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Why Is Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC So Engrossing? - 10 Reasons

Bren Lyles

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Ever since the announcement of Elden Ring getting a DLC, there’s been rampant speculation online regarding the DLC’s exact release date. However, now it’s time for everyone to cease making blind guesses. FromSoftware has at last unveiled the inaugural gameplay trailer for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, and it’s absolutely mind-blowing.

In a span of over 3 minutes, viewers are treated to a plethora of new environments, bosses, enemies, weapons, and more. Yet, perhaps the most exciting aspect is the imminent availability. The expansion is set to launch on June 21st for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and PC.

Accompanying the trailer are numerous previews and interviews featuring director Hidetaka Miyazaki. What can players anticipate, and what elements make Shadow of the Erdtree so captivating? Explore 10 compelling reasons here.

Why Is Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC So Engrossing? - 10 Reasons

1. The Greatest Expansion Of FromSoftware So Far? 

FromSoftware’s biggest expansion to date is Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. 

Take into account Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, which offers between 10 to 25 hours of playtime, and Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City, which added roughly 11 to 20 hours of gameplay, according to HowLongToBeat. 

Years of fun and replay value have been offered by both expansions, and Shadow of the Erdtree appears to be much larger in scope.

2. The Land Of Shadow

While the Lands Between served as the backdrop for the original game, Shadow of the Erdtree unfolds in a fresh realm known as the Land of Shadow. 

It’s not merely a new territory tacked onto the existing world map. It’s an entirely new world. Within this realm, players will uncover its hidden mysteries and seamlessly traverse between its diverse locales.

As showcased in the trailer, these locations span from lava-filled caverns and ruins adorned with hanging pots to expansive grasslands, all beneath the looming presence of the enigmatic Erdtree casting a foreboding shadow. 

Speaking with Eurogamer, Miyazaki affirmed that the new map adheres to the structural framework of the base game. However, in terms of scale or sheer surface area, it dwarfs even Limgrave from the original game. 

Considering Limgrave’s inclusion of three sub-regions and a Legacy Dungeon, this expansion’s scope is undeniably substantial.

Elden Ring The Land Of Shadow

3. More Elaborate Level Design

It’s not just about size, though. With the expansion, FromSoftware is also redefining field design. 

In contrast to the standard game, where the line between outdoor regions and dungeons is rather apparent, Miyazaki said the team aimed to delve deeper and create a denser, richer level design that blends both kinds of layouts together a little more smoothly. In order to provide a more varied gaming experience, the team has also experimented with something a little more in between the standard open spaces to ride around in agony and dungeons to explore.

To put it briefly, new regions that are distinct from the original game are to be expected. If you want to take on the challenge more easily, be sure to accumulate enough Elden Ring Runes to level up your character!

4. Eight Novel Types Of Weaponry & Armor

New weaponry and armor are standard features in any expansion developed by FromSoftware, and Shadow of the Erdtree is certainly no different.

The trailer exhibits a Gladiator-inspired ensemble complete with a striking fur cape, alongside a sleek red dress tailored for those with a keen eye for fashion. However, the allure lies primarily in the assortment of weapons. Although the exact count remains undisclosed, Miyazaki has verified the introduction of eight novel weapon classifications.

These encompass a hefty Japanese sword, a versatile dueling shield described by Miyazaki to Famitsu as blending offense and defense, and throwing daggers engineered for hurling in combat. Additionally, glimpses are offered of innovative selections, such as a fully automatic crossbow equipped with incendiary bolts and a fresh Twinblade paired with a shield.

“I believe even veterans who have extensively utilized existing weapon types in the main storyline will find these additions invigorating and gratifying,” Miyazaki remarks.

Elden Ring Eight Novel Types Of Weaponry & Armor

5. Ten Brand-New Bosses & Fresh Enemies

The adversaries depicted in the trailer, including the leech-like creature, appear vexing enough, but it’s the bosses that are anticipated to present the greatest challenges.

