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A Complete Guide To Murozond’s Rise Dungeon In WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Season 3

Leon Green

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The megadungeon Dawn of the Infinite has been split into 2 separate M+ keys for WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Season 3.

In this guide, I will go over the most important mechanics to watch out for in Murozond's Rise!

This instance contains the last 4 bosses of the megadungeon and it’s the longest key this season with a timer of 37 mins. The dungeon’s entrance is located in the temporal conflux in Thaldraszus.

A Complete Guide To Murozond's Rise Dungeon In WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Season 3

Dungeon Start

You start off on the first bosses platform. Dungeon start You have to deal with the 3 named mobs channeling into the Oathstone before you can engage Tyr, the infinite Keeper.

Before I explain the mini bosses, let’s talk about the normal trash mobs you will encounter on this platform.

The Vanguards cast a frontal bleed that follows the tank, so be careful about positioning here. The mages cast Epoch Bolt on the tank, dealing magic damage and occasionally Corroding Volley. This should be interrupted because it does initial damage to the whole group and leaves behind a magic debuff that slows.

One of the 3 mini bosses is Keeper Valow. He creates swirlies underneath each player’s location occasionally and also spawns a bubble around him, reducing damage taken by mobs standing within it by 50%. This buff also applies to players, so you can move into the bubble for a nice damage reduction!

Another mini boss is Maiden Lerai. She casts an unavoidable AoE once in a while and she sends out an orb towards a random player, stunning and dealing damage to anyone in the orbs path. This orb returns to the Maiden’s snapshotted position she was in when she finished the cast.

The last mini boss is Sentinel Spurlok. His main ability is a charge towards a random player, spawning a shroud on his end location. He will then stand within his own shroud and start pulling a player towards him. This channel stuns the targeted player and has to be stopped by someone stepping into the shroud and interrupting the mini boss.

Tyr, The Infinite Keeper

Once all the mini bosses are dead, Keeper Tyr spawns.

Tyr has 2 kinds of frontals. Titanic Blow is a cone towards the tanks location, leaving behind consecrated ground. This ability also knocks back the tank, so be careful to not fall off.

And Infinite Annihilation is a frontal cone towards a random player, leaving behind consecrated ground as well. He also casts Dividing Strike, which is a split damage ability circle spawning close to the boss. At least 2 players have to soak the circle, otherwise the boss gets a damage increase for the rest of the fight, stacking up.

Tyr also applies 2 magic debuffs to random non-tank players. The debuff does ticking damage to the player and anyone standing within the circle around the players.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Tyr, The Infinite Keeper

Additionally, it also does AoE damage to the group on removal. This means you want to stagger the dispels of the debuffs to make sure players have enough time to recover their health in between.

Once Tyr is out of energy, he shields himself and channels into the Oathstone in the middle of the room.

During this time, orbs will spawn around the room and move towards the middle. Players can intercept the orbs to gain a haste buff, stacking up to 5 for 50% haste in total. If orbs reach the Oathstone, they will increase the absorption amount of Tyrs shield, do AoE damage to the grp and also push players back.

Once he finishes his cast, he continues with his normal abilities.

Leave the middle of the room as free of consecrated ground as possible to make sure you can soak all the orbs properly!

Next up, you have to deal with a Timeline Marauder and an Inifnite Watchkeeper. Both of the mobs have a non interruptible AoE damage channel, which can be deadly if it overlaps, so make sure you are ready to use big defensive cooldowns here!

Make sure to also interrupt Displace Chronosequence from the Marauder, otherwise they gain a shield.

Gauntlet, Trash & Portals

Once you finish off the mobs, the door opens and you will need at least one player to make it through the maze to unlock the portal.

It can be pretty tricky to get through the maze, but I’ve noticed it gets easier if 2 players move simultaneously on opposite sides, to bait the abilities away from each other. The more players make it through, the faster you can open the portal for everyone else!

Once everyone is through, you have to deal with two proto dragons, an Infinite Saboteur and an Inifnite Diversionist. I recommend focusing the diversionist because of the same AoE damage channel the previous dragon casted.

The 2nd dragon isn’t too scary, just casting a frontal towards the tank dealing magic damage.

After the dragons are dead, the barrier dissolves and you can enter the portal room.

To open the portals, you’ll have to kill all of the rift mages in this area. The Deviations and Fusions continue to spawn and don’t do much other than tank damage and a small AoE explosion on death. They do remove the puddles on the floor wherever you kill them.

Infinite rift mages cast Infinite Burn on random targets, leaving behind a magic dot if not interrupted or dispelled, also slowing movement speed. Additionally, they cast Temporal Blast on the tank, dealing magic damage.

