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Strategies For Efficiently Reaching Level 50 In Season Of Discovery Phase 3 - Top Zones & Useful Tips

Mikel Skiles

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If you're familiar with WoW Season of Discovery, you likely understand that efficiently completing all your prequests and consistently engaging in dungeons will swiftly propel you to level 50. 

However, for those who seek a more immersive experience, this guide offers comprehensive coverage of optimal questing zones, alongside valuable advice, recommended levels, and strategic routes tailored to enhance your journey during Season of Discovery Phase 3.

Strategies For Efficiently Reaching Level 50 In Season Of Discovery Phase 3 - Top Zones & Useful Tips

5 Must-Know Leveling Tips For SoD Phase 3

Before delving into the details, it's essential to grasp 5 key points:

Firstly, Season of Discovery presents an array of engaging content, including new runes and PVE experiences such as Nightmare Incursions in Ashenvale, Duskwood, Hinterlands, and Feralas. These events not only provide valuable experience and reputation but also offer unique items like the Anguish of Dream and the Nightmare Siphon to aid in your leveling journey.

Secondly, during the questing process towards level 50, there are often periods of slower progression. Engaging in dungeons like Uldaman, Zul'Farrak, and Maraudon can mitigate these lulls. It's advisable to undertake each of these dungeons at least once due to the multitude of quests available, providing substantial experience and introducing fresh content.

Thirdly, certain recommended zones may experience overcrowding, prompting the need for rerouting. Many of these zones encompass broad level ranges, allowing for flexibility in exploration.

Fourthly, it's important to note that undertaking quests marked as "green" provides comparable base experience to those labeled "yellow" or "orange" as long as you remain within five levels of their suggested level range.

Lastly, this guide serves as a comprehensive overview rather than a definitive roadmap to the fastest route to level 50. It aims to offer guidance on worthwhile zones and content areas to explore throughout your journey.

Stranglethorn Vale (Pre-quest + 40)

Stranglethorn Vale proves to be an exceptional questing zone for Phase 3, as well as an ideal area for those in their early 40s. 

Renowned for its dense population of hostile creatures and abundance of kill quests, it offers a fertile ground for efficient leveling. Most initial quests in this zone lead to subsequent higher-level tasks, enhancing its appeal as a starting point for adventurers seeking optimization.

Before delving into Stranglethorn Vale, it's advisable to collect quests between Grom'gol and Booty Bay. Many of these quests overlap in various areas, allowing for simultaneous completion and streamlined progression. 

Additionally, quests such as "Up to Snuff" and "Bloody Bone Necklaces," forming part of separate quest chains, need not be rushed during the first attempt. These chains often circle back to the same areas, simplifying future completion.

Should challenges arise, whether due to player-versus-player encounters or overcrowding, Dustwallow Marsh presents a viable alternative for smoother questing. 

However, I recommend venturing into Scarlet Monastery Cathedral until reaching level 41 or 42, offering a strategic advantage over competing adventurers.

WoW SoD Scarlet Monastery Cathedral

Badlands (41-42)

At approximately level 41 or 42, our journey leads us to the Badlands. 

This region remains beneficial for leveling until around level 45, offering straightforward starting quests that yield ample experience. However, the primary allure lies in its connection to Uldaman, housing numerous dungeon quests to undertake.

Among these quests are "Solutions of Doom," situated in the southern Badlands at coordinates 51,76; "Power Stones," located at the heart of the region at 42,52; and "Platinum Disc," obtainable upon completing the dungeon itself. These quests provide adventurers with rewarding challenges and opportunities for progression.

Swamp Of Sorrows (Horde - 42+)

For Horde players, it's advisable to remain in the Badlands until reaching approximately level 42 to 43, before transitioning to the Swamp of Sorrows. 

This area offers promising opportunities for leveling, although caution is warranted due to the scattered yet dense population of hostile creatures.

Particular attention should be paid to the higher-level mobs near the Pools of Tears, especially with the presence of the new raid, Sunken Temple (also known as The Temple of Atal'Hakkar). Additionally, a formidable elite dragon roams the vicinity of the Eastern pool, necessitating vigilance.

Moreover, herbalists seeking Blindweed should take note that the Swamp of Sorrows is one of the few regions where this valuable resource can be harvested. Its scarcity makes it a lucrative commodity, especially as Phase 3 approaches.

Dustwallow Marsh (42+)

Our next destination is Dustwallow Marsh. It serves as a suitable area for early leveling, spanning from levels 35 to 45. However, the optimal level range within this zone typically falls around level 42.

Of particular note is the presence of a quest named "Tiara of the Deep," which constitutes one of the dungeon quests for Zul'Farrak. This quest can be obtained in the southern section of the zone. Dustwallow Marsh offers a mix of quests catering to varying levels, though many of them are part of quest chains, which may not be the most efficient for leveling.

