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Farming Mobs Can Lead To Rich In WoW Season Of Discovery Phase 2 - Lost Rigger Cove

Leon Green

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Hi, players! Today, let me present to you a mobs farming guide that will yield a substantial amount of gold in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2, even more than Uldaman! I'm sure you won't want to miss this!

Farming Mobs Can Lead To Rich In WoW Season Of Discovery Phase 2 - Gold Making Guide

If you like ships, pirates, and treasure maps, stay tuned as I’m about to show you how to clear most pirates at Lost Rigger Cove in 3 pulls, how to open the captain’s chest if you don’t have it on your ship, and how to find Lost Treasure quest by following multiple treasure maps.

For talents, any of the Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, or Survival builds work fine. In this farming, you can put around 7 or 8 points invested in Beast Mastery and the rest in Survival. As for the rune, you can choose Lone Wolf, which seems to be at least 30 seconds to 1 minute faster than Heart of Lion.

Southsea Freebooter

First, we need to head to the Lost Rigger Cove in Tanaris, at the workshop boat. We’re going to pull pirates with levels 44 and 45, using our serpent pet. The reason why we’re using the wind serpent is because it has a ranged attack. So you want to body pull the first mobs and then use the WeakAura with 5.5 seconds until the next mobs will aggro. We’re also trying to use the range attack to pull all the mobs that we can.

WoW Classic SOD Lost Rigger Cove

Make sure if you have Southsea Freebooter in the first pull, try not to pull more than 2 Southsea Freebooters because they are ranged mobs and they’re going to kill you. You can just body pull those 2 mobs and put a free Frost Trap in the middle. Try to practice this jump. Basically, the jump is you press jump and once you reach the highest point of the jump. Press forward and then you slightly move on the ledge.

For our pets, the serpent has dive rank 1, which is 40% speed, while a wolf or a cat can have dash rank 2, which is 60% speed. You can actually use any pet you want. Once all the mobs are dispatched, they'll attempt to flee. Focus on the remaining Level 45 mobs, applying Serpent Sting and Multi-Shot for maximum damage.

Southsea Swashbuckler

For the second pull, we're using the Eye of the Beast. Starting from the back of the ship, we aim to avoid aggroing extra mobs from the front and risking getting dazed too soon. If the pet gets dazed, it complicates the pull significantly. So, we opt for approaching from behind the ship.

WoW Classic SOD Eye of the Beast

Our target is to pull the mobs known as the Southsea Swashbuckler. Once we aggro the first pack, you'll notice my WeakAuras displaying a bar with a 5.5-second duration. We proceed to engage the second pack, attempting to cast a Lightning Bolt on both mobs and avoiding getting dazed. Despite getting dazed at one point, you can maneuver by strafing backwards to evade it.

As you gain experience, you'll become adept at pulling more mobs behind you. Setting down the Frost Trap, we jump back up and commence with Explosive Shot and Explosive Trap. Occasionally, the mobs may respawn in such cases, simply add them to the rotation. They'll run into the Frost Trap, making it easy to handle.

The Third Pull

For the third pull, we'll back off a bit because the mobs will respawn. We use Eye of the Beast again, and this time, we can go in front. We're going to go all the way up into the boat. Try to walk, strafe, jump backward. Once you get undazed, just move ahead all the way on top of the ship. Then get the one furthest away and use a Lightning Bolt.

Now, you can jump in the ship and press escape, and the mob will get automatically teleported to you. You can try to pull more mobs, especially if you have pirates, not the Freebooters because the Freebooters are kind of dangerous. We're not going to interfere with our first pull. We're just going to pull the mobs on the left and the right.

Captain's Footlocker

Let's delve into the contents of the Captain's Footlocker, which holds several valuable items. Firstly, it may contain a quest item along with the item required to start the quest, typically available for 4 WoW SOD Gold. It may house a Captain's Key, a unique item used to unlock a Captain's Chest located on the third boat, where we engage the mobs. Inside, you may find a guaranteed green item or the elusive Southsea Lamp.

WoW Classic SOD, Captain's Footlocker

It could contain Journeyman's Backpack, 14 Slaughters, and other valuable items. If you obtain a captain's key, it's unique, but you can store the extras in the pet footlocker without opening them, allowing you to open them later as needed. It's advisable to accumulate several keys before opening the chest since it respawns every 20 to 30 seconds.

In addition to the Captain's Footlocker, you may discover the Upper Map Fragment, Middle Map Fragment, and Lower Map Fragment, which, when combined, form one treasure map. Completing the quest initiated by these maps grants you Cuergo's Treasure Map. However, one drawback is if you die the Corpse Run is quite long and it's going to take a while to get back.

Cuergo's Treasure Map

Complete the quest Cuergo's Gold and accept the reward from the quest - Cuergo's Hidden Treasure. First, you'll need a key. It is quite a complicated quest because of the mobs that spawn out of 5 on the map. You need to kill one of the 5 mobs so you can loot the key. Then you have to reset the mobs to loot the treasure chest.

Kite one mob far away until it dies, and then you Feign Death and loot the key. When you go back to the initial chest, you put the pet far away, like 100 yards away from the chest. You attack with the pet, and then you put the pet on passive, and you go and loot the chest. The mobs will follow the pet, you will loot the chest, rinse and repeat.