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How To Get The Best Gaming Experience In Enshrouded? - 15 Expert Tips

Donato Greenholt

Published On

After dedicating 100 hours to playing Enshrouded, I’ve compiled 15 advanced tips to optimize your gaming experience.

How To Get The Best Gaming Experience In Enshrouded? - 15 Expert Tips

1. Unlocking Everything

To begin with, unlocking everything and discovering new Enshrouded Items in the game will also unlock the recipes associated with them.

During my initial gameplay, I encountered difficulty finding Goo because I hadn’t crafted Bug Dust, despite having it unlocked as a recipe. I failed to make the connection between the two, so I highly recommend thoroughly exploring all craftsmen and crafting one of each item as a precaution.

2. Animation Cancelation

While many enjoy leaping off an Arcane Tower, it can lead to unfortunate outcomes, such as carelessly tumbling off a mountainside into lava or plummeting to one’s demise.

To mitigate such mishaps, you can cancel various actions, like mid-air movement, by right-clicking just before reaching the ground. This technique can be incredibly beneficial in preventing accidents.

3. Work Outside The Box

Some players relish navigating through intricate traps, but at times, it’s more practical to bypass them entirely. Whether by leaping onto a nearby ledge, circumventing obstacles, or devising alternative routes around a base, leveraging the environment’s features can simplify traversal.

Utilize terrain advantages and remember, you have multiple options for overcoming obstacles — whether by digging, flying, or dismantling structures — rather than solely relying on conventional methods like finding switches.

4. Don’t Scrimp On Ammunition

During the initial 20 hours of gameplay, I relied solely on wooden arrows as a Ranger due to their affordability and ease of resource acquisition. However, I reserved rarer arrows for encounters with bosses.

Yet, resources are plentiful in this game, making it a prudent choice to opt for arrows that deal 21 damage over those inflicting only eight, even if it requires slightly more resources. The significant increase in damage output justifies the additional preparation time, resulting in a smoother gaming experience.

Don’t Scrimp On Ammunition in Enshrouded

5. Streamlined Crafting

Did you know that crafting a Lockpick on the go consumes double the resources? Hence, thorough preparation is essential.

Although metal scraps are relatively abundant, certain items prove more resource-efficient to craft. For instance, utilizing a spinning wheel instead of a hand spinner doubles the resource output, making it worthwhile to explore alternative crafting methods for frequently used resources or recipes.

6. Easier Exploration

While this method may be addressed in future updates, my experience with games like Skyrim has taught me a valuable lesson: with the right approach, you can ascend any mountain.

Whether through strategic jumping and rolling or utilizing double jumps, this technique can significantly reduce the time spent navigating mountainous terrain and expedite exploration efforts.

7. Essential Skill Selection

Certain skills are indispensable in this game and warrant careful consideration. I highly recommend acquiring the Double Jump skill, which not only aids in evading danger but also facilitates exploration.

Additionally, the Desert Stomach skill provides an extra food slot, significantly enhancing character buffs. Another valuable skill is Updraft, simplifying exploration and granting access to elevated areas with ease.

For solo players, investing in resource gathering skills proves highly advantageous, particularly for those inclined towards construction. On dedicated servers, it’s beneficial for each player to assume a specific role. I strongly advocate for tanks to select the Earth Aura skill, reducing damage by 10% for all players. It would be intriguing to explore potential synergies if this effect could be stacked among multiple players.

In cooperative gameplay, the Water Aura skill offers team members free healing, further augmented by pairing it with Waters of Life.

Enshrouded Essential Skill Selection

8. Exploration Strategies

When embarking on exploration endeavors, it’s prudent to carry altars or the necessary resources for their construction. In later levels, certain biomes lack stone, crucial for building altars. Hence, if you intend to utilize teleportation points or return to base as needed, it’s essential to have these resources on hand.

For extended journeys where altars may not suffice, consider bringing a campfire along. Placing it in a sheltered area grants a short rested bonus, enhancing your travel experience.

9. Enhance Comfort

Optimize your comfort level at your main base to capitalize on the rested bonus it offers. This bonus significantly boosts stamina and stamina regeneration.

With sufficient investment, you can enjoy an hour-long rested bonus, provided you avoid perishing during your travels, as death resets the bonus.

10. Maximizing Projectile Efficiency

While swords and staves excel at striking multiple enemies simultaneously, arrows wielded by Rangers possess similar capabilities.

When ammunition is scarce, precise timing allows a single arrow to damage multiple adversaries. Positioning enemies closely before releasing the bow maximizes the efficacy of each shot.

11. Eat For The Part

To enhance your damage output, prioritize consuming meals tailored to your objectives rather than relying on basic foods, especially in later stages of the game.

Crafting hearty meals with significant buffs can substantially boost attributes.

12. Better Spreading

For future base or farm development involving dirt roads, ensure efficient resource allocation by placing a few resource blocks and using a rake to spread them out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the extent of coverage, saving considerable resource-gathering efforts.

Regarding the rake, there’s a current bug preventing its crafting for players above level five who haven’t done so already. In such cases, creating a new character, obtaining the necessary resources (likely spring twigs and stone), crafting a rake, and transferring it to the primary server temporarily is the workaround.

13. Strategic Resource Mapping

While resources replenish regularly, the absence of an option to disable respawning hampers gameplay difficulty.

To aid resource management, meticulously mark resource locations on your map for future reference, facilitating efficient retrieval.

14. Expedited Looting

To refresh resources and items swiftly, exit and relaunch the game or, if on a server, stop and restart it.

Although regarded as an exploit, this method enables players to exploit item acquisition by repeatedly entering and exiting the game. While not recommended, placing a Flame Altar near a gold chest or Flame Sanctum allows for resource farming or continual item rolling.

15. Exploit Enemy Behavior

Given the game’s recent release to Early Access, its optimization remains incomplete, resulting in suboptimal enemy pathfinding.

However, this flaw presents strategic opportunities for players seeking to exploit enemy weaknesses. Whether confronting isolated soldiers or formidable bosses, evading their attacks using the Double Jump ability and engaging them from a distance can offer a tactical advantage.

Bonus Tip: Streamlined Weapon Handling

You can swiftly equip a weapon by right-clicking it and selecting “Equip,” enabling seamless weapon transitions using the Q key. This eliminates the need for manual weapon swapping, allowing for rapid weapon changes during combat scenarios.

This method proves particularly advantageous for Rangers, facilitating quick bow shots followed by a swift transition to a sword and shield setup for close-range defense, potentially preserving one’s life by promptly raising the shield.