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5 New Changes Coming To Genshin Impact 4.3! - New Events, Characters, Artifacts, Realm & QOL

Leon Green

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Genshin Impact 4.3 is expected to be released on Wednesday, December 20th. But during the live broadcast on December 8, 2023, we received a bunch of officials information.

Below we discuss 5 insane new features included in Genshin Impact 4.3 update!

5 New Changes Coming To Genshin Impact 4.3! - New Events, Characters, Artifacts, Realm & QOL

New Events

Right now, we know very little about Genshin Impact 4.3’s story quests, but we did get a ton of information about the upcoming events. Among them, the main event called Roses and Muskets is about filming some scenes with a bunch of unique characters from Inazuma and Fontaine.

Roses And Muskets

Now, we can see that the biggest reward for participating will be this limited Claymore called Ultimate Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword.

This event will consist of a series of mini-games.

In the first activity, you need to become a Sniper Elite and destroy enemies.

In the second campaign, you need to fight in this battle arena and use various film effects, such as this old-time grayscale effect.

In the third activity, you need to enter the co-op and drive those blue balls to their target areas.

And the final fourth activity requires you to take a bunch of dynamic photos of the characters.

Genshin Impact 4.3: Roses And Muskets

Beetle Battling Event

Moving to smaller events, Itto’s Beetle Battling event is about to return. It doesn’t seem to have any unique rewards, just a bunch of resources. But the developers do promise that there will be some new ways for you to strategize and become the best Beetle Master you can be.

Lost Riches Event

Plus, we get unique rewards in Lost Riches event. That’s right, Mini Seelie is back! I’m excited to see that I can add another Seelie to my collection.

Interestingly, we had the option of a new Brilliance Seelie as a bonus, and it actually traveled with us underwater. So I figured it wouldn’t be a hard choice for me when it came to choosing which new Seelie I wanted to get.

Dance Of Resolute Will Event

Now, another event called Dance of Resolute Will is a combat-focused event. Here you need to use 1 character in both rounds of battle and the other 3 characters cannot be the same in both rounds. It looks like fun and will have lots of universal rewards.

Also, Liben will appear in Mondstadt again. If you’re not familiar with him, you just trade a bunch of materials in your Genshin Impact Account for a Primogem reward.

Forge Realm’s Temper Event

Finally, TCG mode welcomes a new intense battle mode, and Forge Realm’s Temper Event. Meanwhile, you can also challenge some Melusines and get a lot of new cards, including 6 new characters and 5 new monsters.

New Characters

After nearly a year, we finally get a new Geo character, Navia.

Genshin Impact 4.3: New Characters Releasing - Navia & Chevreuse


Navia is a new 5-Star Geo Claymore character. This is also the third Geo character to use Claymore.

It now appears that she can use her skills to shoot enemies. When anyone in the party picks up Crystalize shards, they grant these Crystal Shrapnel stacks, thus empowering skills. So the more stacks Navia has, the more powerful her skills become.

But her over-the-top gaming style doesn’t end there. Because quite literally, her burst summons a massive cannon that causes a massive explosion and deals with AOE damage while leaving a trail of supportive fire that damages nearby enemies.

What’s also cool is that Navia will also gain additional Crystal Shrapnel stacks when the burst hits an enemy. So this will allow her to improve the performance of her skills faster.

Also, she is the first character that will increase the rewards you receive from Fontaine adventures.

Genshin Impact 4.3 Navia


Now another new character in patch 4.3 will be Chevreuse. She is a 4-Star Pyro Polearm Users. Her ability is very interesting. When clicked, she will fire rapidly and then provide continuous healing to the active character.

If you have this skill, she can lock onto the weapon sights. And if anyone in the party triggers Overloaded reaction, she will release this Overcharged Ball, causing better AOE Pyro damage.

As for her explosions, this time she fires a grenade, which will explode first and then leave shells scattered around, which will explode after a while.

I think the most important thing about this new 4-Star character is her unique passive ability. If the team consists strictly of Pyro or Electro characters, it will become proactive. Because of this, when anyone triggers Overloaded reaction, the enemy’s Pyro and Electro Resistance will be reduced.

This passive restriction is very similar to Nilou’s, in that you can only activate her instantly explosive Bloom if the party consists of Hydro or Dendro. But this time, Chevreuse stipulated that the team must be composed of Pyro or Electro. So now I wonder what these new Overloaded teams will be like.

Recap Of Everything Coming In Genshin Impact 4.3


But let’s talk about the upcoming banners. In the first phase, it will feature Navia and Ayaka 5-Star weapons along with Navia’s iconic 5-Star weapon.

And in the second stage, you will pull Raiden Shogun or Yoimiya with Chevreuse.

So as you can see, the developers are doubling down on the whole Overloaded team concept. The line-up is very interesting, but it surprised me to see Albedo not return around Christmas time. Regardless, you can also expect Navia’s story missions to appear in this update as well.

New Artifacts

I hope you’re ready for some new Artifacts, because we’re getting two new Artifacts in Patch 4.3 update. Unfortunately, the developers have yet to reveal official information about them. So, we can’t talk about that right now.

New Genshin Impact 4.3: Upcoming Geo And Healer Artifacts

New Realm

Now I don’t know how much you care about Serenitea Pot. Maybe it’s just a glorified place for you to pick up materials with Realm Currency. But in the 4.3 update, you will purchase this new Fontaine-style Realm Layout.

In fact, you can see a whole cool swimming sequence as you travel between islands. I mean, we can finally start building our empire under the sea!

Quality-Of-Life Changes

It’s honestly a little insane how many quality-of-life changes Patch 4.3 update brings.

One-Click Adventure

First, we finally have one-click exploration, no more constant clicking to farm the same materials! Now it’s all just a click away. Even better, this fresh change also applies to all forged items like Ores and Process Ingredients.

But the continuous clicking of one button does not end there. When using Artifact Strongbox, you can also add multiple Artifacts in batches with a single click.

In a future release, the developers also plan to add this one-click functionality to furniture when you claim it. So a lot of the tedious stuff we’re used to is finally gone in this new update.

Genshin Impact 4.3: Quality-Of-Life Changes

Artifact Management

Now, another big change is coming to Artifacts management.

From Artifacts inventory screen, you’ll be able to filter and quickly lock or unlock Artifacts based on the requirements you set.

For example, you can quickly lock down any Artifact that has both Critical Chance and Critical Damage sub-stats. You can then see that Artifacts filter screen in the character’s Artifacts menu changes as well.

But even crazier is that you can now see the most popular selection of Artifacts for that character based on other players’ preferences. You can view the best Artifacts for each character in the game.

Because now you can quickly level up your character with just one click, and it has added much the same functionality to Artifact levels. You can now add up to 15 Artifacts. This saves me a lot of time when I just want to see if it’s worth putting resources into an Artifact.

Weapon Upgrades

Nowadays, weapon upgrades are also liked by some people. Now you can add up to 40 materials to upgrade. And you no longer have to refine one by one, you can just dump all copies or materials once to get a quick R5 refinement.

And Artifacts farming is also accelerating. Now, when you claim your rewards, you don’t have to make the tedious run from the domain entrance, but directly generate the domain challenge.

Enemy Navigation Changes

Finally, there will be some minor quality of life changes to enemy navigation when using the manual. Enemies are now laid out in a grid rather than a scrolling list like we’re used to, and you can also untrack more easily. So I’m delighted with this small but crucial change.

Overall, Genshin Impact 4.3 update is about as good as it gets. It seems packed with a lot of content and I’m actually eager to see these fresh changes. Regardless, I hope you found this guide useful. Have a nice day!