Miyazaki has confirmed the presence of over 10 new bosses, comprising a horned beast adorned with human body parts that unleash devastating lightning strikes, a porcupine-esque creature boasting a formidable bite, a peculiar skeleton mounted on horseback wielding a boomerang-like weapon, and a towering inferno fueled by burning bodies. Additionally, players can confront Mesmer the Impaler, a formidable adversary utilizing fiery assaults and occupying a pivotal role.

Furthermore, Miyazaki hints at a challenge comparable to that posed by Millennia in the base game, though the identity remains unconfirmed. As always, anticipation builds as we await further revelations, albeit at the cost of numerous defeats.

Lastly, the expansion introduces an array of new spells and abilities, with some showcasing truly remarkable capabilities.

Elden Ring Ten Brand-New Bosses & Fresh Enemies

6. Fresh Spells & Skills

Certainly, the expansion also introduces an array of fresh skills and weaponry, some of which are truly astounding. Among these are:

  • Dual curved swords, enabling agile maneuvers to evade attacks and strike adversaries
  • A spell capable of summoning numerous butterflies, subsequently detonating them in an area around the player
  • A flurry of kicks delivering multiple hits to opponents
  • The integration of the new Twinblade and shield, offering a formidable offensive combination. 
  • Moreover, players can utilize the horned beast’s head, possibly unleashing breath-based assaults, and harness the porcupine’s quills in combat.

However, what has been revealed merely scratches the surface, leaving us eagerly anticipating what other marvels await.

7. New Regular & Legacy Dungeons

During an interview with Eurogamer, Miyazaki affirmed the existence of numerous dungeons, including multiple Legacy Dungeons.

Several of these dungeons are showcased in the trailer, notably a grand, fortress-like structure reminiscent of Stormveil, albeit with the summit appearing dilapidated. Additionally, the arena belonging to Mesmer piques interest as it potentially occupies a distinct dungeon setting.

In summary, the full breadth of available dungeons is yet to be revealed. However, indications suggest a diverse selection awaits, catering to enthusiasts of the original game.

8. Novel Plots & Characters

Exploring the Land of Shadow introduces players to fresh faces, some harboring “ulterior motives.”

The addition of these characters implies the potential for new side quests, the possibility of embarking on uncharted quest chains, or the chance to engage with additional vendors. Notably, the official website teases the introduction of fresh plotlines, promising to “enhance players’ RPG freedom.”

These narrative threads might lead to diverse outcomes, dependent on the paths players opt to pursue.

Elden Ring Novel Plots & Characters

9. Results Of The Expansion Are Unaffected By The Main Story

Nevertheless, it’s certain that the decisions made in the expansion won’t alter the outcome of the main storyline.

Moreover, Miyazaki clarified to Famitsu that the “progression of events in the main story will remain unaffected by the DLC’s content,” indicating that no new conclusions for the base game should be anticipated if players opt to embark on the Shadow of the Erdtree adventure first.

Players should anticipate a self-contained narrative within the realm of Shadow of the Erdtree, with resolutions confined to its confines. However, it wouldn’t be unexpected if this tale unveils a couple of earth-shattering revelations along the way.

10. Price & Exclusive Editions

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is priced at $39.99, in contrast to The Ringed City at $14.99 and The Old Hunters at $19.99

While various factors come into play when comparing the prices of DLCs from previous years with the current one, it’s notable that this expansion is only $20 less than the base price of Elden Ring.

Additionally, there are multiple editions available:

  • The Premium Bundle, comprising the expansion along with a digital art book and soundtrack
  • The Deluxe Edition, bundling the base game with the expansion and digital extras
  • The Collector’s Edition, boasting a physical artbook, an 18-inch statue of Messmer, and a voucher to download the expansion (unfortunately, this edition is exclusively available through the Bandai Namco Store in select countries). 

Moreover, players have the option to acquire a limited quantity of physical replicas of Messmer’s helm.