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What About This Spectre Build Featuring The New Emerge Moon Dancer In Path Of Exile 3.24?

Mikel Skiles

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In today's discussion, we'll delve into the Spectre build guide for the Path of Exile 3.24. I must advise against starting with the Spectre build guide on a low budget or as a league starter. However, in the Necropolis League, we now have access to the Moon Dancer Spectres which can enable you to embark on this build right from the start.

What About This Spectre Build Featuring The New Emerge Moon Dancer In Path Of Exile 3.24?

Build Overview

Once you can obtain 4 spectres, that is when you can start fully playing this build. To get 4 spectres, you need the Death Attunement node on the skill tree, as well as having a Level 25 Raise Spectre gem. This can be achieved by having a Level 21 Raise Spectre gem along with a plus level of Raise Spectre from either your Bones of Ullr or unique boots.

There is an option of getting a Replica Dragonfang's Flight that gives up the spectres to Level 3 extra. However, using the exclusive Perquil's Toe does more damage, requires very little POE Currency on gear, and is a great deal on the skill tree.

Skill Tree

For the low-budget approach, we are going to be going in with the Ascendancy node of Mistress of Sacrifice. This is because of the low-budget build we'll be using Bone Offering to give ourselves and our minions block chances.

Path Of Exile 3.24 Mistress of Sacrifice

We'll also be running Commander of Darkness for resistances to us and our minions, Mindless Aggression for damage and life, as well as Bone Barrier to provide ourselves with some leech. I would recommend not specking into the leech nodes and simply having the generic leech, so it has less strength to it than it should be.

We are going for the tempering as Enduring Bond mods. We're going for Spiritual Command or Sovereignty, as well as the Redemption and Righteous Army on the left-hand side, Gravepact in the bottom, and then we're just picking up Blocking nodes and resistance notes. In the former Sanctuary, we're also picking up Eldritch Battery.

Gem Links

Eldritch Battery allows you to use the Divine Blessing setup. The problem with the Divine Blessing is that it's going to cost a lot of energy shield. Because of this, it's something you will take when your gear is supplying enough energy shield for this to work. The other auras we'll be running are Generosity Wrath, Petrified Blood, and Determination.

Path Of Exile 3.24 Divine Blessing

Petrified Blood, you don't have to be on low life all the time. You can use a life flask to get full HP. The purpose of this is to create a state of over-leeching. As our minions will leech consistently to us, we will always be covering ourselves from the damage that's coming in.

We'll have a Conductivity curse, a Frostblink, Convocation, Faster Attacks with Shield Charge, and an Animate Guardian in a separate link, which you don't really need to use if you don't want to or feel comfortable with it because the medium budget cannot use an Animate Guardian.

The weapon will be a generic trigger weapon for Bone Offering, and Desecrates will have a Feeding Frenzy setup for Stone Golem and Raise Zombie, which will not only act as buffing for our minions through making the enemy take elemental damage to the Elemental Army and giving them damage buffs to our minions through Feeding Frenzy, but also act as meat shields to cover you and make you safer.

Links for the spectres are very straightforward as well. We'll have Raise Spectre, Minion Damage, Spell Echo, Returning Projectiles, Pierce, and Faster Projectiles for single Target switch gems. You would then remove the Returning Projectile for Slower Projectile.

As far as the pantheon is concerned, for the low budget, we’re going to be running the Brine King for freeze immunity and the Arakaali for the ignite reduction of duration. Outside of that, we can utilize the unique jewel Unending Hunger, which will perform well for clear speed.

Path Of Exile 3.24 Unending Hunger

Gear Setup

The goal for the low budget build is to prioritize getting block sorted and having life and resistance capped, along with sorting your attributes through your gear. For example, Perquil’s Toe provides a lot of dexterity, but you’ll need additional dexterity, which can be obtained through other gear pieces.

The weapon will be a trigger, preferably +2, but +1 is the cheaper option, with a minion damage modifier, and the shield should have life, with a level of minion skills. The helmet should have life and +1 level of minion skills if possible.

In later stages, the chest piece will be a Delve modifier chest, granting an extra spectre to go from 4 to 5 spectres. Before that, in the low budget setup, aim for a corrupted 6-link with life, resistances, or attributes.

Gloves will focus on life and resistances. Look for energy shield bases to ensure coverage of the energy shield. In a great low-budget state, the high-budget version will use Elder Influenced boots to obtain that level of spectre per kill. Double Bone Rings with minion damage and attack speed are beneficial. Additionally, prioritize attributes like light for the darkness and throne.

For jewels, focus on life combined with minion damage after using a minion skill recently, or consider flat lightning damage. Rumi’s Concoction is a recommended approach, and consider using a jewel that provides effects like taunt or blind.