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Check Out The Unique Items Newly Added To The Core Drop Pool In Path Of Exile 3.24

Mikel Skiles

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The new Necropolis expansion in the Path of Exile is upcoming! A recent announcement from GGG has disclosed that the majority of its features will not be integrated into the core. So, in this guide, we delve into the Unique items exclusive to Affliction that will now become part of the core drop pool in Path of Exile 3.24.

Check Out The Unique Items Newly Added To The Core Drop Pool In Path Of Exile 3.24

We have got a large number of information from the GGG Affiction post, for the only part of Affliction which is actually going core in POE 3.24 - the Necropolis League. That’s the Wildwood exclusive Unique items.

In order to prepare for the new journey in Path of Exile, it is also necessary to store some POE Currency in advance.


A lot of players anticipated the inclusion of the That Which Was Taken Crimson Jewel in the core game, but it seems that's not the case. Unless it's introduced in a different manner, like as a drop from a new boss, we might have to wait until the March 21st reveal to confirm. Based solely on this post, it appears That Which Was Taken won't be part of the core game.

However, 6 other Unique items are going core. 3 were exclusively found by enemies in the Wildwood. Those are the Trickster’s Smile Unique helmet, the Nametaker Unique sword, and the Flawed Refuge Unique shield.

The other 3 were exclusive drops from the King in the Mists boss fight. Those are the Pragmatism Unique body armor, the Untouched Soul Unique amulet, and the Burden of Shadows Unique staff.

Flawed Refuge

This addition to the core game is quite intriguing - The Flawed Refuge shield highlighting its potential power in the right setup. Unique items like this one go unnoticed until someone discovers a strong use case, catapulting it into the spotlight.

Path of Exile 3.24 Flawed Refuge

A notable combo involves pairing the Flawed Refuge shield with Divine Flesh, allowing players to mitigate elemental penetration on 90% of incoming damage. If I happen to find this shield in SSF during the Necropolis league, I might explore building around it since I missed out on obtaining it during the Affliction league.

It will be fascinating to see the rarity tier assigned to this Unique item when it enters the core game. Given its potential usefulness, I anticipate it won't be overly rare, but only time will tell.


The next I want to diacuss is the Pragmatism Unique body armor. This one can be so powerful when it’s used in a smart way. I know that in the Affliction League, there were a bunch of builds using this with the new Bodyswap of Sacrifice gem to explode the Dark Marionette specters.

They were using this body armor to gain a bunch of gem levels for the Raise Spectre gem so that the Dark Marionette had a lot more maximum life. But the Dark Marionette specters will no longer be obtainable in Necropolis.

Burden Of Shadows

Another Unique item is the Burden of Shadows staff, purportedly the rarest drop from the King in the Mists encounter. Despite playing through the league, I didn't personally witness this staff drop, nor did I encounter many builds utilizing it.

Path Of Exile 3.24 Burden Of Shadows

As a two-handed weapon, the Burden of Shadows staff faces stiff competition from well-crafted weapons and shields. Its utility and effectiveness may be questioned, especially considering its drawbacks. However, once it enters the Unique core drop pool, and assuming it's not excessively rare like Tier 1 or Tier 0, players might delve into experimentation with it.

The potential of the Burden of Shadows staff could increase if Blood Magic receives buffs in upcoming leagues. This could prompt players to reassess its viability and explore new synergies, potentially unlocking hidden strengths that were previously overlooked.

Untouched Soul

I’m very happy to see the Untouched Soul amulet go core. This is a really fun one that enables a bunch of life stacking builds. And I think in the future, we’ll see a lot more builds making use of this one as well. Perhaps for some mana stacking or even accuracy stacking.

Trickster’s Smile

Moving on, let's discuss the Trickster’s Smile. The Trickster’s Smile, in particular, leaves me uncertain. Its functionality seems quite limited and cumbersome, occupying a crucial helmet slot. I anticipate it won't find widespread use due to its niche nature and awkward mechanics.

Path Of Exile 3.24 Trickster’s Smile


Regarding the Nametaker, it boasts a formidable 200% critical strike multiplier and 100% instant leech when striking Unique enemies, thanks to their 20 enemy power. While it may not currently rival other options, I anticipate it may find its niche in future builds, showcasing the unpredictable nature of Unique items transitioning into the core game.

The experiences with the Nametaker in the early stages of the Affliction League didn't provide much clarity. Despite attempting various theory crafted setups and experimenting with dual-wielding mechanics, I struggled to discern its effectiveness or potential applications in practical gameplay scenarios.

Final Thought

Indeed, the introduction of Unique items often brings about unforeseen synergies and strategies. These items may initially go unnoticed, lying dormant until new mechanics or interactions arise, suddenly thrusting them into the spotlight.

I'm sure many POE players are eagerly await to see the tier assignments for these Affliction Uniques. Only time will tell how these Affliction Uniques will be classified.