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Key Tips On How To Reach The Elite In EA FC 24 Division Rivals

Leon Green

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In EA Sports FC 24, no one starts out as a perfect player. You have to climb up step by step, improving every single day, and then become an elite player. So, in today’s guide, I’m going to share the ultimate tips to help you improve to the Elite from any division in Division Rivals and get the rewards.

Key Tips On How To Reach The Elite In EA FC 24 Division Rivals

Divisions From 7 To 10

Starting off with divisions 10 to 7, like other games, FC 24 has unique mechanics with different difficulties. At this stage, your aim should be to learn the fundamentals. Remember, without mastering the basics, you won't be able to progress and might get stuck at the same level. Let me give you 2 very basic examples, one for offense and the other for defense.

Defense: When defending on the pitch, mastering how to defend with Jockey is crucial. This defensive mechanic, activated by holding the L2/LT button, positions your players defensively, enabling them to better defend and mirror opponents. Rather than aimlessly chasing the dribbler, focus on getting in front of them and utilizing the jockey button to gain a defensive edge.

Offense: The direction your player faces is crucial for offense. Pressing buttons anytime is possible, but passing or shooting in a direction you're not facing decreases accuracy and power. Remind yourself if passing or shooting in a direction, turn towards it first. Take extra steps if needed, but remember this rule.

At the beginner stage, mastering basic mechanics is crucial, but hand-eye coordination can pose a challenge. Even if you know the right move, executing it accurately can be hindered by incorrect finger inputs. The key to overcoming this coordination issue is practice, and fortunately, skill games offer numerous opportunities to hone these skills.

Divisions From 3 To 6

After you learn the simple mechanics, you need to start using them together as a whole. Heading from division 6 to 3 requires a better understanding of the game. This understanding is again based on the simple mechanics but much faster. Certain FC 24 Coins can power up your players and help you against your opponents.

With the advice from the beginner stage, you can go for a pass and right after, identify your next passing target while the ball is traveling. As an extra, control the ball into that potential passing direction and already prepare the next pass. Getting used to this gives you a significant advantage.

EA FC 24 Passing

On the defensive side, you need to control your urge winning the ball and instead of going into a wild defensive challenge, wait for the right time. Breaking the shape while rushing out with the Defender could be easily punished, so make sure you stand your ground firmly. If the opponent securely has the ball at their feet, don't rush into a tackle.

Divisions From 1 To 2

When it comes to division 1 and 2, you might have to differentiate stronger mechanics from the weaker ones. Every single mechanic has its use in FC 24, but over the years, some of them can overrule the others, and this is what we call the meta, which stands for the most effective tactics available.

This year, the Cutbacks have been extremely strong. You head towards the wing, make your way towards the goal line, then turn and pass to a player who is coming from the back or is already inside the box in a proper position. You can score many goals with this overpowered mechanic easily. But you also need to learn how to defend against the meta moves.

Let's continue with the Cutbacks again. While manually defending the dribbler, you can tap the R1/RB button twice and hold it down after the second tap to activate the Partial Team Press, which will get your AI-controlled Defenders closer to the potential passing targets.

One other clear advice that I can give you at this stage is not to rely on the same mechanic repeatedly. They might work until a point, but getting stuck to one attacking style or mechanic will also get you stuck and keep changing them in your rotation, because this will be the key to becoming an Elite Division player in FC 24.

EA FC 24 Elite Division

Elite Division

Usually, in the first minutes of the games, the opponents show their tendencies and how they like to play in EA FC 24. Be sure to analyze both defense and offense of your opponents. For example, if you see a player who likes to dribble too much, then you can prioritize defending the dribble in the next positions.

However, that doesn't mean you're allowed to leave the other option wide open. Try to approach the opponent on their dribbling lane while also covering a potential pass. This way, you defend both opportunities, even if you prioritize one over the other.

In their defense, if they like to become really aggressive and press up high, don't panic. Make sure you distribute the ball with side passes to your teammates and try to fill the gaps they created with their aggressiveness. Remember, for every move, there's a counter-move.

Try to give the opponent an obvious intention that you're making a move towards your comfort zone. This will trigger their tendencies, but the upside is you will know what is going to happen beforehand. With this information, you can bait the opponent into one direction and execute the initial plan in your head.