Personally, I tend to venture into Dustwallow Marsh during periods of quest scarcity in other zones or when facing challenges such as player-versus-player encounters in hotspots like STV.

WoW SoD Tiara of the Deep

Tanaris (44-45)

Around levels 44 to 45, it's time to venture into Tanaris.

Tanaris stands out as one of my preferred zones for questing in the mid-40s and is home to the entrance of one of the finest dungeons available in this level range: Zul'Farrak. To fully engage with this dungeon, it's essential to gather numerous Zul'Farrak quests from Gadgetzan.

These quests encompass "Troll Temper" from Trenton Lighthammer, situated at coordinates 51,28; "Scarab Shells" from Tran'rek, located at 51,26; and "Divino-Matic Rod" from Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle, positioned at 52,28.

Additionally, adventurers can acquire several quests from other zones, including "The Tiara of the Deep" from Dustwallow Marsh around 46,57, and "Gahz'rilla" from Thousand Needles at 77,78. However, it's crucial to note that completing "Gahz'rilla" necessitates obtaining a Mallet through a Hinterlands questline, so it's advisable to delay pursuing this quest. Finally, "The Prophecy of Mosh'aru" awaits discovery in the eastern section of Tanaris, known as Steamwheedle Port.

Feralas (45-46)

Between levels 45 to 46, Feralas emerges as the next optimal destination.

Prior to embarking on your journey to Feralas, ensure that you acquire the quest "Screecher Spirits" from Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris, as discussed earlier. Navigating this zone may pose challenges due to frequent changes in elevation, as well as the presence of numerous bodies of water and steep hills. Additionally, Feralas serves as the habitat for higher-level Nightmare Incursions, offering exciting opportunities for participation.

While exploring Feralas, be mindful of the high density of hostile mobs, which can be encountered throughout the area. However, it's crucial to exercise caution around the northern region, particularly the level 60 dungeon area known as Dire Maul. This area is teeming with elites that can pose significant challenges, making it advisable to steer clear of this vicinity.

Hinterlands (46-47)

Around levels 46 to 47, it's advisable to journey to the Hinterlands.

This zone boasts numerous kill quests and dense mob populations. Notably, it is renowned for housing the challenging Jintha'Alor elite quest lines, requiring group coordination for completion.

Although Horde players will find more quests available compared to Alliance counterparts, the Hinterlands offers viable content for both factions. I strongly endorse undertaking these quests, as they provide a rewarding and immersive experience akin to navigating an outdoor dungeon. Ensure you assemble a full group, including a tank and a healer, as you'll encounter numerous higher-level elites. Allocate a minimum of 45 minutes for this endeavor to account for its duration.

Completing this run will yield nearly a full level's worth of experience through grinding and quest turn-ins. Additionally, it grants access to the Sacred Mallet, enabling the summoning of a secret boss named Gahz'rilla within a dungeon. Furthermore, adventurers may encounter the quest "The Ancient Egg" during this run, which was previously a prerequisite for Sunken Temple. 

However, its relevance may have diminished since the dungeon transitioned into a raid.

WoW SoD The Ancient Egg

Searing Gorge (48-49)

Finally, if you've reached this stage, you're on the right track, as by levels 48 to 49, you can conclude your leveling journey in Searing Gorge.

These quests can pose some challenges, so I recommend tackling them with one or two companions to ensure safety. The area is dense with both mobs and quests, and occasionally, the respawn timers may catch you off guard, especially in the depths of caves or mountains. Exercise caution.

Additionally, at this level range, I suggest undertaking some runs in Maraudon. This dungeon offers a plethora of rewarding quests and presents an enjoyable experience with valuable gear. It features two distinct wings that can be completed independently, denoted by orange and purple colors, respectively. You can obtain several quests for Maraudon in Desolace, such as "The Pariah's Instructions" located at Centaur Pariah (50,86), and "Twisted Evils" starting at Willow (62,39).

Furthermore, within the dungeon itself, you'll encounter two additional quests. "Legends of Maraudon" unfolds into three separate quests during a single run, offering significant experience gains, while the "Seed of Life" is obtained from the final boss, Princess Theradras.

There are also 3 distinct quests available for both Alliance and Horde factions, but they originate from different locations. These quests are named Shadow Shard Fragments, Vyletongue Corruption, and Corruption of the Earth and Seed.

If you intend to prepare in advance for these quests, Stranglethorn Vale (STV) is an excellent zone to begin prequesting. Ensure you visit each of the eight zones to unlock their flight paths before embarking on your journey. Additionally, resist the urge to rush through content solely to reach the maximum level. Classic emphasizes the journey of leveling, offering numerous opportunities for exploration and discovery along the way.