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Follow This Best Route To Find All The New Warlock Runes In WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3!

Donato Greenholt

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The launch of WOW Classic SOD Phase 3 introduces a new level cap of 50, the new world events, and a host of improved content. As standard with each phase release, each class also has a new set of runes to discover.

In SOD Phase 3, Warlock has access to 6 new runes, which can be equipped on Bracer and Head gear to provide additional buffs to the character. So when players reach level 40 and above, they will desperately need tips to find the runes they need.

This guide covers all the new Warlock Runes introduced in Season of Discovery Phase 3, including details on each rune’s effects and how to obtain them. Let’s get started quickly!

Follow This Best Route To Find All The New Warlock Runes In WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3!

Immolation Aura Rune

First, Immolation Aura is an important rune for Warlock class known as masters of dark magic. It burns nearby enemies every 2 seconds and reduces all magic damage taken by 10% until canceled.

To obtain this rune, players need to find three Reagents scattered around Ashenvale on different types of demons. In this case, we will defeat them and ask for specific materials.

These demons are located within Emerald Portal in Ashenvale, also known as Bough Shadow. Here, you need to defeat Dreamyre Imp to get Dreamyre Fire, Emberspark Dreamsworn to get Dreamsworn Horn, and Dreamhunter Hound to get Dreamhunter Fang.

Once you have all three items, combine them to get your Immolation Aura Rune.

Unstable Affliction Rune

Unstable Affliction is a very easy to obtain Warlock Rune and is arguably one of the most powerful runes for Warlock. It may become the rune of choice for Affliction Warlock builds in the future.

To find it, all you need to do is build a Friendly reputation with Emerald Wardens. You can then buy it from any Quartermasters for 1 WOW Classic SOD Gold and 60 Silver.

You can participate in Nightmare Incursions in different areas through four portals and complete tasks assigned by Field Captain NPC to gain the reputation of Emerald Wardens. Missions can include defeating enemies, gathering resources, or defeating bosses, some of which require teamwork.

I would like to remind you that these portals have specific level ranges and completing higher level missions alone is risky. Therefore, I would recommend you to just choose one that suits your level.

Currently, you can start in Duskwood at level 25, Ashenvale at level 40, and Feralas and Hinterlands at level 50.

WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3: All Warlock Runes & Locations So Far

Summon Felguard Rune

To get Summon Felguard Rune for your Warlock in Phase 3, you first need an Explorer Imp. This is also Warlock companion introduced in Season of Discovery Phase 3.

Whenever you defeat certain mobs with Drain Soul, you have a chance to receive an Explorer’s Soul, which summons an Explorer Imp for you. You can use them to explore Fel Slivers, Fel Tears, Fel Scars, Fel Rifts, and Fel Cracks scattered around the map.

Note that you must keep exploring these until you get Summon Felguard Rune. Their exact locations vary, but here are a few that can currently be found:

  • Fel Silver: Barrens, Westfall, Silverpine Forest
  • Fel Tear: Swamp of Sorrows, Desolace
  • Fel Scar: Feralas, Azshara, Blasted Lands
  • Fel Crack: Barrens, Ashenvale, Redrige Mountain

Pandemic Rune

Pandemic is an extremely powerful Warlock Rune for SOD Phase 3 endgame content. Its ability to make your damage critical cannot be underestimated.

But it’s also a relatively easy rune to find. Your first task is to find two specific monsters in Feralas and loot their belongings. The items you need can be found in containers near the corpse. Among them, you can find Grimtotem Necklace on Dead Diseased Grimtotem Shaman, and Broken Woodpaw Staff on Dead Diseased Woodpaw Mystic.

Combine these two items to create a Diseased Nature Staff. Then, head to Woodpaw Camp near (72, 50) and use it on the nearby Diseased Forest Walker. Once it’s awakened, loot its Pandemic Rune.

Backdraft Rune

Backdraft is a viable rune for any DPS and Tank Warlock. To obtain the runes, you need to interact with four Leyline Confluxes scattered across Azeroth.

You still need Explorer Imp, though, so you can get 4 Worldcore Fragments from their exploration. Backdraft Rune can only be obtained by collecting all four and combining them. These four Leyline Confluxes can be found at:

  • Azshara Leycryst: Azshara
  • Feralas Leycryst: Feralas
  • Hinterlands Leycryst: Hinterlands
  • Blackrock Leycryst: Searing Gorge

Just a reminder, in the last location you have to fight a level 47 elite. It’s immune to Arcane Damage, but that’s not a big problem for Warlock.

Vengeance Rune

Vengeance is Head Rune added in SOD Phase 3. As a Warlock Tank, this is a very useful rune that provides temporary HP and makes your wings slowfall under Metamorphosis Form.

Players need to complete Wild Gods quest chain to unlock this rune. Everyone in your party will need to obtain Wild Gods from Shadowtooth Emissary in Emerald Sanctuary in Felwood. However, only one person needs to travel to Jintha’alor and farm Troll Elites.

Please note that one person in the party needs to have Wildwhisper Draught in order to travel to Razorfen Downs. Then you need to find Amnennar the Coldbringer and clean his room, drink Draught and accept his quest.

The quest requires you to go to three dungeons and claim Wild Offerings from Delirious Ancient using the items he gives you. When you see “You feel a shadowed presence” on the screen, use the item near the creature. You can only kill these souls once per lock, so many players reset the dungeon over and over. The three dungeon missions are:

Zul’Farrak: Defeat Gahz’rilla, clear the area, find the spider ghost, use Agamaggan’s Roar to spawn a level 52 elite, defeat it, and collect Wild Offering.

Maraudon: Defeat Princess Theradras, clear the area, and find the ghost in the upper-level water. Use Agamaggan’s Roar again to spawn a level 52 elite, defeat it, and collect Wild Offering.

Blackrock Depths: Kill Houndmaster Grebmar, High Interrogator Gerstahn, and complete Ring of Law. Find the basilisk ghost on Dark Iron Highway and use Agamaggan’s Roar to spawn a level 52 elite, defeat it to collect Wild Offering.

Finally, bring these Wild Offerings back to Shadowtooth Emissary to claim your new Vengeance Rune.

In any case, WOW Classic SOD Phase 3 has officially started, and we need to find the necessary runes as soon as possible to upgrade our Warlock gear so that we can be prepared before entering the new raid!