Rallying Cry will get you to the fortifier requirement in order to allow you to get this damage boost which we want. 1 point again in Charge, this is just for breaking CC. You can use it if you want to move faster.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Rallying Cry

Healing is very important to this build. And then of course we need Invegrating Fury, more healing but this is just passive. You know this you have to wait for Shouts. This every 4 Double Swing s, and we have insane attack speed, will just be a fat heal, which will keep you sustained forever. Unconstrained, this is a Berserk build.

Seneschal Constructs

As for the pet, I didn’t use any of unique stones either. However, if you wanted to use some, you would definitely want to play Genesis on Flash of Adrenaline, and then you’d want to play Evernight on Tempest. It is up to you. And we can get a lot of resource from this, which is quite important for us, and then just damage and DR, which is very nice to have.

Paragon Board

Then the last part I just want to talk about is the paragon board. I have to compensate for my lack of resistances on those really low item power rings. There’s some sort of fundamentals that will remain. We’re going to have Blood Rage, lots of damage while Berserking. Then the glyphs we will get is still the Wrath. this is for Fury regen. Ambidextrous powers up all the blue nodes, also increases our damage of dual-wield weapons.

Exploit is our main, if not our only source of vulnerability, but nothing really ever flips over 3 seconds, that’s not a problem. A because it’s a Berserk build and Twister, which is just a really fun thing to use. So we get a nice little 133% multiplicative damage bonus after creating a Tornado or some others, but also it’s just a really cool like gimmick almost. It’s cool to see the Tornadoes go around and kill stuff. They do quite a bit of damage when you max this out, and I really like how it plays.

So other than that, Carnage, lots of attack speed with stacking that Decimator just for Flat Damage. We don’t have Warbringer in the build that you see will quite likely going to have Flawless Technique in it as well because that’s the one thing I would, take these points that are in resistances and I’d go get that legendary node.