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How To Obtain The 6 Newly Introduced Rogue Runes In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2?

Leon Green

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In Phase 2 of WoW Classic Season of Discovery, several new Rogue runes have been introduced, including Shadowstep, Master of Subtlety, Rolling with Punches, Shuriken Toss, Poisoned Knife and Waylay. Next is a comprehensive guide aims to provide you with information on where to locate these 6 runes.

How To Obtain The 6 Newly Introduced Rogue Runes In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2?

Rolling With Punches

To obtain this rune, you need to journey to Thousand Needles to Camp E’thok. Inside the big tent, you'll find a chest that needs to be looted. Inside the chest, you'll find a smaller lockbox that requires multiple lockpicking attempts. A lockpicking skill of 125 is sufficient. Upon opening the final chest, you'll receive a debuff that prevents you from stealth for 5 minutes. Additionally, you'll obtain the rune.

The rune significantly increases your durability, providing tankiness in challenging situations. When the rune expires, your health percentage remains the same, which can be inconvenient for healing. To mitigate this, manually right-click the buff to remove it or create a macro for quicker removal. Removing the buff before healing reduces the amount of health you need to restore. Alternatively, using a macro ensures prompt removal of the buff, preventing health percentage discrepancies upon expiration.

Master Of Subtlety

Start by heading to Kurzen's Compound in Stranglethorn Vale. Inside the Compound's broken tower, you'll find a captive who needs to be freed. He informs you that high-ranking cursion mobs hold the key to his cage. Enter the nearby cave where the elite mob is located. Pickpocket Kurzen Elite to obtain the key. Inside the cave, you'll also find a supply crate, which contains Kurzen Fighter's Uniform.

WoW Classic SOD Master Of Subtlety

If you're unable to defeat the mobs guarding the supply crate, you can wait for other players to clear them out so you can loot it. Exit the cave and return to the tower to give the key to the prisoner. Then, provide him with the Kurzen's Fighter's Uniform as a disguise, allowing him to escape.

Once the prisoner escapes, he instructs you to speak with Captain Aransas in Booty Bay. The captain can be found under the Inn near the fisherman. She expresses gratitude for saving her crewman and rewards you with the rune and Jani's Charm. If you don't see the prisoner in the cage, it means someone else has already freed him. You'll need to wait for a short respawn period before attempting again.

Shuriken Toss

Possess the Disarm Trap ability or wait for someone else to deactivate the trap. Travel to the Swamp of Sorrows. Find a chest which is trapped with a poison dart. You must disarm the trap to loot the chest. Remove the trap and then loot the chest to acquire the ability. The ability allows you to throw Shurikens and costs 30 energy to use. Despite the ability's cool factor, its damage output is relatively low. Unfortunately, the ability does not proc with Blade Flurry, which would have been a desirable feature.

WoW Classic SOD Swamp of Sorrows


The first thing is that you need to be at least Level 30 to start the quest. Upon entering any major city, you receive mail from a person named C, who offers you a new job. He instructs you to go to a hut next to Shadowfang Keep. At the hut, you find instructions for the next stealth mission. You're tasked with finding a disguise on the monastery grounds and entering the Scarlet Monastery to retrieve an artifact. Locate the stables west of the monastery and loot a disguise from the chest. You may need Lockpicking skills.

Enter the Scarlet Monastery and head to the leftmost dungeon, which is the Graveyard. Pickpocket the Scarlet Scryer in the Chamber of Atonement for a key. Proceed to the Library and put on a disguise of a human Mage. Navigate the dungeon without attacking anyone until you reach a personal letterbox. Use the key to loot the chest, obtaining confidential messages. Exit the library and enter the Graveyard. Follow instructions to reach the Forlorn Cloister and interact with benches to trigger flavor text. Loot the stone cipher from the north crypt.

Return to the Library, and then head to the Gallery of Treasures. You will find the final quest item in the first small room on the left. Back to Shadowfang Keep to turn in the quest, but you won't receive rune rewards yet. Return to your Capital town and wait for a message from C directing you back to the hut for your reward.

Finally, return to Shadowfang Keep once more to loot your rune of Shadowstep. This rune allows you to blink and gain a 70% movement speed boost for 3 seconds, even while rooted. It's especially useful against Druids and Mages, as using Shadowstep does not provoke combat.

Poisoned Knife

You can begin in Desolace and pick up the quest from the Extinguished Campfire. Investigate the camp murder by visiting Kormek’s Hut where a goblin directs you to Booty Bay. In Booty Bay, find Tokal inside the Inn. Buy her a drink to obtain information about the assassin's whereabouts. Travel to Arathi Highlands. Take a boat from Thandol Sspan to the east coast of the Arathi Highlands. Proceed where a Night Elf will spawn after a few minutes. Engage her in combat to obtain a key.

WoW Classic SOD Poisoned Knife

Use the key to unlock a nearby chest, obtaining the Poisoned Knife rune. The ability costs 25 energy (20 with Improved Sinister Strike), deals full offhand weapon damage, and procs poisons on your offhand. The ability has a minimum range of 8 and a maximum of 25. It generates a combo point and is effective for solo content, allowing kiting and stunning tactics.


Start in Deadwind Pass and speak with the Dalaran Agent at the small camp. Equip the trinket she gives you to locate the Dark Riders. There are 7 Dark Riders spread across the world. The first is in Deadwind Pass. Defeat him to obtain The Dalaran Relic. Proceed to Raven Hill in Duskwood, Swamp of Sorrows, and Badlands to summon and defeat the Dark Riders. Encounter the Highlands Dark Rider, but be aware of competition from other players.

Head to the Barrens and Desolace to summon the Dark Riders. With all relics gathered, return to Deadwind Pass to turn them in. You will earn 11 gold and 60 silver from the quest, but the reward, the Waylay rune, is considered underwhelming. Suggestions for improving the Waylay rune include providing a backstab damage boost while using the rune, making it more useful and relevant.