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Most Recommended Leveling Uniques In Last Epoch 1.0 - Suitable For All Classes

Bren Lyles

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In today's guide, I'd like to share with you with some leveling Uniques, which can allow you to go through the early campaign and get into Monoliths quickly. These Uniques can be used to support any class or build you choose to craft.

Most Recommended Leveling Uniques In Last Epoch 1.0 - Suitable For All Classes

These items have very low-level requirements and are commonly found. Even if you don't have them, you can easily obtain them through the Merchant Guild, often for a small amount of Last Epoch Gold. Besides, some are even free with no Legendary Potential. With just the base Uniques and no legendries, they will still carry you through the early chapters of the campaign.

Weapon: Firestarter’s Torch

The real powerhouse is the Firestarter’s Torch. This weapon is incredibly potent in the first few chapters. With a 177% chance to inflict Spreading Flames on hit, this effect can go as high as 26. Spreading Flame deals fixed damage over time, totaling 200 damage over 4 seconds.

In the early game, simply hitting any enemy with this torch equipped can trigger Spreading Flames, obliterating entire packs. The Spreading Flames DoT spreads to all nearby enemies, making it devastating in crowded encounters.

As we enter Fortress Gardens, we're playing as our Rogue with nothing but the Firestarter’s Torch equipped. Utilizing only basic attacks, I'll demonstrate how effective it is. Once triggered, you'll see how it spreads to everything around.

Last Epoch 1.0 Firestarter’s Torch

This allows us to gather a large pack of enemies, hit them a few times with any skill, and watch as the spreading damage over time obliterates them. This torch is my go-to weapon for early leveling, and I rely on it for every character I create.

Helmet: Calamity

When it comes to the helmet, we have a couple of options. But I typically run the Calamity helmet. While it's not that great, it does provide some fire damage, which synergizes with an item we'll be using later.

Body Armor: The Kestrel

For body armor, the Kestrel is our top choice. With no level requirement, it offers significant advantages. It provides bonus movement speed and a chance to gain haste for 1 second on hit. It boosts the effectiveness of haste, making it an excellent choice for staying agile during combat. The Kestrel is a solid body armor option, ensuring you remain swift and mobile.

Belt 1: The Scavenger

For the belt slot, my preference is the Scavenger. Requiring only Level 9, it offers up to 120% chance to find potions, along with granting haste for 3 seconds upon potion use. Throughout the campaign, you'll find yourself constantly consuming potions to restore health.

Last Epoch The Scavenger

The potion finds chance provided by the Scavenger ensures you keep your potion reserves topped off. Furthermore, the haste granted synergizes well with other items like the Kestrel, which enhances the effectiveness of haste.

Belt 2: Thorns Slinger

If you're considering alternatives for the belt slot, there are a couple of options to explore. One choice is the Thorns Slinger. While I typically refrain from using this if I've already equipped the Scavenger, it does offer additional movement speed and a chance to inflict bleeding on hit, providing some offensive utility.

Belt 3: Vipertail

Alternatively, you may consider the Vipertail belt. This option boasts up to a 70% chance to poison on hit, along with some dodge rating and increased melee attack speed. It's a solid choice if you're seeking to enhance your damage output and don't require the speed provided by the Scavenger.

Rings: Arboreal Circuit

Then, for the rings, our choice is the double Arboreal Circuit. With no level requirement, each ring can provide up to 18% movement speed if you achieve a maximum roll on both the implicit and the explicit stats on the ring itself. Therefore, we equip 2 of these rings.

Last Epoch 1.0 Arboreal Circuit

They offer a chance to summon an ocher tree whenever you get hit, essentially acting as a decoy totem that draws enemy attention away from you. Having 2 of these rings equipped not only boosts your speed through the campaign but also provides additional minions to aid in tanking enemies if you come under attack.

Gloves: Avarice

Next, for gloves, our choice is simple - Avarice. This option is readily available early in the campaign. Avarice gloves provide Elemental Resistance and a source of leech, making them a valuable addition to your gear.

Last Epoch 1.0 Avarice

Having Elemental Resistance ensures you're better protected against Elemental Damage, while leech provides a means of regaining health during combat, enhancing your survivability.

Boots: Advent Of The Erased

When it comes to boots, there are several options to consider. You could opt for the Morningfrost boots, which have a Level 8 requirement. They provide decent movement speed and offer a significant source of flat damage if you stack some dexterity.

However, my preference lies with the Advent of the Erased boots. These are unique boots from the Weaver’s Will set. Weaver’s Will functions such that as you wear the item and gain experience, the Weaver will add affixes and upgrade them, essentially granting you a free Legendary item.

Last Epoch 1.0 Advent of the Erased

If you manage to find a pair with 30% movement speed, you'll find yourself moving swiftly through the game. These boots provide good movement speed, a chance to gain haste when a nearby enemy dies, reduced damage over time while under haste, and a bit of Ward on cooldown.

Relics: Tome Of Elements

For the relic, we just take 2 of elements because it is a non-level requirement. It gives you a little of extra leech with the elemental damage that we’re going to be doing with, like the spreading flames and all that. Then you get some extra chance to ignite on hit with elemental skills if you have any. It is a really solid relic.

Final Thought

So if you have a budget and you do want a solid leveling set that could be applied to any character, then I would highly recommend investing and rolling all this damage over time and just letting the Firestarter’s Torch carry you into your Monoliths.

I’m sure you can run plenty of other options with different weapons, maybe different armor pieces, but these are the pieces that I use because they’re common, they give you a lot of movement speed and haste, and the Firestarter’s Torch just absolutely carries your damage in the early game and in early monoliths, especially if you really build into it and stack up that damage over time.