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Some Crucial Updates For The Upcoming WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3 Unveiled

Cornell Otto

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As we all know, a new phase of WoW Classic Season of Discovery is just approaching and will release within 2 days. Today, I’m here to provide you with a closer look at some of the important adjustments planned for the highly anticipated Phase 3, which you might not yet be aware of. Let’s dive right in!

Some Crucial Updates For The Upcoming WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3 Unveiled

If you thought the Phase 3 announcement was a little too fast, you're not the only one. Blizzard knows that they usually would like to give us 2 weeks' notice. It is a bit frustrating, though for a lot of players to not be able to have the announcement early enough to have enough preparation.

Although there is not much time left to make adequate preparations, you can still obtain as many WoW SOD Gold as possible before this new phase in Season of Discovery.

Class & Pet Changes

These updates include feral Druids receiving a new helmet enchant resembling a Wolfshead Helm. This enchant grants you 20 energy every time you shift into form, augmenting the power-shifting play style, particularly beneficial for Cat Form users.

There's a potential addition of Catnip in the next phase, boosting attack speed by 30% for 30 seconds, likely obtained as a consumable in the new PVP or Emerald Dream zone. These enhancements are significant for Feral Druids, catering to their needs and play style adjustments.

Hunters might obtain the Core Hound pet, possibly becoming a favored choice with its anticipated Flame Breath ability, potentially useful in PVP scenarios. Stay tuned for these exciting developments.

There's other blaring issues, something like class tuning. In particular, something like Shaman's being ridiculously powerful now. Blizzard has taken notice of these overly powerful classes, but will also say that towards the end of a phase, we probably won't be seeing class tuning going on because you usually will have them focus their development time on basically working on the next phase.

Rune Changes

You may have noticed some runes sharing the same slot, have interesting wordings like the Gore rune for Feral Druids. It says that a last rate swipe or Maul will reset the cooldown of Mangle, but the last rate and Mangle are on the exact same rune slot. And this is something that Blizzard is also obviously aware of, but apparently it's a tricky fix. It's something they are trying to find a solution to.

WoW Classic SOD Phase 3 Druid Runes

But you might also notice that some runes don't actually give you DPS increases. It actually takes 855 seconds on average for the Gore rune to proc, giving you the same energy as a single power shift, especially now with the Helm enchant. So that makes this rune quite literally one of the weakest runes of all time.

And now, just caution players to temper your expectations in the next phase. We are definitely seeing some runes seem super overpowered and some seem kind of afterthought. I think if we are vocal enough with Blizzard, they will take a look at these runes that are very much underperforming, and potentially the ones that are very much over performing.

Blood Moon Updates

There's a little confusion about the Blood Moon event and the new currency called Massacre Coins. If you will be able to actually use the new currency for the mount, so if you want to buy yourself a mount, but don't worry, you can actually trade the new currency down at a 1:1 ratio for the silver used before.

So you'll definitely be able to get any of the old items from the Blood Moon event at the same pace. You don't have to worry about completely hoarding all of your current currency. You could use them to gain honor really quickly right at the beginning of the next phase to try to actually hit the highest ranks and get your entire PVP set within the first week.

WoW Classic SOD Blood Moon

Faction Imbalance

Shamans are amazing AOE healers, but Paladins bringing kings out scaled that towards the end. But it was really that humans had Sword weapon skill that made them so powerful in WoW Classic. At Level 60, every race will have a way to pick 2 separate weapon skills that will give you +5 weapon skill. That means that the racial of weapon skill are completely useless for both Horde and Alliance.

The only racial that is effective within PvE is going to literally just be having an increase in your attack power from the Orc racial or having an increase in your attack speed from the Troll racial. Meaning that Horde, in the aspect of racial, has a significant advantage, basically an entire extra trinket than Alliance does. So if you’re going to be trying to parse or if you’re going to be trying to speed run Horde versus Alliance.

Actually pointing out that the rep bonus for being a human, you actually get 10% more reputation for being a human, will save you a huge amount of time in the long run. As well as humans have been the undisputed kings of melee for all of WoW Classic.

It suggests that it’s somewhat acceptable for other classes or races to receive attention in the Season of Discovery, particularly because it’s a seasonal realm and not an everlasting one. Hopefully, this will diversify the gameplay. Nonetheless, it also implies that only Orcs and Trolls have racial that effectively boost DPS in PvE.