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WOW Classic Season Of Discovery BFD Guide

Donato Greenholt

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It’s time to start absolutely pumping in the Blackfathom Deeps in WOW Classic Season of Discovery. Here are some tips to make every single boss easier and to increase your DPS or make it easier if you are struggling at all.

WOW Classic Season Of Discovery BFD Guide

Baron Aquanis

For Baron Aquanis, grab a bubble before engaging the boss. This will increase your movement speed as you jump across the platforms, allowing you to engage with the boss even quicker. If anyone gets the Baron bomb, make sure they jump into the water to avoid knocking everyone else off. Interrupt their cast and make them move.

If you’re a ranged DPS, don’t worry. Just sit in the water the entire time and continue pumping the boss. You’ll have no issues, and there’ll be no downtime.


For Ghamoo’ra, a secret is that Shaman tanks can literally tank this boss the entire time. You don’t even have to worry about their Armor. Just one tank it and keep pumping while the boss has its shield. It only takes magic damage, so use any magic damage abilities you have for extra damage. Casters can pop the little bubbles to get some extra Mana back, but be aware that it damages them and everyone around them. When the boss breaks its main shield, it will do an AOE hitting for 700 damage and knocking back any melee. Take a step back or ensure you have full health to absorb this. Watch out for the threat drop. From there, make sure you start burning the boss.

Ly Sarevess

Lady Sarevess is the easiest boss. She has an add, so have an off-tank this and literally ignores it the entire time. The most important thing is to make sure you’re kicking her freezing arrow. If you do this, no one will ever get frozen, and you won’t need to move. Just pump the boss down and enjoy.


Gelihast has a very low HP bar, but you need to hit him three times. As he’s healing back up, he takes almost no damage. The only thing that can wipe your group here is not dodging the little Murlocs that move around the room. It’s easier to be in the middle of the room or behind one of the little eggs, which spawns the Murlocs. If you’re there, you only have to watch for Murlocs coming from one side. The boss heals up to full and starts taking damage again before the Murlocs are gone. Pay attention if you want to increase your DPS and start pumping the boss again as soon as he’s at 100% HP.

In phase three, I suggest completely ignoring the ads that spawn and burning the boss because his HP is so low after killing Gelihast. Turn into the opening and kill the ads to unlock the Teleportation Stone. An invisible night elf next to it will help you repair if you ever have any wipes.

Lorgus Jett

Lorgus Jett is a Gauntlet boss, so conserve your Mana accordingly. There are three rooms in this fight. In the first one, focus on interrupting the Healer. In the second one, again, make sure you’re interrupting the Healer. Ignore the Murlocs until you’re on the boss and passively cleave them down. The boss will spawn three totems in the exact same order every time. You can completely ignore the molten totem and the Windfury Totem.

However, as soon as he spawns the lightning Shield totem, everyone needs to stop DPS and burn that down. Otherwise, you will kill yourself because all hits to the boss will hit yourself for extra damage. Nuke this down and then burn the boss. Passive Cleave can deal with all the adds, and you can move away from any other totems.

WOW Classic Season Of Discovery BFD Bosses

Lord Kelris

Lord Kelris is the hardest boss in phase one. But once you understand it, it’s extremely easy. The boss will sleep with the two closest players to him and send them to the Shadow Realm. In the shadow realm, you have to nuke down the night elf mobs until they randomly spawn a portal, allowing you to exit. These night elf mobs have incredible spell resistance.

If you don’t have a lot of melees, ensure you always send one Caster with one melee into the shadow realm at a time. Assign one Caster to stand within the boss whenever it’s their turn to be sent down. This makes things easier, and all you have to do as range is ensure you’re dodging the Shadow Crashes. The boss also has a chain of lightning that gets harder for everyone at chains too. Make sure you’re always kicking that cast at 35%.

The boss phases into phase two, and you can no longer kick to interrupt any of his casts. Ensure it spread out enough of the range to avoid getting hit by the chain lightning. The boss does a Mind Blast on the tank, which is actually an AOE. If you’re a melee DPS, you can step far enough away to max melee range to avoid getting hit. Ensure yourself to max melee range, and you’ll never take any damage. Just burn the boss before he takes over the entire room. Ensure your magic dispels the debuff that goes out in Phase 2 because it will kill people.


Aku’mai, the last boss, is relatively easy. Have all your DPS stack up right behind the boss and ensure you dodge the frontal whenever it goes out. Tanks can swap around five stacks, and when the new tank taunts, the old tank needs to drop all their stacks by running to one of the Cleansing Elementals and standing there until their stacks are gone. Soon after the stacks go away, the Elemental will blow up, doing AOE damage, a Knockback, and spawning some little ads, one ad for every single stack that the tank dropped.

Have the off-tank pick these up and stack them on top of the boss. Passive Cleave should be able to take them down. At 50%, the boss phases and takes almost no damage during the phase. This is when you want to be focusing on DPS. If you can, have the second tank drop their stacks right before the phasing happens. If you don’t want to do this, drop stacks during the phase and then pick up the ads with the boss as soon as he becomes active again. The ideal way is to drop stacks right before the phase.

Move the boss on top of one of the Cleansing Elementals. It’ll explode right as he starts taking no damage in phase two. It’s easier not to drop stacks at all. Just have one tank take the boss until they die, then have the second tank pick them up and burn the boss down. If you have any issues with this, have the first tank drop stacks once, maybe around 3 to five stacks, spawning one Elemental that gets stronger for each stack that was put on the cleansing Elemental. Ignore the Void Walker and let the second tank die. Have the main tank pick up the boss again, and you should be able to down the boss. This should make every single boss extremely easy and ensure that you absolutely pump and do the most damage possible.