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Is This Death Blow Overkill Barbarian Build Worth Trying In Diablo 4 Season 3?

Cornell Otto

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Welcome to my guide for Diablo 4 Season 3, where I present an incredible Barbarian Build known as the Death Blow Overkill Barbarian.

To kick things off, it’s crucial to equip the Overkill - an Ancestral unique 2-handed mace for Barbarians. With its perfect stats including all stat strength, overpower damage, and berserking, the damage to berserking is particularly noteworthy. Whether you possess an Overkill and seek a build to maximize its potential or simply have a penchant for the Death Blow skill, this build is worth exploring.

Is This Death Blow Overkill Barbarian Build Worth Trying In Diablo 4 Season 3?

Gear & Aspects

Starting with the Primal Bascinet of Might, prioritize Death Blow ranks and essential stats like total armor, maximum life, cooldown reduction, and employ basic skills for an Arsenal build.

Optimize the Juggernaut's Sovereign Mail chest for maximum health, resistances, and damage reduction.

Utilize Earthstriker Doom Gauntlets for their strength, attack speed, Critical Strike Chance, and Rend ranks, adaptable for core skills like Rend or Double Swing.

Choose Iron Blood Primal Chausses pants for Rend synergy or Protector for barrier utility, adjusting stats for defensive emphasis.

Equip Weapon Master's Doom Treads boots for movement speed and resistances.

Utilize Overkill 2-handed mace with rubies for overpower damage, complemented by Royal Boneblade of Inner Calm for stationary bonuses during key actions. Prioritize all-stat, strength, and relevant damage bonuses on weapons like Edgemaster's Skull and Steel and Demonblade of Encroaching Wrath.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Overkill

Customize rings for Critical Strike Chance, overpower damage, and resource generation, considering options like Circle of Elements, or Ring of the Relentless Armsmaster based on individual preferences and synergy with companions. Then we have the Ring of Red Furor. This ring is amazing, and we spend 100 Fury by hitting Rend 3 times, which will proc our Encroaching Wrath, and then it will also proc this ring, and we’re guaranteed to have a Critical Strike.

Skill Tree

Due to the Critical Strike damage boost from this ring, prioritizing damage amplification seems logical. However, maintaining overpower bonuses via gems for Earthstriker remains essential, especially with the inclusion of Bone Breaker.

In the amulet slot, the Iron Warrior is indispensable for Iron Skin users, boasting exceptional attributes such as strength, damage reduction, cooldown reduction, and 2 ranks to Heavy Handed. While this amulet is nearly perfectly rolled, prioritizing 3 ranks to all Weapon Mastery skills over Heavy Handed would further enhance the effectiveness of Death Blow. So try to get the Weapon Mastery skills and Weapon Expertise. With our Weapon Expertise, we do 2-handed axe, because everything will be vulnerable all the time.

For skill allocation, prioritize placing dual wield on Lunging Strike with 2 points for enhancement. Maximize points in Rend for enhanced effectiveness, then choose between Violent for increased damage or Furious for maintaining Edge Master bonus uptime. Allocate 3 points each in Imposing Presence and Iron Skin for enhancement and tactical use respectively. Include Swiftness for mobility and Aggressive Resistance for defense.

Consider omitting Prolific Fury due to companion effectiveness. Maximize points in Pit Fighter and Death Blow, potentially reaching 18 points with appropriate gear. Enhance Death Blow for boosted boss damage and include Warrior's Death Blow for berserking synergy. Utilize enhanced Steel Grasp for vulnerability and Fighter's for additional berserking. Allocate points in Thick Skin for counter offensive.

Diablo 4 Season 3  Pit Fighter

Opt for the Trifecta setup, emphasizing Heavy Handed, Brute Force, and Wallop for mace usage and vulnerability exploitation. Maintain Furious Impulse for weapon swapping Fury gain, adaptable depending on companion utility. Lastly, incorporate Wrath of the Berserker, progressing from Prime to Supreme for enhanced performance.

For our key passive, you could take Unconstrained, or you could take Walking Arsenal. The choice is yours. But if you don’t want to worry about weapon swapping, then Unconstrained would also be amazing as well. And with the skills, make sure that your Rend is on your slashing weapon, make sure your Lunging Strike is on dual wield, and make sure your Death Blow is on your Overkill mace.

Paragon Board & Glyph

In the Paragon board, prioritize Exploit glyph on the starting board to ensure constant vulnerability, and consider Bone Breaker for Wrath, maximizing dexterity for critical strike synergy with Ring of Red Furor. Alternatively, opt for Territorial for consistent damage without reliance on crits.

Emphasize Might in the Carnage board to enhance damage during berserking and bolster damage reduction.

In the Decimator board, focus on acquiring strength nodes for increased damage output.

Utilize the Weapon Master glyph in the Weapon Master board or the starter board to optimize physical damage bonuses, ensuring its effectiveness in tandem with frequent Death Blows.

Finally, prioritize Crusher in the Blood Rage board for overpower damage synergy with the main mace damage, emphasizing strength or Willpower allocation.

Seneschal Construct

Then with our construct, I recommend to use the Flash of Adrenaline, Duration Support, Tactical Support with Initiative Support, and then you put Tempest with Resource Support, Safeguard Support, and Fortify Support. The fortifies are up all the time. All these are my favorite for this construct.