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Try This Attention-Worthy Warlock Build Utilizing The Wheel Of Torment In Last Epoch 1.0!

Bren Lyles

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Hi, players! I’m excited to introduce a new Warlock build for Last Epoch 1.0 with the Wheel of Torment, which can tackle high corruption. In this guide, I’ll walk you through step by step on how to craft your own Torment Warlock. Let’s dive right in without delay!

Try This Attention-Worthy Warlock Build Utilizing The Wheel Of Torment In Last Epoch 1.0!

Gear Setup

Here’s a breakdown of the gear setup for this build, focusing heavily on unique items, although not all of them are necessary:

  • Staff: The essential item is the Wheel of Torment staff, which stands out for its unique ability to actively torment enemies, providing Haste and Necrotic Penetration. It’s incredibly powerful, even allowing for a simplified one-button play style because of its chance to cast Chthonic Fissure on rare bosses.
  • Helmet: The Bone Clamor helmet is another crucial piece, granting one ward per 3% uncapped Necrotic Resistance, emphasizing the importance of maximizing Necrotic Resistance.
  • Ring: Ashes of Mortality further enhance damage and cast speed while providing ward retention and a ward boost based on hitting damned and ignited enemies, which are likely to occur frequently in combat.
  • Relic: Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros rounds out the Uniques, providing level and cast speed bonuses along with ward augmentation, synergizing well with the build.

Moving on to other gear components: the Oracle amulet offers Necrotic Resistance, while the Necropolis Plate body armour and Spidersilk Sash belt provide additional Necrotic Resistance. With standard boots, gloves, and ring, the gear setup is complete. The choice all depends on your amount of Last Epoch Gold.

Last Epoch 1.0 Wheel of Torment

Skills & Specializations

Chthonic Fissure: The initial step is to head left and upwards to acquire the node Chaotic Rupture. This node ensures that Chaos Bolts are automatically generated from your Chthonic Fissure, eliminating the need for manual activation. The next node to prioritize is Of Gloom and Flames, doubling the size of your Chthonic Fissure, resulting in increased Chaos Bolts and spirits.

After securing these nodes, the focus shifts to acquiring Damned Waters, Twisted Waves, and Grim Tide. The Grim Tide significantly boosts Chthonic Fissure and ailment-inflicted Necrotic damage multiplicatively for every 1% added crit multiplier. Twisted Waves amplify torment damage multiplicatively for every 2% uncapped Necrotic Resistance.

Considering the build’s high mana consumption, allocating points into Fragile Crust (3 points) and Fell Fire (1 point) helps manage mana more effectively. Investing 3 points into the Tombgorger further amplifies the multiplicative damage of your torment.

Soul Feast: Soul Feast plays an important role in this build. The first thing you want to do is get Hellmind and into Waning Life, which provides Necrotic Penetration and damage chance per intelligence. Then to get mana to ensure you never run out of mana, especially when fighting rares and bosses.

Last Epoch 1.0 Soul Feast

After that, allocate 5 points into the Bones of the Accursed. If you want more Ward, you should invest in this setup. However, if you prefer more damage, move 1 point into Grim Affliction, which offers 35% multiplicative damage but half the ward. This decision is entirely up to you.

Chaos Bolts: The first thing you want to do is get Extracted Liberation, which makes your Rip Blood auto-cast. Then, you want to get another Affliction where your Bone Curse is auto-cast. So, with your Chaos Bolts, you don’t have to manually trigger Rip Blood or Bone Curse. This setup helps with life leech and mana leech, making it very effective.

Next, you want to get the Condemned to Chaos and Mania in Flames for the ignite chance and the damned. Additionally, you want multiplicative damage based on having ailments on the enemy. Lastly, allocate 1 point in the Grave for 2 DoT per missing health.

Bone Curse: The last skill, Curse of Bones, is its basic setup. First thing you want to do is to turn it into a Necrotic damage curse. You then want to get Marrow Thief, which is going to give you bone armor chance to kill for some survivability. Get Brittle Bones, which is where you're going to get your kill threshold, and then get slow duration.

Rip Blood: What you need to do is to put 5 point into Splatter. Then turns it into Ward Gain and made it a Necrotic spell. Boost its damage and then get more Ward back from Rip Blood. If you can handle it when it comes to mana, which is going to double your Rip Bloods.

Last Epoch 1.0 Rip Blood

Passive Trees

Acolyte: Starting with the base Acolyte tree, you want 8 points into Forbidden Knowledge, 6 into Stolen Vitality, 1 into Mana Mortality, and 5 into Unnatural Preservation. You want as much Necrotic Resistance as possible, and you're almost going to max your Necrotic Resistance in this first tree because you've got 6 vitality and then you've got 60 Necrotic Resistance.

Warlock: You want 5 into Soul Stealer, 5 into the Occultist Mind for mana and intelligence. You want to put 6 into Spirit Leech, which is going to keep you alive. You're then going to get some Ward, but this note is very important: Ward Decay Threshold per 1% Necrotic Resistance.

You're then going to put 5 into Harrowing Armor, which is going to help you stay alive, and 5 into Dark Protections, which is going to give you damage reduction and help you stay alive. You want to make sure you have Withering because this is also going to give you less damage taken while withering and help keep you alive.