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Is Last Epoch Worth Playing In 2024? - Last Epoch Review

Donato Greenholt

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Last Epoch has been accessible as an early access title for an extensive period. Initially launched with a single-player focus, the game underwent significant updates that introduced online multiplayer functionality and a plethora of additional content. This includes intricate dungeons featuring unique mechanics and fresh endgame challenges.

Nearly 5 years following its initial Early Access debut, Last Epoch has transitioned into a complete game with its robust 1.0 patch. So is Last Epoch worth playing in 2024?

Is Last Epoch Worth Playing In 2024? - Last Epoch Review

Exploring The Appeal And Current Landscape Of The ARPG Genre

Understanding the allure of Last Epoch requires insight into the ARPG genre's fundamental appeal and current trajectory.

Despite its recent surge in popularity, the genre remains largely shaped by diverse yet influential IPs. Some titles prioritize providing players with an exhilarating power fantasy, enabling them to effortlessly decimate hordes of foes, while others emphasize meticulous gear selection and skill tree optimization before achieving such prowess. Naturally, this endeavor necessitates a substantial investment of Last Epoch Gold, thus it's essential to prepare an adequate amount beforehand.

In essence, ARPGs often inhabit a spectrum, ranging from offering an intense power trip to granting players extensive control over their character's development. Last Epoch finds its place comfortably amidst this spectrum, striking a balance between empowering players with fantastical abilities and allowing ample opportunities for intricate build customization. This middle-ground approach ensures players experience the best of both worlds within the genre.

Last Epoch Overview

The game presents abundant opportunities for indulging in power fantasies, particularly as you progress into the mid-game and witness the synergies between your various abilities intertwine. Concurrently, Last Epoch fosters an environment ripe for experimentation with these synergies, employing one of the most ingenious methods of build customization I've encountered in an ARPG.

As you advance through your journey within Last Epoch, acquiring new abilities mirrors the standard progression in any ARPG. However, what distinguishes the experience is the individualized skill tree accompanying each ability. This feature allows for meticulous tinkering with the functionality of your skills. For instance, with the Necromancer specialization, you might opt to delegate your killing to summoned minions. Further customization can be achieved by enabling Summon Skeleton to summon archers and mages. These customization options extend to various skeleton types, each endowed with unique abilities such as Fire Arrows for archers and a poison blast for mages, while regular skeleton warriors inflict bleeding with each strike.

Last Epoch Falconer

Such extensive customization permeates every class, subclass, and ability. For example, the Sentinel class offers the flexibility to specialize as either a weapons expert, embodied by the Forge Guard, or delve into Dark Magic as the Void Knight. Conversely, the Rogue class provides options like the pet-centric Falconer, the archery-focused Marksman, or the stealth-oriented Blade Dancer. Similar diverse choices are available for the Mage and Primalist classes, significantly impacting your character's build based on your preferred playstyle.

However, any comprehensive discussion about ARPGs today necessitates an exploration of their endgame systems. Fortunately, Last Epoch offers several engaging options to explore.

Endgame Content

The central aspect of endgame content is embodied in the Monolith of Fate. Unlocked upon completing the main storyline, the Monolith of Fate guides players through a sequence of procedurally generated zones. Each zone offers the opportunity for players to target specific equipment slots for desired loot. For instance, players may opt for a zone that rewards them with a weapon or one that offers a new pair of boots.

Another significant component of endgame content is the Arena, providing a competitive avenue for players. In the Arena, players confront endless waves of increasingly challenging enemies. Upon defeat, players earn placement on relevant leaderboards, showcasing their skills, class, and the number of waves survived. These leaderboards are further categorized into solo, group, softcore, and hardcore divisions.

However, among Last Epoch's most captivating features are its dungeons, which transcend mere cavernous pathways. Drawing inspiration from popular MMORPGs, these dungeons boast unique mechanics. Whether navigating light mechanics to impede the growth of perilous plant-based adversaries or traversing between distinct time periods within a single dungeon run, each dungeon promises distinctive rewards alongside the anticipated randomly generated loot.

Last Epoch Monolith of Fate

Time Travel

Now, shifting gears to discuss time travel, let's delve into the narrative of Last Epoch. In terms of ARPG storylines, Last Epoch may not rank as the most captivating. However, it possesses a unique twist in the form of time manipulation.

As players progress through the narrative, they traverse various eras, including the Ancient, Ruined, and Imperial Eras. While the game incorporates intriguing attempts at environmental storytelling, particularly evident when revisiting locations across millennia, ultimately, the overarching plot simplifies to the pursuit of locating and defeating the primary antagonist.

Narrative Depth & Gameplay

Throughout the narrative, there are numerous enjoyable moments, as your actions contribute to significant events within the world of Eterra. Whether forging bonds with various NPCs or leading a campaign against an entire empire, these experiences add depth to the gameplay.

However, amidst these engaging moments, Last Epoch suffers from an excess of filler content. Players often find themselves traversing aimlessly through random zones, engaging in mindless combat until they must interact with an NPC to advance the storyline.

While the gameplay choices offer extensive customization and remain entertaining, certain decisions within the game's narrative introduce unnecessary padding. Nonetheless, the core gameplay maintains its enjoyment, particularly as players unlock advanced abilities that enhance the power fantasy characteristic of ARPGs.

In summary, Last Epoch strikes a balance among its peers in the ARPG genre, providing players with ample character customization while remaining accessible. Despite the meandering nature of its story, the endgame content proves enjoyable, with dungeons standing out as highlights within the game.