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Elder Scrolls Online Gates Of Oblivion Celebration Event Is Coming Soon! - Everything You Need To Know

Bren Lyles

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Today we’re talking about the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Gates of Oblivion Celebration Event. In this guide, we'll talk about the event's Rewards, new Y'ffre's Fallen-Wood Style, Indrik Vendor, Event Tickets, and more.


Gates of Oblivion Celebration Event commemorates 2021 Elder Scrolls Online content. During this event, you can earn unique rewards by participating in various events in Blackwood and Deadlands.

In addition, places such as Dread Cellar, Red Petal Bastion, Black Drake Villa and Cauldron Dungeons have different activities that provide rewards. You can also earn tons of ESO Gold by selling excess loot.

ESO: Gates of Oblivion Celebration Event Guide 2023

When Does The Event Start?

We don’t have an official start date for the event yet, but we do know it will begin in November 2023. To participate in this event you need to own Blackwood and Deadlands DLC. This year's four dungeons are also a must if you want extra loot. If you have access to all event-related areas and dungeons, you'll be ready to start the campaign.

How To Get Started?

To start the event, you can head directly to Blackwood and Deadlands. Alternatively, you can start the event tutorial quest "Burdensome Beasts" for free from Crown Store, or speak directly to quest giver Plokun in Blackwood's Wilderness.

ESO: How to start the Gates of Oblivion Celebration Event?

Earn Double Rewards

During the event, you can also get double rewards in the following ways:

  • Defeat World Boss
  • Kill bosses and enemies at Delve Boss and Oblivion Portals
  • Complete daily repeatable missions in Blackwood and Deadlands
  • Defeat the boss in Rockgrove Trial
  • Defeat the bosses in Dread Cellar, Red Petal Bastion, Black Drake Villa and Cauldron Dungeons

Reward Coffers

During Gates of Oblivion Celebration Event, Harvesting nodes in Blackwood and Deadlands will yield twice as much. Additionally, you can also get Glorious Coffers and regular reward Coffers.

Players can earn one Glorious Coffers by completing the first daily repeatable mission in Blackwood and Deadlands. Also, you can sometimes find regular reward Coffers by completing more daily repeatable tasks and participating in events in Blackwood and Deadlands. Other activities where regular reward Coffers can be found include:

  • Kill this Delve, World, Public Dungeon or Oblivion Portals boss
  • Oblivion Portals Final Chest
  • Random enemies in Blackwood and Deadlands
  • Chests and Safeboxes
  • Resource Nodes
  • Thieves Trove
  • Pickpocketing NPCs

It is worth noting that regular reward Coffers have fewer opportunities to provide special rewards than Glorious Coffers.

ESO: Earn Gates of Oblivion Glorious dungeon reward coffers and more

Glorious Coffers Bonus Content

You can earn Glorious Coffers once a day by defeating the ultimate boss of Dread Cellar, Red Petal Bastion, Black Drake Villa and Cauldron Dungeons. Of course, if you want to complete the dungeon multiple times, you can also get more rewards.

If you kill the last boss while under Veteran Difficulty, you will receive two reward Coffers. If one of them qualifies for Glorious Coffers, you will receive one Glorious Coffers and one regular reward Coffers. You have a chance to find Glorious Coffers and it will reward you with:

  • Crafting Materials
  • Set and Style items from Blackwood and Deadlands
  • Set and Style items in Dungeons
  • Treasure maps or survey reports that provide recipes
  • Treasure Companion gear available for sale
  • Y’ffre’s Fallen Wood Style Pages
  • Style Pages for Blackwood and Deadlands DLC
  • Style Pages for Dungeon DLC

Blackwood Daily Repeatable Quests

Now we’ll discuss Blackwood’s daily repeatable quests. In Blackwood, you can find Delve and Group Boss daily repeatable quests.

Leyawiin’s Deetum-Jas will give you one of six daily repeatable exploration missions. Britta Silanus of Leyawiin will give you one of six group boss daily repeatable quests.

Each character can only find one Delve and Group Boss per day. However, if you team up with other players and ask them to share quests, you can complete all 6 Delve Boss daily quests and all 6 Group Boss daily quests.

ESO: Blackwood Daily Repeatable Quests

Rockgrove Trial Weekly Repeatable Quest

You can also complete weekly repeatable trial tasks in Rockgrove Trial. Dust-On-Scales provides Stone and Steam quest for Rockgrove Trial. When you enter Rockgrove Trial, you’ll find the weekly quest giver at the entrance.

Deadlands Daily Repeatable Quests

There are 2 types of daily repeatable missions in Deadlands. We can find both daily quest givers in Fargrave City District and unlocked immediately.

Players can start the daily world boss repeatable quest after talking to Vaveli Indavel. Luna Beriel provides you with daily repeatable quests.

ESO: Event Tickets

Event Tickets

During Gates of Oblivion Celebration Event, each account can earn 2 Event Tickets per day through the following activities:

  • Complete your first Delve and Group Boss daily repeat mission in Blackwood and Deadlands
  • Kill and loot the ultimate bosses of Dread Cellar, Red Petal Bastion, Black Drake Villa and Cauldron Dungeons
  • Complete Rockgrove Trial’s weekly repeatable trial missions

This means that this time you can choose your favorite event to get Event Tickets every day.

ESO: Impresario Event Merchant Guide

Impresario Event Merchant

As always, Impresario Event Merchant will be opening her shop during Gates of Oblivion Celebration Event. This year, her offerings include:

  • Passion Dancer Blossom fragments
  • The first and second fragments of Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount
  • Y’ffre’s Fallen Wood Style Pages

Philius Dormier will also open his store during the event. He offers Unstable Morpholith fragments and Dagonic Quasigriff Mount fragments in the fourth quarter of 2023.

ESO’s Gates of Oblivion Celebration Event is a great opportunity to experience Elder Scrolls Online story and earn some unique and valuable rewards. Good luck!