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Revealing The Secrets Of Investing In The Late Phase Of WOW Classic SOD!

Leon Green

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Today, we will discuss a frequently asked question about World of WarCraft series of games, namely investment tips. There are often many players who say that not only are they unable to make a profit from their investments, but they end up losing gold, and the same is true for Season of Discovery.

So, here, we’ll demystify WOW Classic SOD investing and provide practical advice to help you understand Azeroth’s ever-changing market landscape while maximizing profits.

Season of Discovery differs from Classic Vanilla, and misinformation can easily lead to gold loss. With this guide, you’ll learn why investing isn’t always the best option, and how to protect the value of your gold if you choose not to invest. Let’s get started quickly!

Revealing The Secrets Of Investing In The Late Phase Of WOW Classic SOD!

Why Shouldn’t You Invest?

Let’s start with when you shouldn’t invest in an item.

As mentioned earlier, Season of Discovery differs from Classic Vanilla. So, even though it looks like a tremendous opportunity to earn WOW Classic SOD Gold, a lot of what looks like a lucrative opportunity may actually become worthless because of these changes.

Big Difference From Vanilla

The first reason not to invest is the enormous difference in Season of Discovery, which means you shouldn’t invest in something just because the vanilla is cheaper.

For example, after adding Windfury to Alliance, two-handed and main-hand weapons should no longer be enchanted with the stones. So now that Warrior uses two-handed weapons, Elemental Shaman may opt for one-handed weapons to benefit from double spell power enchants and oil applications.

These meta-changes, as well as potential future changes, have significant market implications. For example, there will be significantly less demand for Elemental Earth than in the past, and stone enchants will also be used significantly less, especially between Alliances.

Fast Update Speed

The second reason for not investing is that developers update Season of Discovery quickly and don’t always provide comprehensive information.

For example, the upcoming Temple of Atal’Hakkar raid may introduce a lot of specific materials that players have been collecting. If you invest a lot of WOW Classic SOD Gold in these materials, their prices will skyrocket as new raid content is released.

However, if instead the developers remove the materials you invested in from the core game, you’ll lose a lot of gold. This also turns your investment in Season of Discovery into a gamble.

So, in most cases, it’s best not to invest unless you’re at least 90% confident that it will deliver strong returns.

WOW Classic SOD: Temple of Atal’Hakkar raid

Gold Value Drops

The third reason not to invest is that the value of gold depreciates over time and small profits often become insignificant.

In my opinion, if you expect a profit of only 20% on an investment, it’s best to avoid it. Because the value of gold usually drops significantly within three to four weeks of a new phase, sometimes by more than half.

Other WoW Games Influenced

The fourth reason not to invest is that updates to other World of WarCraft series games may seriously affect Season of Discovery and cause the value of WOW SOD Gold to drop significantly.

For example, I personally could not have predicted that the value of WOTLK Classic would temporarily decline with the release of Season of Discovery. While some may consider WOW Cataclysm Classic to be less popular, something similar may happen in Season of Discovery.

Therefore, investing in anything runs the risk of losing more gold as the value of gold drops when another WOW Classic receives an update.

Updates to WOW Cataclysm Classic may affect SOD Gold value

Avoid Investing In The Same Item All

The fifth reason is to avoid investing in something if everyone else is doing the same thing. For example, if a large portion of the player base starts investing in an item, farmers will notice the price spike and start grinding the materials, so the surplus of that item will flood everyone’s banks.

When new content is launched, everyone rushes to sell their inventory, causing prices to plummet and potentially causing investors to lose large amounts of gold.

Seasonal Expansion

The ultimate reason not to invest is that, as its name suggests, Season of Discovery is a seasonal expansion, and this seasonal nature makes a significant difference compared to Vanilla, especially in terms of XP rates and upgrades.

Each phase of Season of Discovery lasts for 3 months. Most players achieve their goals with the main characters within two months, and the remaining time can be used to level up the alt.

Since this alt is primarily active in that specific phase, and does not require exclusive items or consumable upgrades. This also makes many of the items or consumables used to craft it serve different purposes than Classic Vanilla.

When Should You Invest?

If you want to invest, then we need to take a deeper look at what to invest in first. We already know that we should focus on items that aren’t as widely known, and keep an eye out for updates in Season of Discovery and other World of WarCraft games. Consider meta class changes and ensure potential investments provide reasonable profits.

Now we discuss which items can be considered good investments.

Items That Do Not Exist In Later Phases

For the first reason, I think an excellent investment is bound to be limited by resources, or at least shouldn’t exist in late phase dungeons and raids.

Let me give you an example. In Phase 1, I was focused on one specific investment, Dark Iron Ordinance. I chose this item because it was introduced in Season of Discovery and has no other potential location in the later phases. Luckily, the developers didn’t add it in the next patch and I ended up making a decent profit from it.

WOW Classic SOD: Top Secret Gold-Making Methods For Season Of Discovery

Specific Items With Low Drop Rates

Regarding the second reason for investment, I think specific items should be particularly useful given the update and should have a lower drop rate or be difficult to farm. This ensures that if its price suddenly spikes because of high demand, farmers cannot quickly bring down its price, such as for Golden Pearl.

This is the best material in the endgame and is extremely rare, but it’s currently extremely cheap on some servers, making it barely worth farming for you. However, despite these factors, there are still concerns that other game updates may reduce its value.

Items At Extremely Low Prices

As for the last reason, if an item is very cheap and close to its vendor price, it may be worth the investment when you get the item at a cheap price. Even if things don’t go as expected, you can still sell it for the same price and the only consequence you will face is a decrease in the value of the gold.

How To Avoid Gold Losing Value?

Finally, let’s delve into how you can avoid losing value in your gold, and I think the best way to do that is to hold gold.

If you don’t have a lot of gold during the first four weeks of the new phase, there’s a good chance that the value of gold will increase during this period, and you may need it to craft new crafts.

However, if you find yourself with excess gold and aren’t sure what to do with it, you have a few options. You can invest it in your alt or consider transferring it to other games.

In short, as long as you understand the nuances of Season of Discovery investing, you will not miss any profitable opportunities. Whether you’re an experienced trader or new to Azeroth economy, this guide is your essential companion for thriving in World of WarCraft. Let’s embark on the journey to become an investment master in Season of Discovery!