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A Comprehensive Guide To Last Epoch Arena! - Arena Types, Rewards, Tips And More

Donato Greenholt

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Do you want to be invincible in Last Epoch Arena? If so, then don’t miss this guide. Here you will find everything you need to know about Arena. Without any further ado, let’s dive right in!

How To Enter The Arena?

First, you may be wondering, how do you actually get into the arena? To do this, you need to reach Champion’s Gate located here in Divine Era.

To find that waypoint, you just need to right-click on the arena key. This way, the map will automatically open at Champions’ Gate Waypoint, so you don’t have to manually search for it on the map. But the first time you want to reach the arena, you need to reach Champions’ Gate without teleporting to unlock the waypoint.

Champions’ Gate is actually a nice Hub-like town with Target Dummies inside that you can use to test your character’s DPS.

A Comprehensive Guide To Last Epoch Arena! - Arena Types, Rewards, Tips And More

How Does The Arena Work?

The next question we want to answer is: what is Arena and how does it actually play?

Arena is an endgame activity. It’s exactly what you’d expect: a closed area with waves of monsters spawning. Arenas have different layouts, with different visual themes, but they all essentially function in the same way.

There are four portals on the map from which mobs spawn. After entering the arena map, Shrines may spawn at the edge of the arena. So it’s usually best to start by moving a little from the center and see if there are any Shrines you can use.

Some arenas also have environmental hazards in the middle of the map. As you advance through the arena, monsters gain higher levels, health, and damage.

After every five waves of monsters, a few barrels will appear on the map, and you can destroy them to get Last Epoch Gold and loot. Keep an eye on them to avoid missing them like I did at first. At this time, stash and shop NPCs are also available, so you can store items to avoid full inventory.

Also, if you’re playing with other players who die during your run, they can respawn during the break after every fifth wave. Once you complete ten waves, you can move on to the next arena map.

Arena Of Champions & Endless Arena

Now, this is where the differences between the two different types of arenas begin.

Fixed forty waves of enemies in Arena of Champions. After every ten waves, you can choose modifiers for loot, enemy damage, and health.

Since this arena type has 40 waves of enemies, you have three modifiers to choose from in waves 10, 20, and 30. After wave 40, the boss of the arena appears.

Last Epoch: Arena of Champions Modifiers

Currently, Champions are divided into three types: Sentinel, Rogue and Primalist-like Champion. You need to kill Champions to complete the arena, which will reward you with loot and unlock higher difficulty levels in Arena of Champions.

And then for the second type of arena in Last Epoch, Endless Arena. The arena is what you’d expect, with endless waves of enemies. After 90 waves, you will face one of the arena’s champions.

Arena Key

Of course, Arena Keys also come in two types. So you might be wondering what exactly is the difference between them?

Normal arenas can be used to access either arena type. Arena Key of Memory is only useful for Endless Arena, as it allows you to start from wave 100, or half divide the highest wave number you have reached (rounded to 10). For example, Arena Key of Memory will allow you to start at wave 110 if you reached wave 215 before.

Note that you can also use Arena Key of Memory at any level of Arena of Champions, but it will have no effect in this arena type. Since Arena Key of Memory has a much lower drop rate, using it for Arena of Champions will be a waste of keys.

Last Epoch: Arena Key of Memory


Sadly, the loot rewards you can earn in Last Epoch Arena are rather lackluster. The amount of useful loot you get is very low. Considering the time it takes to get the loot, you’re better off running Monolith or dungeons in the high tier.

Enemy and arena design also often result in a slow and boring experience. Sometimes enemies will spawn quickly and reach you instantly, making the arena feel like a dynamic and fast-paced experience. But unfortunately, you’ll also encounter enemies that are painfully slow.

The biggest enemy here is Drowned Husk. They take a long time to move anywhere. So you’ll experience some unpleasant downtime in the arena.

It would actually be great if all arena maps were as simple as Arena of Champions map. It was so small that we could take out ten waves of enemies easily.

Arenas provide a large amount of XP, but unfortunately, the time required to complete them does not make them an effective way to level up your character.

Why Run Arena?

Hence the number one reason to visit Arena: a change of pace. If you’re tired of running Monolith repeatedly, maybe jumping into the arena for a while will give you a unique experience.

You can then also use it to test your build. Since the arena has an endless mode with scaling difficulty, it’s a great place to test how strong your character build actually is.

In addition, the online arena mode also has a ranking list, and players with the highest number of passes can become famous in the Last Epoch community. So it adds this competitive aspect to the game.

The last reason to run an arena is for the unique loot drops like Penumbra, Omen of Thunder, and Vaion’s Chariot. These items can only be obtained through Arena. Keep in mind that each of them can be obtained from specific Arena Champions.

Last Epoch Arena Uniques Drops

Tips And Tricks

Finally, I’ll share with you my final tips for playing in the arena.

First, keep moving. There’s a lot of visual chaos in Last Epoch, especially the more flashy character builds. Sometimes, when there’s a lot going on the screen, you simply don’t see AOE highlights of enemy attacks. To avoid dying from this attack that you can’t see, you can constantly move around, making your character a really hard target to hit.

Also, remember to open the barrel with loot and collect it every fifth wave so you don’t lose it.

Be sure to check out Shrines and use them strategically. Remember, you can stack buffs in Shrines. For example, if I see four Shrines available, I will choose the reward from two of those Shrines at the start of the map and leave two for the sixth wave of enemies on that map.

Next tip, keep your character close to the center to avoid being idle for long periods of time while waiting for enemies to slowly crawl out of the portal on the other side of the map.

Note not to use Arena Key of Memory on Arena of Champions, as this key type is less common and does not bring any benefits to that arena type.

One final tip: know your enemy. Some enemies are particularly dangerous and attack very hard. Over time, you’ll learn which enemies to attack with burst skills or which enemies to use defense cooldowns against. Pay attention and remember to kill your enemies for future runs.


This concludes Last Epoch arena guide. Of course, you’ll also encounter arena nodes as you progress through Monolith. For these nodes, some tips here apply as well. I hope you found this guide useful. See you next time!