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The 10 Things You Must Do After Reaching The Level Cap In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2!

Cornell Otto

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Welcome back adventurers! WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 has been out for over a week, and you may have already reached level 40 in Phase 2. So, what do we do next?

In this guide, we’ll reveal the ultimate secrets of everything the best players do at level 40, and share the 10 things you need to do at level 40 to get that extra edge.

We’ll break this guide into three parts. This first part we’ll focus on PVE, discussing everything you need to do to get ahead and dominate Season of Discovery, some of which will ensure your success in the rest of the game.

Second, we’ll cover the best gold makers available right now. We all know this phase is very expensive, but I can still produce over 200 WOW Classic SOD Gold per day to offset the enormous expense. So I’ll tell you how to do it.

Finally, we’re going to talk about my favorite topic: PVP. Without further ado, let’s get started!

The 10 Things You Must Do After Reaching The Level Cap In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2!


Let’s start with PVE now. Your focus should be on making Epic helmets. They are the first choice for PVE and PVP.

Helmet Making

Start with Grime-Encrusted Salvage, which you’ll find in Salvagematic 9000. My helmet cost over 400 WoW SoD gold to craft, but when the 3 day lockout comes the price really plummets. Therefore, my advice is to wait until the end of February before making the helmet.

Also, keep in mind that unlocked vendors sell new recipes like Retrocution or Enchants as well as the easy-to-throw Radiation Bomb. Even if you don’t get the helmet right away, you should still do the questline to get these recipes.

Get Cozy Sleeping Bag

Helmet crafting may be one you’ve already completed, but Cozy Sleeping Bag questline is a must-do.

Depending on whether you are Alliance or Horde, you will embark on a journey to Camp Taurajo or Westfall. You will then head to Stonetalon Mountains and Loch Modan, and finally to Arathi Highlands or Hillsbrad Foothills.

If you haven’t reached level 40 yet, a 3% XP bonus is insane. You also get eight Student Fodders, each of which will provide four Rested XP bars, which I plan to keep until Phase 3.

How to get the Cozy Sleeping Bag in WoW Classic SoD Phase 2?

More Runes

We also want to get all the runes you may already have, or three new key runes you may be researching.

Now for my part, I’ll rush out and get Empowered Renew and Dispersion Rune. But the best players have acquired all 18 runes, allowing you to switch to new ones as soon as they cool down.

For example, I can instantly swap Dispersion for Pain Suppression. Then when it cools down, I can instantly switch to Spirit of the Redeemer and it’s like having three super powers all the time.

WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 New Runes Unveiled

Furbolg Medicine Pouch

Another PVE thing to do is farm Furbolg Medicine Pouch. Just one hunter and one healer are enough to farm Furbolg, or you can form a full raiding party.

What’s more, this Pouch has been recently patched and is now actually usable. This makes it pretty crazy for any 1V1 or flag running, and you save time going to Exalted grind in the next phase.

Gold Makers

Now that we’ve discussed PVE, let’s talk about our top gold makers in Phase 2.

Complete Quests

This is an expensive phase. We need to make a lot of Classic SoD gold, and the first thing we need to do is complete quests. Because as long as the quests are within five levels, you will get the maximum gold reward.

There’s usually about two gold rewards per quest, which isn’t that crazy, but there are still over 100 quests you can do. Among them, many will also receive green rewards. But be careful, because if you plan on doing quests in Phase 3, you have a lot of big quests to avoid.

Best gold makers for WoW SoD Phase 2


In fact, all professions have enchanting, even at level one. You can break down the blues and greens in the world and get materials like Nether Essence. They’re worth over three gold each on my server and take things to the next level.

I can usually spend double the money on enchanting materials. You can also use items like Icy Cloak to generate a Large Glowing Shard.

I’ve also made over 400 gold so far by checking out every BiS Tailoring recipe and stocking up on Auction House. Even now, items like Red Mageweave Pants usually make me over 5 gold per craft.

Waylaid Supplies For Sale

Another big gold maker I’m working on right now is selling Waylaid Supplies.

So now we need to completely fill a box before we can turn it in. This means that even low-level box items are still amazing gold makers.

My personal favorites are the cooking boxes like Spider Sausage. Practically every profession can make you money now, but the most important thing is to sell all the stacks in a box that fits.

WoW SoD Phase 2 Waylaid Supplies Reputation Guide

Transmute Alts

Another profession gold maker is Transmute alts. Since several crafting recipes require Silver Bars, they cannot be smelted even with Advanced Mining Gloves.

Therefore, the best way to get bars is to convert Mithril Bars directly into Silver Bars every 48 hours. This way, you’ll earn three to four gold coins per character.

Run Uldaman

Another gold maker I’m working on is running Uldaman. Running Uldaman can get you some decent BiS Gear, and it may even drop extremely expensive items like Pendulum of Doom.

There is currently mixed information on who drops pendulum, but it seems to be mainly elites at level 44 to 45. Even if you’re not lucky enough to get a pendulum, other items may fetch a few hundred gold coins.


Finally, you’ll definitely want to do some PVP as well. Here are the tips you need to pay attention to when completing PVP activities.

STV Blood Moon Event

The big PVP related thing I’m doing is STV Blood Moon Event, which happens every 3 hours. We know the event is a free-for-all, meaning you can kill players from both factions. You can also get tons of PVP rewards.

It seems that once the event starts, Fight Master becomes hostile and doesn’t allow you to leave Stranglethorn Vale easily. This looks like a very interesting mechanic, especially for hardcore PVP fans who want to fully experience the thrill of bloodshed.

WoW SoD Phase 2 New Blood Moon PvP Event Details

Arena Grand Master Grind

Another thing I’m doing is grinding Arena Grand Master, which is the ultimate PVP Trinket, second only to Tidal Charm.

Whenever Blood Moon starts, treasure chests will spawn, and if you get 12 of them, you’ll get a crazy PVP Trinket. We usually summon in groups, then we split into groups of five to compete for Trinket, and then a final PVP match.

I’m really curious what you plan to spend the most time on in Phase 2. No matter what, plan a simple goal. It will really save you more time.