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A Comprehensive Guide To Farm Uber Bosses In Diablo 4 Season 3! - Varshan, Grigoire & Duriel

Bren Lyles

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Here I bring my ultimate guide to farming Uber Bosses in Diablo 4, and we’ll walk you through how to farm materials like Living Steel effectively.


First, we’ll take a deep dive into the farming techniques of two of the game’s most popular creatures, Echo of Varshan and Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint, learning about the best farming routes, gear setup, and effective tactics.

But that’s not all. We’ll also cover how to summon Uber Duriel, as well as the strategies needed to defeat this powerful enemy. Whether you want to farm Duriel for loot or challenge yourself in combat, we’ve got expert tips and tactics for you.

Next, we’ll reveal the secrets behind getting Living Steel. Living Steel is a rare and valuable material necessary for crafting advanced equipment and upgrades. Explore the most efficient farming methods and locations to collect this coveted resource and enhance your arsenal.

So if you’re ready to take your Diablo 4 farming skills to the next level, don’t miss our ultimate guide to unlocking the secrets to farming Uber Bosses!

A Comprehensive Guide To Farm Uber Bosses In Diablo 4 Season 3! - Varshan, Grigoire & Duriel

Uber Duriel Summoning Materials

Before we start running Duriel, we should understand the basics of Diablo 4 boss ladder.

First, you need to do Whispers to get Varshan Body Parts in order to summon Varshan. Defeating Echo of Varshan will drop Mucus-Slick Eggs, one of two items required to summon Duriel.

The other is to do Helltides to get Living Steel, which we will use to summon Grigoire. Grigoire drops Shards of Agony, another item necessary to summon Duriel.

How To Farm Varshan Body Parts?

You can find Whispers on the map by their icons. Their help text will give you an objective and how many Grim Favors they will give you.

Turn in 10 Grim Favors to get Whisper Caches at Tree of Whispers. Opening the cache will give you random Varshan Body Parts. You need to collect all 4 Varshan Body Parts to summon Varshan.

It should be noted that Malignant Hearts will only drop from chests obtained from World Tier 4. Therefore, I recommend against farming Varshan summon items in World Tier 3.

Diablo 4 Uber Bosses Guide: Echo of Duriel Strategy

In Season 3, there are 4 ways to farm Varshan efficiently.

Arcane Tremors

My favorite method is to farm Arcane Tremors when they are available, which you can do once an hour. You need to interact with 3 Obelisks, which will drop Elemental Cores. Defeat 100 Constructs in the area and use 3 Elemental Cores to spawn Herald of Malphas. Defeating 100 Constructs and Herald of Malphas can be accomplished at the same time, as it will spawn waves of enemies.

This method of farming Whisper Caches only takes about 3 minutes and yields a total of 11 Grim Favors. As an added bonus, you also get Igneous Cores needed to generate Uber Malpha.

PVP Area

The next farming method is to take advantage of the red PVP areas. There are two separate areas on the map, each with a Whisper to defeat Seething Abomination.

First, you need to go to PVP area and find Abomination walking in a circle around the center of the area. This boss can be powerful, but if you’re willing to spend Diablo 4 Gold on decent gear, he’ll probably only take about 30 seconds to defeat. Defeating two Seething Abominations will also net you 10 Grim Favors in about 3 minutes.

Whisper Dungeons

Our next farming method is completing Whisper dungeons, which will provide 5 Grim Favors for each completed dungeon.

This can be a little tricky because the completion time of the dungeon depends entirely on the objectives. Typically, dungeons with the objective of killing all enemies may take the longest to complete. For this reason, it is recommended to use a Speed Farming Build for your class and stack as much movement speed as possible.

Grotesque Debtors

Other ways to grow Varshan Body Parts are to look for Grotesque Debtors. These special enemies will have a chance to spawn when you or anyone near you complete Whisper objectives. You just need to keep an eye out for this symbol on the minimap. It means Grotesque Debtors are spawning at that location.

Farming Living Steel

Helltides is a special event in Diablo 4 where two areas spawn higher level enemies. Enemies in Helltides drop a special currency called Aberrant Cinders during the event. Aberrant Cinders will be used to open new treasure chests that spawn around the area.

Note that dying in Helltides will cause you to lose half of Aberrant Cinders you collected.

Once you have collected 275 Aberrant Cinders, you can find a Living Steel Chest. Each Living Steel Chest provides 5 Living Steel, while other chests only drop 1 Living Steel. Each area has 1 Living Steel Chest, which means you can get a total of 10 Living Steel per run.

Everything We Know About Grigoire & Living Steel Chests in Diablo 4

Overall, the best farming strategy is to prioritize collecting two Living Steel Chests from Helltides every hour. Whisper can also be farmed while you’re waiting for the next Helltides to spawn.

After completing Helltides, follow the priority list of Arcane Tremors and Seething Abomination first, then use the remaining time to run Whisper dungeons until the next Helltide appears.

Running Uber Bosses

Next up is running Uber Bosses. I recommend being properly equipped and fully upgraded before attempting these.


Grigoire is located in Hall of the Penitent in Dry Steppes Region. You need 5 Living Steel to summon Grigoire. They usually drop 1-2 Shards of Agony per run.


Varshan is located next to Tree of Whispers in Malignant Burrow. Because summoning Varshan requires collecting all 4 Body Parts, if your Body Parts are unbalanced, you can exchange them by trading Varshan Body Parts for Malignant Cache at Alchemist.

Defeating Varshan again has a chance to drop 1-2 Mucus-Slick Eggs. After completing each run of Grigoire or Varshan, you can use Reset Dungeon button on the right side of the map.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Uber Unique Fastest Farming Guide


To find out how many times you can summon Uber Duriel, check your Mucus-Slick Eggs and Shards of Agony and divide the lowest number of summoned items by 2.

To get the most out of beating Duriel, I recommend that you create or find an entire team of players, which means you have more chances of running Uber Duriel.

Uber Duriel always drops 925 gear, which is a great place to find the best gear. But the main reason to grow Duriel is Uber Uniques, but there are some regular Uniques as well. Tibault’s Will, X’Fal’s Corroded Signet, Godslayer Crown, and Flickerstep are popular choices for different builds.

That’s all for my Uber Bosses farming guide, follow this guide and you will become a master farmer and conquer all challenges in Diablo 4!