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  • Madden 22’s New Update 

    Madden 22’s New Update 

    The new update for Madden 22 has arrived. Below is a complete list of changes and changes added by the patch. The Madden 22 patch released on the 23rd focuses on changes in Cover 3. According to feedback from gamers, Cover 3 is one of the most popular coverage types.

    This is only the first step to improve the coverage of Madden 22. Future updates will include improvements to the Flats and Curl-Flat zones.

    Madden 22 Update Patch Notes

    * Addressed an issue with class progression when the player lock is on in Face of the Franchise

    * Resolved an issue with flipped play art when base aligning and choosing a new play

    * Tuning to Outside Cover 3 Deep Zones giving up too much space vs Corner routes with no other vertical receiving threat in their area

    * Tuning to Cover 3 Deep Zones vs Bunch Flood concepts

    * Tuning to Outside Cover 3 Deep Zones to better anticipate threats coming from across the field with no other threats to their zone

    The update focuses on Cover 3, which is also one of the most popular coverage types for fans and aims to solve the top pass coverage points from fans’ feedback. And the developer said that the next Title Update will focus on specific aspects of pass coverage like Flats and Curl-Flat zones.

    This update seems to be the first step in the right direction, but more attempts are needed to make fans completely satisfied. In addition, more Madden 22 updates will come one after another, including a comprehensive revision of the Franchise scouting system.

    GAMEMS will also pay attention to more updates of Madden 22 and introduce related changes in detail. Now GAMEMS offers cheap Madden 22 Coins, and now it seems that to buy Madden 22 Coins has become a more popular way, because it saves time and players can invest time in the game itself.

    In addition, GAMEMS can give buyers more guarantees. All of our MUT 22 Coins are made by real players and are completely legit. If there is an error in the order, we will also provide refund services to minimize your loss.

    Sep 24, 2021

  • NBA 2K22: How To Get All MyTeam Starter Cards? Which Card Is The Best?

    NBA 2K22: How To Get All MyTeam Starter Cards? Which Card Is The Best?

    NBA 2K22 will allow gamers to get an Emerald Player Card in the form of a Starter Card. These starter cards are also evolution cards, so you can upgrade from their 80 OVR to Sapphire 85 OVR, and finally to Ruby 88 OVR. Some gamers spend too much thought on the starter card, but it seems unnecessary, because in any case, you can finally get all 5 NBA 2K22 starter cards. For specific details, you can refer to the following steps.

    How to get all 5 Starter Cards?

    * Evolve your current NBA 2K22 starter card to Sapphire 85 OVR, and accumulate 6 points in different games.

    * Head to MyTeam - Player Evolution

    * Find your Starter Card, and choose a path of Evolution

    * Evolve your card to Ruby 88 OVR by completing the listed tasks

    * Evolve your Starter to Ruby 88 OVR

    Once you successfully evolve your card to Ruby 88 OVR, a lifetime Agenda is complete. You can choose one from the remaining Starter cards, rinse and repeat the above steps until you get all 5 MyTeam Starter Cards.

    Which is the best Starter Card?

    Among the 5 cards, you also need to choose carefully, because there is always a gap between them, the best card is always sought after, so GAMEMS estimated their order:

    1. Jayson Tatum

    2. Donovan Mitchell

    3. Dion Williamson

    4. Trae Young

    5. Nikola Jokic

    Jayson Tatum is always able to perform well in the game.

    GAMEMS provides more than strategy. NBA 2K22 MT is now a hot-selling on GAMEMS because we understand the urgency of gamers for 2K22 MT, we can guarantee a large amount of inventory, no matter when you come here to buy NBA 2K22 MT, we can promise that you can receive MT within 10-30 minutes after you place the order.

    Sep 22, 2021


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