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These Addons Are Proving To Be Valuable In WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 2

Cornell Otto

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Hi, gamers! Welcome to this new WoW Season of Discovery guide, and today's topic is addons. I will introduce 7 addons to enhance your gaming experience in Phase 2. These addons are very useful, making them an indispensable tool in your gaming process. Now, let's delve into what each of them offers.

These Addons Are Proving To Be Valuable In WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 2


Let’s first discuss the Dejunk addon. You may find yourself with a full bag and can't loot useful items like epics while grinding or raiding. It’s a common issue, often beacuse of a lack of sufficient bag space and organization. Enter Dejunk, a handy addon designed to address this problem.

When Dejunk displays the inexpensive items in your bag, clicking on 'destroy next items', Dejunk automatically removes items based on their value, starting with the cheapest ones.

However, Dejunk also allows for manual customization. By accessing the settings menu, you can add specific items that you want to prioritize for destruction. For instance, you might choose to add solid stones due to their low value on the auction house, even though it may not always be the best decision to destroy them.

Adding items manually is simple. Just click 'add an item' and input the item ID. If you’re unsure of the item ID, you can find it on websites like WoWhead. Once added, Dejunk will automatically prioritize these items for destruction if they are less valuable.

WoW Classic SOD Dejunk

Dejunk offers keybinding options for added convenience. Accessing the options menu, you can set up keybindings to toggle the junk frame or automatically destroy the cheapest item without opening the interface. Dejunk is a versatile addon that works seamlessly with idTip, another addon mentioned, making it easy to manage and prioritize items in your inventory.


Let's now discuss the next addon, Aux. Aux is an Auction House addon featuring a sleek UI complete with features like favorite and recent searches, along with an intuitive item posting system. The UI itself is easy to navigate and boasts clear, large fonts, for example, Prototype. Within Aux, you'll find a filter builder that simplifies item searches, as well as a convenient history of previously searched items.

When posting items, you may notice that only a limited number of listings are displayed, which could be becasue of certain settings. For example, if Mageweave was previously sold for 12 silver, you might want to verify how many stacks are currently listed at that price. Upon checking, you might find a discrepancy, with only a few stacks available at a lower price. In such cases, you can adjust your listing accordingly to maximize your profits.

WoW Classic SOD Aux

Aux offers a tooltip option that provides various item details, including vendor price and auction house availability. However, to ensure accuracy, it's important to scan the Auction House daily. You can also view disenchant values and distribution using specific commands.

Despite the availability of more advanced Auction House addons like TSM 3, I've found Aux to be more than sufficient for we need. It effectively fulfills my requirements for listing items quickly and managing the Auction House efficiently whenever I need to make WoW SOD Gold.


Let’s discuss the next item on our list. Sometimes, we find ourselves short on space in our action bars to accommodate all our spells, items, and consumables. With just a key press, the menu appears at your mouse pointer, allowing you to add anywhere from 12 to 24 extra action bars in a circular layout.

Here’s how it works: You activate RingMenu, and it appears in your mouse pointer. You can then click on the spell or item you need, and the menu disappears automatically.

This addon is incredibly versatile. Hunters can use it to organize tracking abilities, Mages can utilize it for portals and additional spells, and professions like Conjure Water. Essentially, it can be customized to suit your specific needs.

WoW Classic SOD RingMenu

In the options menu, you’ll find various customization options. You can adjust the button size, increase the number of action bars from 12 to 24, and even expand the radius of the RingMenu to cover half of your screen if desired. You can also set keybindings to easily open and close the menu.

RingMenu is a fantastic addon that helps save space on your main action bars by allowing you to hide less frequently used spells and items. It’s especially useful for PvP situations and damage dealing scenarios, where quick access to essential abilities is crucial.

Cursor Trail

Cursor Trail is an addon designed to enhance your pointer experience in WoW Classic. When activated, it leaves circles and snowflakes behind your cursor, offering a frosty aesthetic. This setup is particularly suited for Mages. One of the main benefits of using this addon is its usefulness with cursor macros.

It allows you to find where you place your spells, such as Frost Strike, Blizzard, Frost Traps, and Master Spells easily. By customizing the color and appearance of the cursor, making it easier to track during intense gameplay.

The addon comes with a variety of settings that can be adjusted to suit your preferences. You can change the scale, shadow intensity, and opacity of the cursor trail. There are options for different trail effects, including lightning and circles, as well as color customization for different classes like Warlocks.


Let's move on to the next addon, NugRunning. NugRunning is an incredibly versatile addon that allows you to track a wide range of effects such as DoTs, shields and more. You can even create custom trackers for trinkets and other specific effects.

WoW Classic SOD NugRunning

If you notice that a particular spell or effect isn't being tracked, you can easily add it by accessing the addon's options menu. Simply locate the spell ID for the effect you want to track and then add it to the spell list in NugRunning.

This addon also works seamlessly with other addons like ID Tip, which displays spell IDs when you hover over spells or DoTs. NugRunning offers extensive customization options, allowing you to adjust the appearance and layout of your trackers to suit your preferences. Whether you're grinding mobs or raiding dungeons, NugRunning can help you stay on top of your important buffs and debuffs with ease.

Scrolling Loot Text

Let’s move to the next one. This is a helpful addon for items. This will show all the items you pick as scrolling loot text right there above your character, with the number and value of the item, but also the color and the rarity of the item in the font. It’s called Scrolling Loot Text.

This addon does exactly what it says it does. It has a couple of commands you can add. For example, if you want to see honor as a scrolling loot text, you can also increase the scale of the item set so you can see better. Just use the command /SloTe, or whatever works best for you. You can also do /SloTe test to see how it would look.

Improved Loot Frame

Let’s move to the last one, which is connected with this one. Improved Loot Frame is an addon that condenses all the loot into one page when using the Blizzard default loot frame. Instead of having 3 items per page and then keep pressing next until you get to the last item, using this addon will allow you to see better what’s on a boss, but also on chests. When you loot a chest, sometimes there are so many items, like 5 or 10 potions, herbs, items, cloth, and so on.