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Hunting Hostile Wildlife In Skull And Bones Is Both Challenging And Rewarding! - All 10 Hostile Wildlife & Locations

Leon Green

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Danger abounds in Skull and Bones, and whether you’re sailing or hunting, there’s always a variety of enemies or hostile wildlife to test your mettle. There are many types of wildlife in the game, including Sharks, Crocodiles, and Hippos, and they come in different variations.

While they present a considerable challenge to players, hunting these hostile wildlife also provides valuable resources, including animal hides, meats, and skins for cooking, crafting, or character customization. Looting these resources is even more crucial if you want to become a top pirate.

In this guide, we’ll introduce the 10 hostile wildlife in Skull and Bones and explain their locations to help you harvest these valuable resources faster and become the overlord of the ocean.

Hunting Hostile Wildlife In Skull And Bones Is Both Challenging And Rewarding! - All 10 Hostile Wildlife & Locations

Before Entering

Before jumping in, I must remind you that although hostile wildlife is map marked, some species are rarer and harder to find than others with specific locations. Therefore, I recommend that players better equip their Dhow ship and be ready to capture larger prey in a small area.

In addition, it is also very necessary to purchase some food, tools and other Skull and Bones Items in advance. Without further ado, let’s start this large-scale hunting activity!

10. Nile Crocodile

Nile Crocodile is the most common type of crocodile in the game, and they tend to lurk in the rivers on the west coast of Africa and parts of Red Isle.

Killing a Nile Crocodile rewards the player with Crocodile Tooth, a necessary loot in Thrill of the Hunt Contract. Nile Crocodile can also drop Crocodile Meat or Crocodile Hide, which can be cooked by the player to restore 30% of stamina.

9. Madcap Crocodile

Madcap Crocodile is a more ferocious variation of Nile Crocodile. Although Madcap Crocodile can be found in East Indies, Red Isle, and Coast of Africa, they are rarer than other species.

When killed, they drop Thick Crocodile Hide and Prime Crocodile Meat. They also share the same map markers with other crocodile species, so players must check whether each one is specifically hunting Madcap Crocodile.

8. Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater Crocodile are only found in East Indies region of the map, such as near Spice Islands, but are more common than other crocodile species in the area. Players can shoot high-powered cannon fire and end battles quickly to earn loot like Crocodile Meat and Ruined Animal Skin.

7. Siren Crocodile

Siren Crocodile is a rare crocodile found in some parts of East Indies. To increase your chances of a successful kill, aim your spear at its head to make it pause and back off.

The player can then repeat this strategy and increase health as needed to defeat the creature and take its hits. Therefore, when you drive a Dhow ship against it, it is recommended that you carry a lot of repair kits.

Siren Crocodile will drop a large amount of loot when killed, usually three Thick Crocodile Hides and four Prime Crocodile Meat.

Skull And Bones: Apex Crocodile

6. Apex Crocodile

Apex Crocodile is the rarest crocodile in Skull and Bones, and it only has about one spawn point, located in Ring of Fire area in East Indies. Players can find a small area of enclosed water south of this area that only Dhow can reach.

Obviously, Apex Crocodile is a challenging creature to level up to level 20, but it rewards players with the rare Apex Crocodile Hide and Prime Crocodile Meat.

5. Great White Shark

Players can find Great White Shark almost all over the map, and they are also one of the most common hostile wildlife in the game. Typically, players can find them near the high seas and coastlines rather than along inland rivers.

Defeating Great White Shark will provide the player with Shark Skin or Shark Meat as loot. Players can cook Shark Meat to make Grilled Shark, which increases stamina by 40% after consumption. Players can also refine Shark Skin through Refinery in the game to create Shark Leather.

Skull And Bones: Master the Plunder Great White Shark

4. Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Shark is another shark that players can find in the world map, but it may be less common. They tend to live in specific areas, such as near Lanitra Outpost in northern Red Isle, along Coast of Africa and near various islands in East Indies.

Hammerhead Shark can be killed with just a few hits from the spear, just don’t let them get too close to the player’s Dhow ship. This makes them one of the most challenging hostile wild animals to fight. Likewise, once defeated, they drop Shark Skin or Shark Meat.

3. Hippopotamus

In addition, Hippopotamus are also a dangerous hostile wildlife in the game, and they are usually harder to defeat than any shark. Players can only find them in the southern Red Isle area and in rivers and lakes along Coast of Africa.

This variant is probably the easiest to fight of all the wild Hippos in the game, but they still require a lot of shooting to take down. Players can cook Grilled Hippo using Hippo Hide and Prime Meat they drop to restore 50% of their stamina.

2. Bull Hippo

Bull Hippo is very aggressive. It will attack the player’s Dhow ship like a battering ram, so here you need to use more powerful ships and better weapons, such as Bombardier Padewakang ship.

Bull Hippo is the rarest species of Hippo, with only about one or two spawn points on the map. Players can find them in rivers on the northwest Coast of Africa region and in Sultani Island region. When killed, they will drop approximately three Apex Hippo Hides and three Prime Hippo Meat.

Skull And Bones: Hippo Hunting Tips You Should Know

1. Alpha Hippo

Alpha Hippo is a dangerous enemy that attacks Dhow ship with devastating force. It is also one of the rarest Hippo breeds, with only about one species found in a small enclosed lake in Rover Zone in northern Red Isle, accessible only by Dhow ship.

Like Bull Hippo, it drops Apex Hippo Hides and Apex Hippo Meat, which are used for cooking and crafting. That said, it’s one of the hostile wild animals in the game with the best access to resources for those players who can avoid its deadly attacks.

Those are all 10 hostile wildlife in Skull and Bones, defeating them will help you get one step closer to becoming a top pirate!