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A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide To Myth Of Empires - Survival, Crafting, Guild Play & More

Leon Green

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Myth of Empires is an immersive multiplayer war sandbox game centered on survival, crafting, and leading troops. Beginning the game from scratch can be tedious and somewhat draining. Therefore, within this guide, I’ve compiled some essential beginner tips to greatly assist you during the initial stages of gameplay. I aim to provide explanations on various aspects of the game and its features as promptly as possible. This guide is designed not only to enhance your comprehension of Myth of Empires, but also to improve your overall effectiveness in playing it.

A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide To Myth Of Empires - Survival, Crafting, Guild Play & More

Strategies For Swift Advancement

In Myth of Empires, swiftly advancing through levels is pivotal for maximizing your gameplay experience, granting access to valuable additional perks.

For newcomers with characters ranging between levels 1 and 16, completing tasks is essential for expedited progression. Although reaching level 16 requires time, engaging in tasks not only aids in understanding game mechanics but also enhances your character’s proficiency.

To ascend in levels, Myth of Empires Copper Coins and experience points are indispensable. Initially, prioritize gathering various resources as the game generously rewards early efforts with experience points. Utilize this advantage to swiftly attain level 14.

Upon reaching level 14, prioritize resource collection and refrain from engaging in combat or constructing bases for the time being. This strategic approach ensures efficient advancement within the game.


In the game, your journey begins on a secure PVE server, offering a protected environment. Upon reaching level 16, you have the option to transition to a PVP server for a more demanding gameplay experience.

While the game emphasizes multiplayer interaction, solo play is feasible yet more challenging, particularly for novices. Thus, at level 16, a pivotal decision arises: whether to remain on the PVE server or venture into the realm of PVP.

Opting for PVP entails added rewards such as increased loot and items, albeit accompanied by heightened difficulty. Generally, it’s advisable to make the switch early at level 16 to maximize benefits and rewards.

Myth of Empires PVE Or PVP?

Manage Inventory & Transportation

At the outset of the game, you’re capable of carrying up to 150 lbs of belongings, which initially appear ample. However, as you accumulate more items, space quickly diminishes.

Upon reaching level 4, you gain the ability to construct a wooden chest for your base, facilitating item storage. Progressing further in levels enables upgrades to cabinets and large lockers, offering expanded storage capacity. If you aim to transport all possessions while scouring for additional materials, acquiring a horse proves beneficial, as it can bear a significantly larger load than you.

By crafting a Coarse Rein and a Coarse Light Saddle, you can domesticate and ride the horse. Furthermore, enhancing your character’s physique skills not only boosts overall carrying capacity but also contributes to increased efficiency in item management.

Strategic Resource Gathering

Your primary objective is to gather essential materials such as grass, meat, copper, and clay, pivotal for constructing houses and expanding your empire within the game.

When embarking on empire-building endeavors, your focus should be directed towards constructing sturdy structures. Crafting fundamental wooden components like foundations and walls is imperative to prevent decay. Additionally, consider crafting a portable shed for convenient relocation.

Initially, prioritize gathering stones and wood from the ground. Bushes not only yield grass but also provide flower seeds and wildflowers, valuable resources for crafting or sustenance. While navigating the challenging early stages, emphasize short-term survival, yet remain cognizant of the necessity for long-term planning.

Although acquiring resources may pose difficulties, resource collection points delineated on your map offer invaluable opportunities. Overcoming guarded NPCs at these locations grants access to loot with relative ease.

Key resources deserving your attention encompass grass, branches, stones, meat, clay, and copper mines, indispensable for crafting and fortifying your base. For instance, grass serves as a vital ingredient for crafting a straw rope essential for fabricating a spinning wheel and campfire.

Employing tools such as the stone axe, stone hammer, and stone hunting knife streamlines resource gathering efforts. Particularly, the hunting knife proves invaluable for skinning animals, yielding raw meat and bones. While resources are plentiful, clay mines are predominantly situated along riverbanks, whereas collaboration with other players may be necessary to access copper mines located within hostile NPC bases.

Myth of Empires Strategic Resource Gathering

Crafting Mastery

Ensuring the creation of appropriate tools is crucial for advancing within the game, akin to other survival games. Weapons play a pivotal role in defeating adversaries and significantly contribute to the game's dynamics.

An array of recipes awaits discovery, offering myriad crafting options beyond mere sustenance. Utilizing diverse minerals and resources, you can fashion tools, weapons, armor, and even medicinal items.

Commencing your crafting journey necessitates gathering grass to fashion straw ropes, fundamental for crafting various items. Accumulate grass plentifully from bushes, continuously replenishing your supply while crafting ropes.

Upon amassing sufficient ropes, you can fashion a stone axe alongside twigs and rubble. The stone axe facilitates tree felling, an essential activity for acquiring additional resources.

For further enhancement of your crafting prowess, consider crafting a stone hammer, utilizing the same materials as the stone axe. The stone hammer enables the breakdown of rubble and management of larger boulders, thereby expanding your resource acquisition capabilities.

Simplify Resource & Travel Management

Initially, traversing the expansive world offers enjoyment, but the repetitive back-and-forth journeys can become tedious.

To simplify this process, consider placing a bedroll or wooden bed, allowing you to teleport to it from any location on the map. However, exercise caution as teleportation results in the loss of all carried items, necessitating a fresh start in resource gathering to replenish tools.

To mitigate the risk of item loss, it's advisable to position a chest or cabinet near your resting place, enabling storage of belongings before initiating teleportation. This approach eliminates the need to restart every time fast travel is utilized. Additionally, establishing storage chests around your resting spots early in the game is essential.

These storage provisions are invaluable for preparing for various activities. Utilizing fast travel between your bases proves advantageous for gathering materials from specific regions, particularly if horses have not been tamed or if the destination is distant from your primary base.

Acquisition Techniques For MoE Copper Coins

In Myth of Empires, copper coins serve as the primary currency, utilized for various purposes such as tax payments, hiring protection, and acquiring blessings.

Acquisition of these coins can be achieved through completing quests, engaging in trade with merchants, or participating in PVP servers, where efficiency in coin accumulation is enhanced. The installation of a Boundary Marker not only bestows blessings but also facilitates the profitable transfer of resources such as bark, grass, and rubble.

Gathering these resources is relatively straightforward, ensuring a consistent income stream. To expedite the accumulation of copper coins, consider selling items within your banner daily for additional earning opportunities. Moreover, investing in XP blessings on a regular basis is a strategic approach to accelerate leveling up.

The Benefits Of Guild Membership In Myth Of Empires

In straightforward language, joining a guild within the game offers numerous advantages. 

The Benefits Of Guild Membership In Myth Of Empires

Collaborating within a guild enables members to assist each other and defend against enemy attacks. Establishing a settlement within the guild fosters camaraderie among players, providing individual spaces while facilitating collective participation in group tasks.

For streamlined resource collection, designated locations on the map can be utilized to construct lumber yards, mines, and quarries, minimizing the necessity for continual material gathering. Subsequently, these captured points allow for the construction of resource-gathering structures, culminating in the development of a robust guild network. However, vigilance against potential attacks is crucial across all servers.