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Madden 21 Ultimate Team: New LTDs Are Already Available - Aaron Rodgers, Denzel Ward, Jamal Adams

Bren Lyles

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If you need some superstars to carry your MUT 21 squad, you are lucky to have these massive new LTDs. There are three new massively strong MUT 21 LTDs are now available in Madden 21. We will analyze their stats and why they should be in your squad.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team New LTDs Are Already Available - Aaron Rodgers, Denzel Ward, Jamal Adams.webp


If your Madden Ultimate Team can use some edge, take a look at the newest LTDs on the block. MUT LTDs are limited-time cards, so you will not want to miss them.

Aaron Rodgers ( 90 OVR )

He achieved great success in the first week of the 2020 NFL season. In MUT 21, you can feel like prime Rodgers with his newest LTD card. This card has a massive 91 Throw Power, 89 Shot Throw Accuracy and 89 Deep Throw.

Denzel Ward ( 90 OVR )

Denzel Ward is one of the most promising new defensive prospects in the NFL. He is a huge threat from the cornerback position. This is represented well in Denzel Ward LTD in MUT 21, and his lightning-fast movement can support the defense of any Madden Ultimate Team. Ward has a massive 92 Speed, 92 Acceleration, and 90 Agility.

Jamal Adams ( 90 OVR )

Jamal Adams is another young defensive superstar who has enough time to shake up the NFL. Adams has just been traded from the New York Jets to the Seattle Seahawks in his fourth year. He is now a part of a much stronger defensive unit, which will allow him to show off his skills. These hard-hitting skills show in his MUT 21 LTD card, which has an impressive 92 Power, 90 Zone Coverage, and 90 Play Recognition.

You can choose the LTD that best suits your Ultimate Team according to your needs.