Once you finish off the rift mages, you can enter the portal to either Morchie or Time-Lost Battlefield. If you decide to do Morchie first, take the right portal.

The Infinite Timebenders have portals nearby. They activate once you engage them. They spawn a few different murlocs out of the portals with simple mechanics. Once in a while the timebender shields a murloc. This shield absorbs damage and pulses AoE damage around them.

Additionally, the Timebender also casts Dizzying Sand, disorienting players if not interrupted, so make sure you do so!


Now, you can fight Morchie.

One of her main abilities is “More Problems!”. The boss disappears and spawns multiple mirror images of herself in a circle around the room. You then have to find the correct Morchie to be able to dodge the frontal breath she is casting from her real position. The real Morchie is the NPC without any headgear, just her blue hair.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Morchie

Another one of her signature abilities is Familiar Faces, where she spawns mirror images for every player. The images then fixate on each player, radiate AoE damage in a circle around them and melee attack if they reach their target.

You can CC the image with most slows and stuns, but the way you are supposed to deal with them is by kiting them into the time traps Morchie spawns.

If an image enters a trap, they will get disabled until she recasts the ability, but they also explode for group damage when they enter a trap, so make sure to not kite them all into traps simultaneously or use big defensive CDs if you do so.

Other than that, tanks just need to watch out for Sand Blast. It’s a frontal that follows the tanks position, so don’t aim it into the middle of the room!

Time-Lost Battlefield

You now have to go to the other portal to defeat Time-Lost Battlefield.

On the way to the bosses platform, there is a swarm of Pendules flying over the platform. If you engage them, they cast Time Beam onto random players, make sure to interrupt this as much as possible.

To start the next boss fight, you will have to clear a trash event in the boss room. This event will look different and the mobs will have different names depending on which faction the group leader is, but the abilities do the same thing.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Time-Lost Battlefield

For the sake of this guide, I will be going with the Horde names. The Horde Destroyer will occasionally spawn sappers that fixate on players and detonate if they reach their target. Make sure to CC them and don’t get hit!

Additionally, the boss also throws bombs, and swirlies at a player marked with a red arrow. If this ability is on you, make sure to keep on moving!

Once the destroyer is dead, you will have to deal with a Farseer and 2 Raiders. The Farseer casts Earthquake, so make sure you move the mobs out of that, and healing wave, which is a heal that can be interrupted. The Raiders cast a rallying shout, make sure to interrupt that too!

Now the boss, Grommash Hellscream, will spawn. There will be multiple friendly untargetable npcs in the room and any AoE boss ability that hits them will kill them and give the boss a stacking buff called Thirst for Battle, doing AoE damage to the group on successful melee attacks.

One of the bosses abilities is shockwave, targeting 3 random players after another with a frontal cone. Make sure to not bait the cone towards NPCs if possible, to avoid stacking up Thirst for Battle.

Additionally, the boss also casts Bladestorm, jumping onto a random player and chasing after them while doing AoE damage around him. Again, make sure to not kill off too many NPCs with this ability!

The boss also spawns some adds once in a while. Make sure you deal with them fast so you don’t get overwhelmed!

Chrono-Lord Deios

After defeating both Morchie and Time-Lost Battlefield, you can access the portal to Chrono Lord Deios.

But first, you have to deal with a pretty nasty trash pack with 2 Marauders and an Infinite Slayer. All 3 mobs have an unavoidable AoE damage channels, so make sure to coordinate defensive CDs and healing CDs properly for the first few AoE casts and maybe focusing them one by one to reduce incoming damage might be a good idea!

Now, you can start the fight against Chrono-Lord Deios. He has 2 abilities he keeps throughout the whole fight: one is a tank frontal cone you need to face away and the other is Infinity Orb (2 orbs spawn in the room which fall to the ground and explode for AoE damage leaving behind a 4 sec debuff on everyone, increasing subsequent dmg of the explosion by 300%).

To deal with this mechanic, let one orb fall to the ground and have another player stand beneath the 2nd orb to slow down its descent. Assigning one designated orb soaker beforehand makes sense, so this player always knows to stand underneath an orb, while all the other players move away!

Additionally, the boss also spawns infinite keepers in phase 1, they run towards the side and start summoning adds from a portal. Kill these adds quickly to stop the summoning!

Each keeper removes 20% health off of the boss. Once you defeat all 4 keepers, the boss goes into phase 2. In phase 2, he will continue to cast his frontal breath and the Infinity orbs.

On top of that, he also spawns puddles around the room, reducing the space you can use over time, so make sure to not get cut off from your group and move together until you defeat the boss!