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The Best Strategies For Farming Gold Under The Level Cap Of 40 In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2!

Leon Green

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Adventurers, welcome back! As I believe you have discovered, SoD Phase 2 is much more expensive than Phase 1. The mount costs 100 gold coins, the price of Warlock gear has tripled for no reason, and now just getting my epic helmet costs over 300 gold coins.

Regardless, I’ve embarked on an epic gold-making journey. In this guide, I’ll give you some of my best tips and tricks for farming gold in Season of Discovery. You’ll finally have a way to earn thousands of gold coins to buy all the epic items you’ve always wanted!

The Best Strategies For Farming Gold Under The Level Cap Of 40 In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2!


We’ll start with the best PVE methods. We will complete WOW Classic SOD Gold farming with the best profession and large auction house. These methods got me over 800 gold in this phase, so you’ll definitely want to stick with jumping into PVE.

One of the most powerful gold makers we have right now is the utilization of double profession. TLDR is that you have to complete the entire Epic Helm questline. This questline unlocks the vendor page from Ziri “The Wrench” Littlesprocket in Gnomeregan.

You’ll probably want to have at least one crafting profession at level 200, but having two is even cheaper than buying Grime-Encrusted Salvage directly from Auction House. You may have seen this item dropped from bosses and trash mobs in Gnomeregan.

All you need to do is give Grime-Encrusted Salvage and 30 Silver to Salvagematic 9000 in the raid and salvage some new materials.

What you get from Salvagematic 9000 just got a major new update. From the new update, you will get an average of two materials per recycling. But based on my testing, it looks like that number has gone up to about 5 to 7 materials on average.

Assume that there are six materials in each recycling, and then these materials will be used for new helmet recipes, new belts, and new shields. Even better, having a double profession essentially gives you double the materials and double the profits.

Before you go all out, keep in mind that these items will be heavily nerfed since they have no deposit. So you have to keep an eye on the auction house.

Prices will also drop significantly during the 3-day lockout period. I will definitely continue this approach after prices stabilize. Very few characters will be Leatherworking and Blacksmithing at the same time, so it can still be very profitable.

WoW Classic SOD Gold Farming Guide

Open World Gold Farm

Next we have to talk about the large open world gold maker.

In my opinion, Uldaman is the most fun place to farm, where you always have a chance of getting crazy items like Pendulum of Doom. And there’s plenty to farm here, so they don’t feel like they’re wasting their time.

It seems that level 44 to 45 elites are the only source of Pendulum of Doom, but other mobs also have great item drops, like Papal Fez. So they’re still worth your time.

Another interesting farm I did was Gut Ripper farming in Mauradon and Zul’Farrak. Many of the drops here are in the level 39 to 40 range, so you can definitely maximize your gold earnings within SoD Phase 2 level cap.

One of the more popular places right now is Ziata’jai Ruins, which definitely ticks all the boxes for gold farming. You’ll get a lot of stuff right away, such as tons of Cloth, Wildvine to sell immediately, and tons of Greens to disenchant.

Then the other place that everyone seems to be doing is Darkmist Cavern. Just like other level 30 monster farms, you will get a lot of Greens and Spiders drops.

This isn’t too fun for priests, but Spider Meat is indeed the easiest food to obtain in the game. And Spider Sausage can also be used in Waylaid Supply boxes, so the cooked food sells quickly, giving you a lot of SoD Gold income.


Let’s talk about some really cool PVP gold makers. The biggest PVP gold maker is Gurubashi Arena.

Gurubashi Arena may seem like it’s only for the most serious PVP players, but savvy gold makers know that chests are one of the best sources of level 50 Greens and even Traveler’s Backpacks.

Our guild has taken out two Traveler’s Backpacks from chests. Just the other day, I got a level 36 Mystical Headwrap, which sold for over 350 gold and will be the second Pre-BiS for the next phase.

WOW Classic SOD: Farm Pre-BiS gear to earn gold

Auction House Flipping

These are all very profitable ways, but my actual income comes from the auction house. Unlike Phase 1, I’m not flipping BiS items and focusing more on flipping items that sell quickly, such as items that fill all Waylaid Supply boxes. Because they are now stacked up to 12 and have to be filled.

I also really enjoy flipping through all the high-volume items like Fadeleaf and Light Feather. For example, you could buy up the entire feather market and then raise the price.

I know a lot of people won’t be happy to hear something like this works. But ultimately, thousands of players do this every day with almost every item in the game. I just want to list the potential profits you can ultimately make. You can decide how much market manipulation you want to engage in, or if you want to avoid higher profit flips altogether.

WoW Classic SOD Making Gold though Flipping Items in Auction House

Vendor Flipping

Now that you understand this, let’s bring you more profit with my guaranteed vendor flip.

There are many crafted items with guaranteed reserve prices. If the price drops below a certain level, you can easily snipe and make something that goes directly to the vendor, with all the profitable vendor flips included.

One example is Greater Magic Essence. A Greater Magic Essence becomes a Greater Magic Wand, which can be sold immediately on Crusader track for 15 Silver. Typically, there are over 200 Greater Magic Essences available for less than 12 Silver, meaning you don’t have to rely on selling to players for a guaranteed 6 gold profit.

Another classic method is that any Thick Leather below 7.2 Silver can be turned into a Nightscape item, such as a Nightscape Headband or Nightscape Tunic.

Cooking is another good option, such as Jungle Stew or Mystery Stew. I recommend making a TSM set of all your favorite items to flip.

These are my tips and tricks for farming gold in SoD Phase 2. Hopefully this gold farming guide will ensure you do everything you can to get the maximum advantage.